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It is quite true that having supported the candidature of Mr Watkin NVilliams another placard inviting votes for him was, on the morning of the election, posted just under it. The charge oi rank blasphemy and scandalous election method which shocked the purity of the Western Mail would be difficult to repel if the sequence were direct and we logical. Are "ie not, however, entitled to the reading of every word in the two placards before anyone is justified in charging us with blasphemy, particularly when ALL the type was almost as bold as the words What Would Jesus do ? There was also a Very decided interruption of the Sequence of the question and the alleged I answer. If the correspondents who saw it had correctly read it and without bias they could not by any possible logic have perverted it in the way they did. That the incident was innocent of the Sca&dalous interpretation attributed l's obvious to all but sensation- :mongers. Mr J efIery, the Conservative Agent, saw it, and with the Straightforwardness of an upright oppon- L- eilt, acknowledged the transparent innocence of the coincidence. But since we have been accused of such desecration of good taste, we are bound to say that we are absolutely free from Such unrighteous intention. And if OUr contemporaries had used the para- graphs in their tit-bit columns, provided they claim one, we should have enjoyed the joke equally with themselves for appreciation of incongruity is not foreign even to Pontypridd. The heralding of it as serious news and as it Were with unctious .eyes and np- turned hands of Pharisaical scorn and Contempt is an imputation which we repel with tha scorn and contempt it deserves. We d i s c 1 a i m the Charge of blasphemy laid at our door. Directly it was poirted out to us that such a corrupted inter- pretation was possible, the placardi was immediately removed—a few hours after its fixture. We are sorry for the Occurrence, because of the travesty Blade of it. It is still more deplorable to think that the reprobation and the hastiness of its nature are so inconsistent With what, we think, Jesus would do if he were asked to pass judgement on the incident.

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