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Ystrad—W[oqday. Before Mr D. W. Davies (in the chair), Messrs J. D. Williams and E. H. Davies. CHEATING THE REVENUE. A Pentrc hairdresser named J. F. Williams w:i, yaniiiicnod for keeping a terrier dog with- out, a license. P.C. Rees Davies proved the case. As defendant had since taken out a license he was now ordered to pay the costs of the case only. TRYING TO BE CUTE. Two Treherbert colliers named Eleazor Jones and Francis Phillips were summoned for be- inr drunk and disorderly at Baglan Street, Treherbert, on the 14th inst. Phillips, for whom his mother appeared, said that her son had broken his leg that morning and could not attend. Mr Porcher (Magistrates' clerk): Broke his leg? Mrs Phillips: Yes, but it was a wooden one. Magistrate: Ha is an old offender and must pay a £1 fine this -time. Jones was fined 10s. A BOYS INGRATITUDE. < George Stibbs (17). a native of Cheltenham, was charged with stea'ing a watch and chain valued 12. and 17s. 6d. in cash from his land- lerd, Walter Simms. 24, Ninion Street, Ponty- pridd, on the 2nl inst. Prisoner pleaded guilty to having committed the theft. Prose- cutor sÜd that when prisoner decamped with his watch and money he also owed him 33s. for lodgings. In consideration of prisonei handing over. to prosecutor the sum of 25s., a sum (lno to him from the Albion Collierv he was ordered to be imprisoned for a fort- night. WONT LAUGH THEN! John John (24), a single collier residing at Ton-Penire, was summoned by Jane Williams f0" £ 3 17s. bastardy arrears due on an order made against him at that Court in April Inst. Magistrate: How much can you pay now? Defendant (smiling): A sovereign, sir! Complainant agreed to accept the amount. Magistrate: We will adjourn the case for two months to see bow you pay. If you don't do fo. you will be sent to jail. You will not laugh then, I guarantee. DRUNKS. The following were fined for being drunk and disorderly. Wm. George Slade, a Pentre collier, £ 1; Thos. W; stcot-t, collier, Tonypandy 1Cs.; Wm. Davies, Trealaw, a first offender, 5s.; Benjamin Richards, Clydach Vale, 15s. OPENING A LAMP IN THE MINE. A middle aged collier named John Thomas, working at the BwlIfa Colliery, Ton-Pentre (owned by the Ocean Colliery Co.), was sum moned for having a lamp key in his possession and opening his lamp at the bottom of the p;t on the 18th inst. Mr Morgan Richards, fireman, deposed to having found a lamp key in prisoner's possession, and also to seeing him opening the lamp with same. Replying to the Bench prisoner said he was sorry that he was caught. Mr D. W. Davies: I should think so. It might have been the means of sending hundreds into eternity. Mr Danl. Eynon, manager at the Bwllfa Colliery, now identified the key produced as belonging to the Company. Prisoner had formerly warked at Llwynypia, and was quite accustomed to the underground rules. Witness further added that it was very pro- vident ihat prisoner had opened the lamp at the bottom of the pit. Had he not been detected,. he probably would have done so further in the mine with a disastrous result. Mr E. H. Davies: He must have stolen the key from the lamp room. Mr Eynon: Yes, of course. Mr D. W. Davies (to prisoner: You knew the great danger- and yet you opened the lamp. Prisoner: Yes, I am very sorry. I did it quite innocently. Ai fine of £2 and costs was imposed. The chairman remarking that such a fine was mere- ly child's play where hundreds of lives had been involved. DECISION TN THE COW CASE The adjourned hearing of the case in which Wm. R ees, a milk vendor, of Ystrad-Rhondda, was charged with ill-treating his cow by with- holding a sufficient- supply of food and nourish- ment was heard. Inspector Bendford of the R.N.S.P.C.A. again conducted the case on behalf of the society. It will be remembered that the case was heard a fortnight ago at the same court when: owing to the conflicting evidence given by the vetrinary surgeons en- gaged in the case, it was adjourned in order that two of the magistrates (Aid. W. Morgan and Mr J. D. Williams) might examine the cow. Mr J. D. Williams now said that they had examined the cow and had found it lame on the front leg. It was in a fairly good condi- tion, and taking the eircumstanceel of the case into consideration there had. in their opinion, been no special neglect as regards the feeding ù. the cow. They had therefore both: agreed that the case should be dismissed. -+-

Caerphilly —Tuasday






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