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INew Chapel ..at Ferndale.


New Chapel at Ferndale. FOUNDATION STONE LAYING. On Tuesday the. foundation stones of the Welsh Wesley an Clnpel, Ferndale, which was entirely demolished by itre in June, last, were laid in the pri sem-e of a vast concourse of people. Master Lei,vis Frederick Davis, the eldest son ot Mr F. L. Davis. and Mr T. Bevan, chairman the YstrSelytodwg School Board, performed the interesting function. The Rev R. Owen. Ferndale, chairman of the district, circuit, jire.ided. mid dwelt at length on the connection of the Davis family witb Ferndale, and especially with tlic Welsh Wes- leyan Church. Mr F. L. Davis, on behalf jf his son, spoke of the great pleasure it afforded him to witness this performance in- one of his family because of the- pleasant associations he himself had with the church when a boy, and also because of the interest his father haJ shown in that place- of woiship. Mr T. Bevall spoke in a similar s;lai„. Milslor Lewis Frel derick Davis was presented bv Mr D. G. Bcwen, one or th., oldest members of th« church, with a silver trowel and mallet suitably inscribed.) T 1kvan likewise by Mt D. Hannah, M.E., of the F.rndale Col- lieries. There were also present the Revs T. Emanuel, secretary of the district circuit; T. J. Pritchard. Cardiff; T. Jones, Pontypridd;: D. C. Jones. Mor.ni a in Asli; it. Jones* Portli; R. Roberts (Uobertus), Treorky;! Messrs E. Ttees. n. Pavi-. J. Hughes Owen, and Councillor M. Morris, Ferndale. Ferndale Prize Beits? Band was also in atten* elance. The church 110. been entirely re-buili at a cost of £ 3.000, and is considered to be one of the finest edifices in the Rhondda Vacb alley. Thro contractor is Mr Howell Lewis, Ferndale, and the architect Mr A. O. Evanso- Pontypridd.

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