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CaerphilJy- Tuesday Before Messrs C. H. James, David Davies, T. H. Dowdeswell, anl Dr Maurice G. Evans. TRANSFER. Mi W. H. Beddoe, solicitor,, applied for the temporary transfer of the licence of the Welsh Harp Hotel, Gelligaer, from the late William Williams to his widow, Mrs Ann Williams. The application was granted. ASSAULT. Thomns Evans, carpenter. Penyrheol. was summoned by George Jeffrey, contractor (on behalf of his daughter) for assault 0:1 the 12th inst. There was a cross-summons. Mr C. S. Gcodfellow appeared for Jeffrey, and Mr W. Spickett for Evans. Olive May Jeffrey stated that she was assaulted by Thomas Evans near the well in the field. He also kicked her and threatened to smack her face. They had not bren on friendly terms with the Evans for some time. John Aubrey Jeffrey corroborated. Mrs Jeffrey testified to hearing her daughter "crca!11in, and saw some marks on her face caused by Evans. Cross-examined: Her son did not tell her that his sister had fallen off a plank. Thomas Evans denied having struck the girl. FT J saw her stumble and fall while crossing a plank on the field. He went home, and shortiy afterwards Tom Jeffrey came to his house and struck him several times. Ho was now afraid of him. Mrs Mary Ann Thomas stated that she saw Olive Jeffrey coming from the field. Her mother aske.l her what was the matter, anC d1' replied that Tom Evans had knocked and kicked her. Her brother, who was present. axclaimed, mother, he has not touched her. She fell off the plank." Mr C. H. James, the presiding magistrate, said he regretted to say there was a terrible lot of perjury on one side or the other, and possibly on both. Both parties would be bound over to keep the peace for six months THREATS. Margaret Jones, a married woman living at Llanbradach, was summoned by Elizabeth Moon, a young girl of Llanbradach, for threats. After hearing the evidence Mrs Jones was bound over to keep the peace. DRIVING WITHOUT LIGHTS. Robert Louglier, landlord of the Universal Hotel, Senghenydd, was summoned for driving without lights on the 15th inst. P.C. Llewelyi. proved the case, and a fine of 5s was imposed. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. William Smith. Senghenydd, was fined los for being disorderly at Senghenydd. David Jones, collier, Llanbradach, was fined 15s; John Lewis, collier, Cilfynydd, 10s; Henry Patch, collier. Senghenydd, 10s; and George Davies, Mcrthyr, 5s for similar offences.