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PONTYPRIDD POLICE-COURT Pontypridd--Wednesday. Before the Stipendiary (Mr J. Ignatius Wil- liams, Dr Hunter, Alderman R. Lewis, ana Councillor P. Gowan. SHEBEENINQ AT HAVOD. Edward Matthews 0%), a collier, residing Havod, was summoned for selling beer with- out a licence on Saturday night, the 11th nist. Mr James Phillips, solicitor, Pontypridd, pro- secuted on behalf of the police. P.C. Gwilym gave evidence. He said that in company with P.C. Lucas he watched the defendant's house from 12.30 on Saturday night until 2.50 on Sunday mo-ning, concealing them- selves about 25 yards fium the house. During that time they saw 27 nen and women enter and leave the house. Tuey afterwards raided the house, and found the defendant, his wife, and three men in a rooi i. The defendant was very drunk, and his wif.\ also; she was in the act of drinking at the me. The men found on the premises were J'hn Harris, a man liv- ing at Havod; Evan Da vies, Concrete Houses, Dinas, and Aaron Davits, Cymmer. A quart ju* was found nearly ful of beer on the table, and a half pint measun' full. There was also a 4-& gallon cask on tap half full. Matthews, in reply to the officer G dlym, said, "We have clubbed together for the cask of beer." Harris said, "Tell the truth, Tèod." Evan and Aaron Davies then said, "We have not clubbed any. Witness further added that defendant was a collier. He had four !le children, and sel- dom did any work. v P.C. Lucas corroborated the evidence given by Constable Gwilym Defendant did not call any witnesses on hi: behalf, but elected io give evidence himself. He said, I have never rold a jug of beer in my hfe. All it is I had a little cask because it was a cheaper way of having beer. There was no row in the house. John Harries gave me 4s 6d to fetch the boer from Leyshon's Brewery, and I met the other met. in the Britannia Hotel on going home, and they clubbed together also. Mr Phillips produced a list showing that defendant had had eleven 4t casks and three nine gallon casks from. Mr Leyshon's Brewery since Christmas. On Boxing day he had had a nine and a 4 gallon cask. Complaints had also been made that defen- dant's bouse had also been used for immoral pui poses, young men anct women frequenting tliv place. The Stipendiary told defendant that hb would find it mu:h more p .ofitable to carry on hi. work as a collier than to carry on this illicit trading in beer. He would be fined J5 and costs, or go to priso for a month with hard labour. TIRED OF THE ARMY. Frederick Daniel, a young collier bailing from Ferndale, was charged with desertion from the 41st Welsh Regiment. P.S. Ponytz stated that shortly before 7 o'clock on Tues- day morning, he arrested accused at Tylorstown In reply to the charge he admitted the offence, an(' stated that he had ten days' furlough last January, and that he had destroyed his uni- form. P.C. Stibbs, Treforest, said he saw the defendant at the Treforest Railway Sta- tion on the 11th January. He was carrying a parcel. The next morning he (the constable) was called to a coal-house, -There he found tht defendant's uniform and overcoat. Superin- tendent Cole explained that the defendant had not been gazetted, and the Bench remanded him in custody for seven days. A COLLIER IN TROUBLE. Evan Ganfield, a young collier, now of Fern- dale, but formerly of Havod, was charged with obtaining, by means of false pretences, the sum of jE7 7s 6d on the 4th of February last from the offices of the Lewis Merthyr Navigation Colliery Company at Havod. Hopkin Priest, fireman at the colliery, said prisoner was em- ployed at the Trevor Pit, Havod, on the date in question, together with a partner named Joseph Small. Charles Oatridge, overman at th colliery, said he was engaged giving out pay tickets between one and two o'clock on the afternoon of the 4th February last. Pri- soner came to the window, and called out 2008, and he handed him a pay ticket for that number. It represented L7 7s 6d. Later in the afternoon a man named John Lloyd came and called out the same number; then he dis- covered that he had already given out the ticket. Joseph Small, the man referred to as prison- er's working partner, said their pay number was 208. On Saturday, February 4th, prisoner brought £1 7s 6d to him at the colliery and said he had risen the money. He went to get change, and when he returned prisoner had gone. Cross-examined by prisoner: He did not tell him to slip it. When he counted out the money he found out that he had received more money than was due to him. When arrested by P.S. Richards and charged with the offence, prisoner replied: "Yes, I re- ceived the money, but I gave Joe (meaning his partner) some of it afterwards. He said I gave him a ;Cl, and again corrected himself and said it was 25s." Prisoner was committed to take his trial at the Quarter Sessions, bail not being allowed. ALL ABOUT A RUNAWAY DAUGHTER. An elderly married man named Isaac WaL lace, of Havod, was summoned by Mrs Mary Jane Lewis, of 4, Llewelyn street, Havod, for assault on Saturday, 11th inst. Mr James Phillips prosecuted; defendant was not legally represented. Complainant in evidence, said that defendant came to her house on the date in question to enquire after his daughter, who had run away from him. He was told that his daughter was not there, but be persisted in saying that she was. Complainant's husband then appeared upon the scene, and defendant went up to him and said, "Are you a man?" In a scuffle which ensued between defendant and her husband defendant deliberately kicked her on the hip, causing a big bruise. He also attempted to kick her a second time. A neighbour named Mrs Aerial stated that she saw defendant deliver the kick. She bad also seen the bruise caused; it was black and blue. Defendant, who had no witnesses to call, swore on oath that he had not kicked com- plainant; she must have received the bruise by falling down. He admitted seuffling with the husband, but it was he that had struck him first, and his wife came on to scram him, and he pushed her away. He could not swear that she fell by the blow. The Stipendiary aid that the Bench highly disapproved of such conduct as he had been guilty of. Be would have to pay a fine of JE2, including cost«, or go to gaol for a month with hard labour.

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