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Caerphilly —Tuasday






--==:' Queen's Nursiqg Association.…


--==:' Queen's Nursiqg Association. — — MEETING AT TONYPANDY. A public meeting wa- held under the presi* dency of His He near Gwilym Williams, Miskin Manor, at the Parish Hall, Tonypandy, on Wednesday evening, last, for the purpose of considering tho advisability of establishing a Nursing Asgocktiio:; for the district of Tre- alaw and Tonypandy, and to receive the report J of the committee formed recently for the pur. pose of establishing a ward in Mul-Rhondda district a branch < the Queen Victoria Nurs- ing. Association. lin? chairman stated that £ 70 had already been subscribed towards the proposed branch. Branches m various parts of the country wore provided ill connectioO with this excellent in .-titution, to enable the working classes to editani the services of trained nurses for an individual payment of 3s 6d annually. J ho nurses would be prohibit ted from attending infectious cases to avoid spreading. Dealing with the history of the association he mentioned that the Queen had devoted to the special training of district! | £ 2,100 a year, being (he interest on L72,000 which was part of the Jubilee offering to Her Majesty from the women of Britain and Ireland in 1887. an i we may nnhestitatingly say that never was- more charitable mission more greatly needed, for the lives of many of our citizens are saeri'.ced in tunes of affliction through mistaken kindness on the parE of those ft ho are dear to ihem. and very often negli- gence in properly carrying out the instructions of their medical advises. Tin; work in Mid- Rhondda has proceeded very well so far,thanks to the president. Mis G. Williams,, of Mis- kin, the wife of Judge Williams, and the vice- presidents, together with the enthusiastic committee, but «ti!i there is room for more universal interest. Those who. expect to de- rive the benefit of ihe-e trained nurses should, as far as possible. a:d ;he oowiiiuee, and their worthy president in su<h a good and noble of engaging for this dis- trict a Queen's Nurse. She will he a carefully chosen woman, who has received at least two years' training in hospital approved by the institution, and six months' I raining in dis- trict nursing, tinner the supervision of the Queen's Jubilee Tn-diinfe. Any family hold- services of the Xnr-e for lie year, from May 1st. 1899, to A jr. I 30h. 1300. Any one wish- ing the nurse to attend her during her con- finement must h tve ii. maternity ticket (price 5s). Any one who receives parish relief may. however, have the set vices of tiio Nurse free. Her services will he available for the families of the workmen and for which the tickets may be had from any o: the ladies of the com- mittee, Mrs William^. Miskin (president), MrS Williams, Clydach Court, and Mrs D. W. Da- vies. Ffrwd Villa (vice-presidsnt: Mr J. p. IVillioyrs, treasurer: and the hon. seeretaryi Mr Morgan ReCs. T-calaw Schools. Commit- tee, Mrs William- t iy '.ach Court, Trealaw;' Mrs Morgan, Whit Hull; Mrs T. Williams. Cynog Villa, Davies, Maesyffynon; MrS Williams, Partridge Motel; Mrs Davies, Tre- alaw Shop; Mrs joaes. Albion House, Tree- alaw; Mrs James. Vi< a rage, Lhvynypia; Mrs Dobson, Cross Key; Hotel, Tonypandy; Mr J. W. Jones, Schools; Mrs Davies, Gelli Farm, Mrs Hoyle, Police Station; Mrs Evans, Tur- berville Hotel, Penygraig; Mrs Lewis (Vicar- age), Ystradyfodwg: and Mrs Williams, of Miskin; Mr Roland Vaughan Williams (of the South Wales Circuit- of London). The Revs J. Young Jones and M. H. Ellis, Tre- alaw; Daniel Davies. E. Richards, and other?' strongly advocated the proposal. fllld a morf cordial vote of Ibnl- was accorded Judge and Mrs Williams for their support. The Chair- man also mentioned that amongst the suppor- ters of the movement were Lord and Lady Dunraven, Colonel Turberville, 3Ir W. W; Hcod, Llwynypia: and Mr Gurret.

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