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qea-ts of Qak Friendly Society. The annua! meeting of the Pontypridd and District Branch of the C.M.R.A. and Medical Agency was held at the City Restaurant. High Street, on Friday evening, presided ovei by Bro. F. Judd (Deligate and President of the Branch). Prior to tne election cf officers Bro. J. Payne (Newport), occupied the chair. Messrs W. D. Anstes and E. S. Hunt (auditors) gave theiv report of the audit of the Branch's accounts for the year ended 31st December last, which, after making provision for the Medical Officers' fees, shewed an adverse balance against the Branch. Bros. F. Judd. the retiring president, and W. Williams were licminated as presidents, the former (by con- sent of his supporters), withdrew, and Bro. Williams was unanimously elected president, and Bro. D. Thomas vice-president for the current year. The hon. secretary and treas- urer being reLelected. Bros. D. G. Steed, E S. Hunt, T. Recs, and J. Mitchell were added to the existing executive committee who are entrusted to carry out the arrange- ments for a church parade and annual dinner at a later date, and to report same at the next quarterly meeting. The Greyhound Hotel was fixed as the future headquarters of the branch. The following members, with the secretary, were deputed to attend a con- ference arranged to take place at the Loyal Hope Lodge room, Greyhound Hotel, on Tuesday, 10 further promote- the movement initiated in favour of a Friendly Sacieties' Council in this town, viz., Bros. W. Williams (president), and D. Thomas (vice-president). The delegate gave his report of the recent si ecial Delegate Meeting, and his commendable progress in the present contest as reporte- was received with hearty cheering. Bro. J. Payne (Newport), displayed a practical ex 1-ibition of his sympathy with the Branch ;n its struggle by becoming an honorary member, and subscribed a substantial sum to its funds. Other enthusiastic members followed which bsought a hitherto much absent smile from the hon. secretary. Hearty votes of thanks to Bro. Payne was accorded for presiding and for his generous and appreciable support. thanks were ais-o tendered to the retiring pre- sident, Treasurer. Secretary and Committee for their services during the past year, which brought a very sncessful meeting to a close.