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OVERSEERS AND COUNCIL. A Retirement and Appointment. At Tuesday's meeting of the Pontypridd Dis- trict Council, the following report was received frcm the Pontypridd Overseers:- "Parochial Offices, Pontypridd. March, 1899. To the Chairman and Members of the Ponty- pridd Urban District Council. Gentlemen,—The period fer which we werv re-elected overseers is about to expire, and we would respectfully bring to your notice some of the leading features which have arisen dur- ing our renewed period of office. The year opened out ominously, for we were brought face to face with the calamitous strike, which brought in its train so much that very materially interfered with the industrial life of our district. For five weary months the disturbance para- lysed our district, and we were not without much anxiety that considerable difficulty woula have to be experienced in making provision for the large calls made upon us. We are glad to 63 able to record that we have been able to meet the demands set forth, and to state that, notwithstanding that the rateable value of our parish has been considerably affected, we have been in a position to arrange without an in- creased rate; and we may say that we hope that a rate at sixteen pence in the pound will suffice to meet the expenditure of public bodies during the coming harf-year. We submit the following figures: — Half-year ended the 29th September, 1898. Gross, ;E!9,525 6s; ratable, £ 166,076. Half-year ending 25th March, 1899: Gro&s, L184,765 17s; ratable. E158,292 15s. Half-yoor ending 29th September, 1899 (ap- prox): Gross, £ 178,656 14s; ratable, £ 153,422 5s, Since the strike the nett decrease in assess- ment has been: Gross, E15,669 2s; ratable, 912,4-42 10s. CALLS PAID. School Board: During the half-year ending 29th September, 1898, £ 3,500; ditto ending 25th March, 1899, £ 3,500; total, £ 7,000. Guardians.—During the half-year ended 29th September 1898, £ 5,400; ditto ending 25th March, 1899. £ 6,000; total, £ 11,400. Burial Board.—During the half-year ending 29th September, 1898, £ 600; ditto ending 25th Ma-ch, 1899. £ 600; total, £ 1,200. Estimated expenditure during the half-year ending September, 1899: School Board, £ 3,500; Guardians, E6,000, Burial Board, E625 10s; total, ;cio,im, 10s. RATE. Poor rate made 26th April, 1898 Is 4d in the £ ditto 28th October, 1898, Is 4d in the £ estimated poor rate for the coming half-year, Is 4d in the E. The influence of the strike on assessment has not yet been fully met, for the next rate will b affected, though in a lesser degree. PAROCHIAL OFFICES. We submit copy of an order issued to the overseers of the Parish of Pontypridd by the Local Government Board under date 16th April. 1898. Parochial Office, Pontypridd Union, Parish of Pontypridd, 16th April, 1898. To the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Pcntypridd, in the County of Glamorgan, and to all others whom it may concern. Whereas the Population of the" said Parish of Pontypridd. according to the last census, exceeds four thousand persons. And whereas the Urban District Council of Pontypridd (acting under the authority of the Order of the Local Govememnt Board dated the 17th day of January, 1898, transferring to the Council certain powers of the Vestry of the Parish of Pontypridd) at a meeting held on the 8th day of February, 1898, passed a resolution consenting to the provision by the overseers of the parish of Pontypridd of Par- ochial Offices for the Parish of Pontypridd, and to their holding the present parochial offices of Pontypridd for the purpose of an office for fiho transaction of the business of the parish, and also to the provision and hold- ing of the furniture therein And whereas application in writing has been made to us, the Local Government Board. to issue an order to give effect to the Resolution above referred to. Now, therefore, ;n pursuance of the powers given to us by the Parochial Offices Act, 1861, all,1 by any other Statutes in that behalf, we do, by this Order, under our seal, signify our consent to the holding by the Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish of Pontypridd, of the premises referred to in the said resolution, of the Urban District Council of Pontypridd,such premises to be appropriated for the purpose of offices for the transaction of the business of the said parish. Given under the Seal of Office of the Local Government Board, :this sixteanth day of April, in the year One thousand eight hundred and ninety eight. HenryChaplin, President. S. B. Provis Assistant Secretary.' During the year the Overseers of Pontypridd have made a claim upon the overseers of the Parish of Llanwonno and Ystradyfodwg for payment of a fair share of the expenditure of coal, gas, rates, etc., incurred in the mainten- ance of these offices. No rent is, or has been charged