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R H ON D D A. The Rhondda District Council elections have gone, and the results are fairly indicative of a general opinion that men with knowledge of the work should have a preference. Of course this mental attitude has not governed the elec- torate of every ward. We can, however. ciaim that the Council has been re-inforced with several men, who appear to have previous- ly undergone an experience in their ordinary wcrking-day, which will be valuable to the administrative work of the Council. There were contests in six wards. The unopposed returns we have, dealt with in previous issues. At Trcherberl, the old member, Mr Morgan Llewelyn, who is the prospective favourite for the chair, had a clear and distinct mark of approval by receiving a majority of 119 over Alderman Morgan. The supporters of the veteran went through an anxious ime, but the voting clearly shows that a great deal of it was unnecessary. Mr John David is new to tte Ward, but polled a clear lead on Messrs J cileries and Wutkins, who ran an almost dead heat. We have every confidence in Mr David's ability to sustain the distinction with honour and credit. It is unfortunate that Mr Jefferies has gone out of court with the elec- torate. There is no denying him the credit, that he is a sound parochial man, and holds clear and precise views on the finances of the parish. Mr Watkin is a young man. but evi- dently popular. His time will come, and in him Tynewydd will not miss a champion, when the veteran Mjrpan decides upon retirement from public life. --0- No. 2 Ward gave m a surprise when it re- vealed that Mr Jenkins had such a run wi'.h Mr E. P. Davies to retain his seat. With one accord outside the Ward, the opinion prevails that it would be a loss to the District Council ts be deprived of his services. But in public life opinions fluctuate. 11(1 such a thing as gratitude for past work seldom intluences. Mr W. Jones' success is most striking, and fully reflects his financial se ^iees, and his personal pcpuidiily. Mr Samuel, after his galltiit fighi. against Mr Wight a cut; pie of years ago, had pron-jscd prominence in the public life of his •ij-uh He h.o. achieved the entry, and we h.r/e cor.lenej t*a'. ht. will confirm the pro- phecy. 4 In No. 3 Ward we have had practically a scramble for three seats. The one prominent note is that Mr Richard Morris has failed to commend sufficient force, when there was so much distribution of other forces, to secure a place. Most of the knowing ones have been upset by his defeat in tlr calculations, and now ask: Is this Icliabod ? Mr Thomas Da- vies and Mr David Treharne ran together, and that the younger man was loyal to the veteran "Gloran" is demonstrated by the poll. Both will make good representatives. It is univer- sally felt that Mr D. Morgan, builder, would have been an acquisition, and the expert strength of the Council is less in consequence of his failure to win the electorate. We cer- tainly think that Mr D. W. Jones had good promise, but since the law is represented by M/ Treharne. that phase of a practical exper-. ience has been provided. Mr Edward Jones, the Librarian of the Ton Institute, did well in coming third, when there was such a demand fo-- iht- third seat. -(r- Mr Thomas Thomas holds the palm, we should say, for popularity as a tradesman in his own immediate locality. It is not often we find the manager and doctor in a Ward taking second seats to a candidate who has only a business connection to sustain his popularity. But in No. 4 it is so. Mr Evan Morgan's ill. css must have greatly retarded his success, ar.-I we liuv* 1." doujfc :;ut that he would have higher La-' ho been able to move among the people in the election crisis. Though with such individual rivals in the field, he could scarcely hope to win a position. Lhvynypia and Clydach Vale people have once more informed Mr T. L. Evans that his services can be dispensed with, while they have the choice of such men as Messrs Evan Wil- liams, J. W. Gilmour, and Rhys Griffiths. They havo spoken, too, with an emphasis which is expressed by a very large majority—the largest indeed in the polls of all the Wards. This Ward will contribute strong expert strength to the Council in Mr Rhys Griffiths—the late chairman—and Mr Cilmour. they will find two men who will not miss any detail of construc- tion in the work of the Council, while Mr Wil- liams, though less expert, has a store of sound native sense, which will complement the ex- perts. Indeed, this Ward has been fortunate both in escape and possession. Mr Thomas Griffiths is still king of No. 8 Ward, though Mr Thomas Rees polnl excel- lently as his second. The fight in this Ward was clearly between Mr Brooks and Mr Powell. It was a keen one, but the push and energy which have characterised the business success of Mr Brooks have triumphed. Mr Powell had strong support, and a follow- ing which will command respect for him from every aspirant in this Ward. Doubtless, if his supporters had not violated the best canons of election conduct, and had not assailed Mr Brooks in directions outside his qualifications as a Councillor, it is not unlikely that Mr Powell's success could be proclaimed to-day. Still, Mr Brooks is to be congratulated. -v- WARD NO. 1. "MorgHnDewelyn 640 -William Morgan 531 • John David 4 5 NOT ELECTED. William Jeffreys 409 Evan Watklhs 408 WARD NO. 2. ^William Thomas Jones 868 John Samuel 624 "Winiam Jell kins 514 NOT ELECTED. E. P. Davics 505 David Morgan 332 WARD NO. 3. Thomas Davies 542 D. L. Treharii,, 462 Edward Jones 371 NON-ELECTED. David Morgan (builder) 36 Daniel W. Jones 3215 David Morgan (grocer) 365 James Rees 263 Richard Morris 257 Thomas Heatley 77 WARD NO. 4. Thomas Thomas 706 oW. D. Wight 65!1 0:-1,"1. E. Thomas 624 NON-ELECTED. Evan Morgan 306 WARD NO. 5. Evan WilEam 886 John Gilmour 827 S. Griffiths 816 NOT ELECTED. Thomas L. Evans 493 WARD NO. 8. ifTbomas Griffiths 93r) Thomas Rees 860 Joseph Brooks 735 NOT ELECTED. David Powell 693 Denotes old members




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