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, Presentation to Dr. Roberts,…


Presentation to Dr. Roberts, at Ystrad Rhondda. An event which had been looked forward to with unusual interest came off at Ystrad Rhondda, on Thursday evening last, that being the farewell meeting to Dr R. E. Roberts upon his departure to take up an important practice at Portmadoc, North Wales. Dr Roberts had only been a short time at Ystrad Rhondda, but during that time he had proved himself to be a man, once known, always admired. He al- ways appeared the same towards the poor as the rich; made no distinctions, but served everyone well and faithfully. lIe had ample opportunity of proving what he was made of, during the late epidemic of typhoid fever, which was at its worst in his district, and the manner he worked then drew praise from all. On Thursday evening a dinner was given in bis honour at the Gelligaled Hotel, when about 50 sat to a splendid spread prepared in their usual manner by Host and Hostess Morgan, When justice had been done to the toothsome viands, and the tables cleared, Mr David Lloyd, Ystrad, took the chair and filled it to overflowing, as is his custom. It is sufficient to say he was in good form. He spoke of the loss the district sustained by the departure of Dr Roberts, and hoped he would prove as valuable to the Portmadoc folks as he had done here. Dr W. E. Thomas, M.D., of Llys- ygraig, spoke in his capacity of late employer of Dr Roberts, and said that to know him was to love him; a better and more faithful assis- tant he had never come across. His first con- sideration always was his duty, and he thought the Portmadoc people had been very lucky indeed in securing him. Mr Thomas Thomas, merchant, said he could not allow the occasion to pass without paying his compliment to Dr Roberts; he had found him to be a. young man that went straight to your heart when you met him .and he wished him every success in the future. The Chairman called upon Mr Mor- gan Davies, under-manager, Bodringallt Col- lieries, as chairman of the committee, to make the presentation of a beautiful gold watch and chain to Dr Roberts. Mr Davies said: Mr Chairman and Gentlemen,—It has fallen to my lot to hand over this present to Dr Roberts, the committee having decided to confer this honour upon me as their chairman. I hope you will sympathise with me, as this is my first attempt at speaking in public. I had pre- pared a short speech suitable for an ordinary class of audience, but when I look around I see some well-known puplic representatives here that would soon transfer my little effort, to eternal oblivion, although it had taken me a fortnight to prepare it. ("No, no."). So I will abandon it. ("Go on."). Dr Roberts, on behalf of the committee and subscribers gener- ally I ask you to accept this gold watch and chain, with appropriate inscription and mono- gram engraved, as a slight token of our appre- ciation of your past services. Your stay among us was very short, but during that short stay, you endeared yourself to all. Your unflagging energies, your strict attention and devotion to duty, called forth the praise of all, and besides that, your pleasant conversation and your genial countenance, was as good as medicine to me and many others. As I said before, your stay was but short, but before you had been here three months, many of us had come to the conclusion that we should not keep you very long, as a man of your calibre, character, and many abilities, could never be expected to fi 1 a subordinate position for long. So our sorrow was mingled with joy when we heard that you had attained a higher and better posi- tion, and we hope that you will attain still higher ones, as we consider you worthy to fill any position of honour and responsibility that your noble profession could bestow upon you. I shall not say much more in that direction, fearing you may think I am flattering you. I am not doing that, and if flattery were needed I would at once call upon our worthy chiarman <o do that part, which lie could do with such credit. We hope that in whatever part of the world Providence will place you, when you look at this watch, you will remember that you have true bosom friends at Ystrad Rhondda, and should anything ever crop up between you and the people of North Wales, tell them -it. once that the people of South Wales are waiting with open arms to receive you back at any moment. May heaven bless your future career, and our hearts' desire is that you may live long. have good health, and every pros- perity. (Hear, hear). Dr Roberts very briefly returned thanks, his remarks being hardly audible through emotion, He said he always tried to do his duty tho- roughly and well, and if that had been the cause of his receiving these beautiful presents, then he felt more grateful still, He would never forget the impressions of good feelings he had heard that evening. Songs were given by Mr Idris Williams and Mr Dan Llewelyn, and Mr L. Lewis officiated at the piano.

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