for the joint use of these offices (in accordance with agreement) but the overseers regarded it as manifestly unfair and unjust to burden the Parish of Pontypridd with this additional expenditure when the benefit and advantage was not exclusively that of the Par- isb. The overseers of Ystradyfodwg favourably entertained the claim, and paid the amount then duo. but the overseers of Llanwonno de- nied liability, and left us no alternative but to prosecute our claim in a court of law. The matter came before his Honour Judge Gwilym Williams at Mountain Ash County Court, who decided that tho overseers of Pontypridd were entitled to claim, but his final decision as to the amount to be paid was postponed. The total claim entered against Llanwonno was for M 14s Id, which was based (pro rata) to the ratable value of the parishes or sections of parishes using the offices. OPENING OF OFFICES ON SATURDAY In our last report we referred to this matter. A copy of letter from the Local Government Board gave us their final resolutions in refer- ence thereto. (COPY). 'Local Government Board, Whitehall, S.W. 10th June, 1898. Sir,—I am directed by the Local Govern. meat Board to advert to your letter of the 27th of April last relative to your proceedings as collector of poor rates for that part of the parish of Pontypriidd, formerly part of the Parish of Llanwonno. The Board have given the matter in dispute between yourself and the Overseers of the Poor of the Parish their careful consideration, and they direct me to state that they are of opin- ion that the Order of the Overseers that the office should be kept open on Saturdays for the receipt of rates between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. is a reasonable one, and must be obeyed by you as collector. With regard to the question as to whether you should institute and attend proceedings against defaulters, the Beard direct me to state that it is open to the Overseers to direct you to institute and attend to the proceedings in the cases mentioned, and that if they do so it will be your duty to carry out such direc- tions. I am to add that the Board understand that though the Assistant Overseer has custody of the rate book it is kept at the parish offices, and is available for reference by you when re- quired. I am, etc., W. E. KNOLLYS, Assistant Secretary. Mr Wm. Phillips, Collector of Poor Rates, Pontypridd.' PAROCHIAL OFFICES. We, as overseers, are still stubbornly denied certain claims in these premises, to which we are advised we are justly and exclusively en- titled, and we regard it as incumbent that these rights should be acquired in the interests of the Parish. ASSESSMENT OF PARISH RAILWAYS. We have been mindful of this matter, and have made recommendations to the Assessment Committee in this direction. We have reason to believe that the importance of the subject wili secure early and adequate consideration at the hands of the committee. REGISTRATION EXPENDITURE. We have to state that the average expendL ture in our parish for the last three years has been £80 18 2d, ascompared with JS208 18s in the year 1895. COUNTY COURT PROCEEDINGS.— DECISION. We have to report further that his Honour Judge Williams has to-day given his decision in favour of the Pontypridd Overseers for £ 21. Signed,— W. JONES. t. JOHN LEWIS. FREDERICK HILL. MORGAN THOMAS. Overseers of the Parish of Pontypridd." Mr James Roberts proposed that the four Ct%erseers bo tre-elected. There were several reasons why it was desirable to ask those gentlemen to continue. The work done had proved to the Council that the Overseers were men of much capability in dealing with paroch- ial matters. They had experienced a great deal of trouble one way or another, but what- ever they undertook they carried out success- fully. They did not know how soon further trouble might arise, and on that account ne strongly felt that for the present year at any rate the same men should be re-elected. The re-assessment of certain properties should bo taken up, particularly railways. Railways had had quiet for many years, and some of them had actually been quadrupled. Those that formerly had two lines now had four, and the carrying power had been enormously increased. Tho traffic at Cardiff shewed a growth of a million annually. He was not aware of any increase at all in the ratable value for many years. The Barry Railway, when it was star- ted, had a carrying capacity of about two mil- lions, now it was between'five and six millions tons of coal, and up to the present he did not think the Barry's ratable value had been in- creased. He, therefore, thought the men who had that matter in hand should continue in office. They had served them well and effici- ciently for the last four years. The Chairman read a letter from Mr John Lewis, one of the overseers, stating that he did not seek re-election as overseer. