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EVEKY WOMAN SEND TWO STAMPS for our NEW BOOK, eutitif-d How to limit your family," con- taining valuable information to Ladius, how all Irregularities mny be entirely avoided or Re- moved by Simple Means. Recommended b) eminent Physicians as the only safe, sure, and genuine remedy. Never Fail. Thousands of restjmuuialf Mr G. P. BLANCHARD, Clareniou* House, Fotui iroad, Dais too, London. 404# PRELi Yt IN A r:Y A N'XOt/NCEMENT. I >0N TYPE R F' I) KSLEYAX METHODIST CIRCUIT^ A SALE OF WORK will h hfld in the WE S L E Y SCHOOLROOM. ] > O N T Y P R I I > D, 011 TUCntDAY, 4-lt JJAV. 1899. 467 SALEM, LLAN'LLTYD FAERDREF. (COGD FRIDAY 3IAHCH 02.<>, A C CONCERT will take place when the 11 artistes will take put. Soprano— Mrs A FVANS Pontypridd (pupil of Mi-s Olive Grey, K A.M.) Contralto— Miss OLIVE GREY Nl,(ialist Royal Academy)* Mat-stf-g rtrior- Mr UAVID EVaN. Abercynon Bass— Mr DAVID C (.winner of t e chief priza at National Eistecii f Newport), Llantwii F.itrdr^f Accompanist: Miss EDITH WJIUA1\F, Church Village. Llaniw t Fae_dref Chairman: Mr THOMAS DAVIES, "Chronic-le- Offie., Po irypridd. Admission Eistrdctoo and C nert Is. 6d.» ( uncert only Is. Children under 15 half price. K-iors ot en at 7 pal., Conc.-rt to commence 7 311. Proceeds in "i;i 1 Funds. 4633- (i. W. MilTlIEW 51 C°- ELECTRICAL EGINEERS & CONTRACTORS. QFFICES AND ORKSHOPS, M A S K YR E E T. £ 1ARDIFF. ELECTRTCAL ATVAK "U. (-IF ALL KINDS- ISLLLED AND HEPA11iU). COLLIKKY WORK A SPECIALITY. ESTIMATES Fit EE ON APPLICATION. 4374.. ™\I IRVETO" OINTMENT is GREATEST REAIEDY OF MODERN TIMES! It immediately relieves p*in, either external or internal. It has no equal -is a cure fur Skin Diseases, Bad Legs and S'.reasts. A certain cure for Neuralgia, Rheumatism, &c. A list of testimonials of remarkable cures effected sent free by pi<st by applying to the Sole Maker and Proprietor, B. E. BEAUD, Dry- brook, Gloucestershire. LOCAL TESTIMONY. Bridge House B,ackwooct, Mon., L V\ %t D^eemt er, 18&8. Desir Sir.-Till a few weeks ago I was a great sufferer tr .iu Piles. Hint occasionally could not follow nty employment, wtien I was rec mm ended to try your valuable Marvello Ointment.. I purchased a i>ot. and lilt: first application gave relief, and after using it a few times it • fi'eeUd a cure. I canuot too strongly recommend it I", persons suffering from thio complaint.—Your well wisher. ILKXKY CAPPEJI, Senr. AGENTS: T, Harris, Grocer. Pontypridd. AV. H. Key. People's Chemist, Pontypridd. Daviev Chemist, P. rth. K.X'O.yd. Chemist. Prnygra'g. J. W. Kioliards, Chemist, Llwynypia. W George, Chemist, Clydaeh Vale. John Edwards, Grocer, Blaengwynfi. Wholesale London Agpntti :RARCU,y & Soxs, Fan ing ton Street. Sent by post for J s I Jd. 4364 2 WHITE HA RT HOT& PONTYPRIDD. GEORGE PARFITT, PROPRIETOR. Hendquartera GLAMORGAN It P L. PONTYPRIDD P C. PONTYPRIDD KESERVES F C. PONTYPRIDD THURSDAY F C. PONTYPRIDD CY-LING CLUB. G. P. begs to inform his Numerous F.-iend# that his Stabling i« now Perfect, the Stables having beat entirely He-built. LOCK-UP LOOSE BOX FOR ENTRIES. SPACIOUS YARD SUITABLE FOR SALES Dr AUCTION, &c. BEST SKITTLE ALLEY IN TOWN. [459 ESTABLISH ED IN 1836. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADK. STUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICES (STUBDS' Ltd.), 42, GRESHAM ST., LONDON, .B.a. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information, through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMmrr., MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. EVERY TRADER SHOULD RKAD STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE. With which is issued a Supplement. contamng LISTS OF CREDITORS 1JKmm AXL THE IMPORTANT FAILURES. THE COMMERCIAL R ElHSTEBII CONTAIN MORK THAN QT NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOV ERED PHOllIPTLY AND REMITTED TO SUBSCRIBKR8 On TUESDAY and FRIDAY ii. .ach Week. BRANCHES at SWANSEA, CARDIFF, A deen. Birmingham, Blackburn, Bradford, Brighton. Bristol, Belfast, C, -:k, CroydoB, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, HuB, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London (West Bod). Manchester. Newcastle, Norwich. Nottingham, Ply- mouth, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Sou! lampion. Sua- derland. SUB OFFTCKS. — Cambridge, Derby, DumfrlN, Gloucester, Greenock, Grirasbv, H-;ifax, Hanley, Huddersfield. Inverness, Ipswich, Lim- rick, Iondon- derry, Newjiort (Mon.). Northampton Oxford, Perth. Preston, Reading, Sfockton-on-Tee*, Torquay, Walsall, Waterford, V-' o; verhfunpfcte, Worcester, York. I a, 1!.2 2s f-3 3s, C-r, according fas requirement*. PROSPFCTUS forwarded on application to any of th* above Offices vn PRINTING of all kinds, LET! KRPkISSS and LITHOGRAPHIC, done promptly it GIAMOBOAN FaKE PRESS Office The Parcel Post affording great facilities for rapid trans- mission of parcels, the Management will bene*- forth avail then-selves of it to forward 8:D¡". parcels of circulars, &c.. to their many eoentrj customers. Orders executed by Return of nost when so required MEN BEWARF Of neglecting your health. Especially so, if you luffer from anv Ntrvous Disease You may b, assured that ycu • condition will nrt improve, antf- t hat you will go from bad to worse if you do not IMTW your *ilments pmpeil- attenàtà to, If you suffer from Lost Manhood. Youthful Imprudence, Speraa- tnrrhcea, K hawsted Vitality, DesuondeDcy, Loee of Tmt-rgv, Premature D-fny, Varicoc. Ie Weaknca* Hrain Fix, Dimnt-ss of Signt, BI tchc-s oil the Skin* Nerv imness, L. ss of .Memory, Noises in the BBTIL Melanc1 oly, Livt r Con.plamts. 1-1 -.ddfr and Kidnev Oo"pp aints, »r anv form of d:sease affecting tS. rr na y 0 gana. You > ave only to write to me for narficu ft of a Sure Cure f r your rnaladr. Tb. aiids oi Stiffet-eri have b" tfited by this means of car HII t' dvice I havp Kivew them Send addread -i.velope, will h muot. be r.tainty written, to HKHHP DAVIKS, E~q Copfori Lodge, C ichetter Place Brighton, -S sscx, England; and name this paper.[MaaB