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Caerphilly —Tuasday






CAERPHILLY DISTRICT COUNCIL. The fortnightly meeting of the Caerphilly District Council was held at the Council Offices Caerphilly, on Tuesday, Mr William Thomas (vice-president) presiding. The attendance in- cluded Councillors E. W., M. Corbett, Major H. M. Lindsay, Lewis Williams, J. P. Charles, D. E. Jones, Eli Jenkins, with the clerk, Mr W. Spickett. Dr T. Thomas, the medical officer, stated that from March 9th to March 26th. twelvE- cases of diphtheria had been reported, two of typhoid fever and two of scarlet fever. The cases of diphtheria occurred at 16, Commercial street; 3, Station terrace; 21, Grove Terrace, and 5, Park Terrace, Senghenydd; and at 17 and 1, Bartlett street, and 4, Stockland street Caerphilly. The rTc-at probability was that the diphtheria aros3 from the pre-existing t:ases at Caerphilly. It would interest the Council to know that through the courtesy of Mr Bowhill, the County bacteriologist, he found that the culture obtained from, the milk sent away from Senghenydd, and which was transmitted to Berlin for experimental re- search on guinea pigs. they found, after inocu- lation that the guinea pig died in less than 40 hcurs, and enormous numbers of baccilli diph- theria were found at seat of inoculation and elsewhere, thus fully confirming their suspi- cions as to the milk supply. The Council proceeded to the election of overseers for the eTisiiiii, year, and Messrs Richard Packer, Thomas Jones, Blaenant. Thomas Evans, and William Hopkins, were nominated. Mr Lewis Williams stated that he had a decided objection to Packer because he had shewn animosity to those who had opposed him for that position last time. (Laughter). He thought a public man should not shew feeling in any matter. Major Lindsay said Packer had done his work exceedingly well. Ho was turned out on the previous occasion on the motion of Mr Lewis Williams in favour of Saml. Osbonie.He did. not see why Mr Williams should propose Osborne now. Mr Williams: I don't propose him. Major Lindsay: Because he is five half years behind with his poor rates. He was oiiiy proposed hy Mr Williams bceause he was a strong politician, and this cne is the same now. We wa.nt our overseers to deal with all public matters with strict impartiality. Packer was trmed out last time for no reason. I support Packer and Thomas Jones. Mr Lewis Williams: I was not aware then that Osborne was behind in his rates, but I am now. and I would not support him on that account. Thomas Evans has taken a keen interest in public matters. Mr D. E. Jones: Thomas Jones and Packei worked well together last time ,any way. Mr J. P. Charles: I believe I was seconder Ins), year, when Osborne was appointed, and mv reason was that he had previously been nn overseer. He only held office for one year. Lewis Williams and Osborne were ousted. leaving the seniors behind. I felt. then Os- borne should have another turn, but I didn't know he was in arrears; it was known to the overseers, but they did not tell us. William Hopkin was an overseer for 12 months, and we should like to see him re-appointed again, and re-Instate Packer instead of Osborne. Ultimately, on the motion of Mr D. E. Jones, seconded by Major Lindsay, Messrs Packer and Hopkins were appointed for Llanfabon. For Llanbradach, Messrs George Everson and William Hardwick, were appointed, and for Eglwysilan, Messrs John Thomas, Cwm Mofycld, Taff's Well; David Williams, Globe Hotel; Henry Coggins, and John Rowlands. Post Office, Abcr, were elected. The Clerk reported that the balance due to the Bank at present was £ 363 2s Id, and tho recoverable arrears of rates, zC512 17s 7d. The Surveyor reported having received plans and specifications of the proposed altera- tions, which the Rhymney and Aber Gas and Water Company Intended carrying out in the district according to their new scheme. He diet not think there was anything to object to. the requisite depth being there. Mr Corbett said he was glad that the Company were be- ginning to spend money. They felt pretty confident of getting their capital. The Clerk of the litigate Council wrote ask- ing the Council to support a Bill to reform the existing svstefcn of voting in tho taking of a poll of the, owners and ratepayers, by doing away with the plurality of votes, and taking the vote by ballot as in municipal elections, The matter was deferred for further considera- tion. The Vice-Chairman proposed that provision be made for setting tanks or cesspools on Pen- capel Farm at a cost not exceeding £14. Mr Charles seconded. and the motion was agreed to. Mr Thomas further moved that the Rliym- ney Railway Company be requested to pro- vide a footbridge at the crossing between the passenger and goods station at Caerphilly. Major Lindsay seconded, the motion being passed. A reply was received from Mr Hariand, superintendent of the Taff Vale Railway Com- pany, with reference to the proposal to run a workmen's train between Cardiff and Walnut Tree. He desired a more specific statement as to what was required. Mr Eli Jenkins said that the people of Taff's Well required a tram to go to Cardiff about 5.30 in the morning and returning in the evening. At present the train ran in the reverse directions at the de- sired times. The Clerk was instructed to acquaint Mr Hariand with these particulars.


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