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Shop Assistants Social Tea at Ferndale. The shop assistants of Ferndale connected with the National Union of Shop Assistants held their second social tea and grand concert en Thursday at the Assembly Hall. The tea and concert was as hitherto a grand success. About 300 shop assistants and friends sat down to partake of the various delicacies that had been admirably prepared by Mr Joshua Elias, confectioner, Ferndale. The meeting was pre- sided over by the Rev Charles Evans, A.K.C., who, in his usual entertaining and pleasant manner, kept the audience in a very happy mood. In his introductory remarks, the rev. gentleman spoke of the many grievances the shop assistants had to contend with, and eluci- dated his remarks by numerous examples of shop life that had come under his notice in London and other large towns. He was glad, however, to find that the shop assistants of Ferndale were to the front, as it were, in the matter of organisation, as was amply testified b/ the various meetings they held in the town from time to time. This. he thought, was the only way they could secure'their just and law. fu! rights. He also very strongly appealed for the sympathy of the public in their behalf by shopping early. What chance had any young person to improve himself both mentally or physically, when obliged to work late hours, often on Saturdays to a late hour on Sunday morning. This, he urged, lay to a great ex- tent in the hands of those who made it a. prac- tice to do their shopping late. Let them in future, however, consider the poor shop assist- ant and give them a chance to enjoy the same privileges as themselves. Mr T. Harries, Ferndale. also spoke, and supported the remarks made by Mr Evans, and likewise Mr Jones, Porth, The following items were gone through, and were all very well received by the vast audi- ence:—Overture, Mr W. J. Davies, Ferndale; song, "Mona," Mr J. Emlyn Blessett, Moun- tain Ash; recitation, "Christmas Day in the Workhouse." Mr G. Thomas, Cardiff; song, "The Old Grey Mare," Miss E. M. Davies, Ferndale; song, "When the leaves begin to turn." Miss Maggie Mills. Pontypridd. This was the nrst appearance of this young lady on a platform in Ferndale, but her singing in every respect gave the utmost satisfaction. Each item she sang was received with ap- pleuse, and made her the favourite with the audience. Love letter competition, winner, M* Tom Price. Co-operative Stores, which the adjudicator remarked wis a very keen com- petition. Violin solo, very artistically ren- dered by Mr W. Davies. Ferndale; song, "The Soldier's Song," Mr D. R. Griffiths, Aberdare; recitation, "The Oration of Marcus," Mr E. Jones (Public Benefit), Ferndale; impromptu speech competition, "The New Woman," won b,; Mr Tom Jones; recitation, ''The Charge f the Light Brigade," Mr William Thomas, Co-operative Stores. A very laughable farce. concluded the meeting, performed by the mem- bers of the branch, entitled, "Wives by Ad- vertisement." This was a very enjoyable part of the performance. A vote of thanks to the chairman was proposed by Mr E. Jones, Ferndale, and seconded by Mr W. Higgms. Porth, who remarked they ought to be proud of the rev. gentleman tor championing their cause so well in Ferndale. The accompanist for the evening was Fomdale's favourite pian- ist, Mr W. J. Davies.

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