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-+- Ystrad-Nioqday. Before Mr J. Ignatius Williams (Stipendiary Magistrate), Aldermen Richard Lewis and W. Morgan, and Councillor D. W. Davies. DANGEROUS TO HEALTH. Henry Richards, a gipsy peg maker of Golli, Ton. Pentrei was summoned for having con. veyed carcases, which were uncovered and not disinfected through the main thoroughfare on the 14th inst. at Pentre. P.C. Griffiths, Pen- tre, proved the case, and a fine of Ll was im- posed. LAW-BREAKERS. David Thomas, a Pentre wilier, was ordered to pay 7s 6d and costs for keeping a licencelrss dog on the 12th inst., and Nicholas Rutley. brake driver, Pentre, was also fined 5s fo. overloading his brake on the 14th inst. P.C. Griffiths gave evidence in both cases. COLLIER IN TROUBLE. Evan Ganfield, now of Ferndale, was charged with receiving £7 103 from the pay office 0, the Coedcac Colliery on the 4th February by false pretences. Evidence was given by the cashier of the colliery, and the case was re- manded to Pontypridd on Wednc-sday. NOT GUILTY. The Gelli Building Club, for whapi Mr D. i W. Jonas. solicitor, Pentre, appeared, prose- cuted William West, and William Northey. two Gelli colliers, for wi'ful damage to a door a: Princess Street, Gelli, to the extent of 4s 6d. It was alleged that tha defendants were drunli; and had kicked the door in be- cause ihe,J, wem refused admittance. The Bench wero of the opinion that the evidence given very much too weak to warrant a conviction; and. therefore, dismissed the case,. A GELLI RUFFIAN. John- James Hughes (22), a noted rough character from Gelli, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and assaulting P.C. Wilcox on Saturday night last at Gelli Road, Gedi, The evidence showed that prisoner had; to be ejected out of the Ystrad Hotel by the. landlord through his disorderly behaviour oi,), the night named. Later on, whilst P.C. Wil- cox. was endeavouring to take him into cus- tody owing to his disorderly behaviour he assaul ed the constable in a most violent man- ner. kicking him in the head and legs, and tore his whistle chain from his coat. A brake had to be requisitioned by Inspector Menhen, nick to enable the constables to take prisoner to the Y strad Police Station. ThMty-niae previous convictions I%verc- recorded against t prisoner. He was now ordered to pay a fine of £ 2 or go to prison for a month with hard labour. The fine was paid.

-----------CaerphilJy- Tuesday