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Soy Shockingly llltreated…


Soy Shockingly llltreated at Treorky. HIS STEP-MOTHER SENT TO GAOL. ( At the Ystrad Police Court on Monday last, before their Worships the Stipendiary (Mr J. Ignatius Williams), Aldernoaji Richard Lewis, Alderman W. Morgan, and Councillor D. W. Davies—John Morgan and Margaret, his wife, who reside at Highland Terrace, Treorky. were summoned at the instance of the National Scciety for the Prevention of Cruelty to children, for neglecting and ill-treating their son, James John Morgan, eleven years of age. Mr James Spickett, solil(-itor, Pontypridd, de- fended. In opening the case, Mr Spickett ex- plained that the boy James John Morgan was the step-sen cf the female defendant and the sou of the male defen-lant by a former wife. The boy John James Morgan, when called, said he remembered playing marbles in the street a month ago on a Saturday evening. His step-mother called him in, and ordered him to go upstairs. She had a toasting fork in her hand, and beat him with it whilst lie wa-z going upstairs. She also kicked him on the legs as well, until there were marks on his 'legs. On another occasion, a fortnight after this, she fetched him from near the Canton House, Treorky, On getting into the house, he was asked to strip, and she struck I liin in the face twice with her fist, and his father put him across his knees and beat him I with a j'!rl.rp. After this his step-mother pushed him upstair. A man named David 'Evans, who was in the house at the time,asked his father not to beat him. His mother re- plied, "Not beat him indeed." On the Satur- day before Inspector Ruff, of the N.S.P.C.C.. m- me to investigate the case, his mother had stripped him and had beaten him with the toasting fork b2,eaus2, he had accepted a trousers from a neighbour named Mrs Griffiths, who had taken pity on him owing to his ragged condition. The day before the inspector came there he had dinner with Mrs Griffiths. When he went home his mother again ordered him to strip and go to bed. She brought the toasting fork upstairs and beat him on the legs, head, and arms, holding his head whilst doing so, because ho had had dinner with Mrs Griffiths. H often had focd with Mrs Griffiths. and a neighbour named Mrs Jones, bccause he didn't have food with his mother. Many Sundays h, wa^s kept in bed all day without food. He liked to go to school, but could not do so be- cause his clothes were so raggedvand dirty. For the defence, it was stated that the father had beaten him with the strap on one occasion only because he had stolen some money from the house, and Lad hidden it in the hack yard; lie had also been beaten because he absented himself from school, and went about neighbours' houses to have focd for pick- ing coal. Dr Howard Davies, Pontypridd, gave evi- dence as to examining the boy on the 2nd of March. He found on his body on the front aspect of the right leg a contused wound.which he described as a linear mark, one on the knee and two on the shin. On the back of the leg eight linear marks and bruises. On the front aspect of the left leg there were five linear marks, on and about the knee. On the side and back part there were 19 linear marks from the buttocks down, some two inches and others 2 inches in length. All the marks were dis- tinct and well-defined. There were also found two contusions on the left side of the head. A!i the marks were of recent infliction. The skin showed numerous marks of flea bites all over the body, and the boy's head was in a dirty state. In all there were 38 separate and distinct bruises. If a cane had been used to inflict them there must have been very great violence used indeed, greater violence than a woman, in his opinion, was capable of inflict- ing. Some of the marks could have been in. flicted with a cane. He saw the boys on the previous Friday. The effccts of the bruises had not passed then.. Dr Michael Breene, Treorky, said that while he was on his rounds on thi 1st of March, he was called into the house by Mrs Jones to ex- amine the boy. He was stripped and he saw some marks on his legs. He could not say how they were caused, but they could not be caused by the halt-penny cane produced in Court. Inspector Ruff, of the N.S.P.U.C., said he called to sea the boy on the 5th inst. After finding the state he was in, he had him stripped He was in a filthy condition, his clothing being practically nothing but dirty rags. He now produced the clothes, ana showed them to the Bencli. He called upon the parents and asked them why they had beaten the boy. They ad. mitted having beaten him, but gave no reason except that he bul stolen some money. There wa" an excited crowd in the trout of the house. He obtained some clothing for the boy, and took him to Pontypridd to his own house, which was registered under the Act. He washed him and put clean clothes on him, and then conveyed him down to Dr Howard Da. vies. Ex-Councillor Morris and the defendant called at his house at Pontypridd requesting him to give the child back. The defendant also offered him a drink not to press the charge Police Constable Davies, Treorky, said he had called at the defendant's house to see the loy. The step-mother told him the child de- served the beahng lie had. He was in a very ragged and dirty condition. Corroborative evidence was given by P.S. Lewis, Treorky; Mrs Jane Davies, and Mrs Jane Griffiths, neighbours, residing near de- fendant's. Mr John Williams, assistant master at the T' cork} Schools, said the boy was intelligent, but had been very much neglected. Mrs Sinister, a widow living in apartments with the defendants, said Mrs Morgans had no toasting fork. but had borrowed hers on differ- ent occasions. In summing up. the Stipendiary stated that the father had undoubtedly neglected the boy in a most culpable manner in allowing the child to be starved and improperly clothed. He would be fined a £1. and also have to pay a portion of the costs. As regards the step- mother, she had behaved in a most cruel way towards the little boy. The child was not hers, and they believed Hut she had thi-ashed it in a most unnatural way with a toasting fork as the evidence showed. There were two sets of maiks on the hoy's body, cne set con- sisting of 33 marks. Punishment of this kind ought not- to I)-1 inflicted under any eircum- staiwes whatever. They believed she had done so simply because she disliked the child. The Stipendiary further observed that both defen- dants had previously been fined 405 and costs on a previous occasion at that Court for a similar offence. At that time it was proved ttat a ( fork and a wire had been used in heating their female child. They would now order the female defendant to be impri- soned for two months with hard labour.



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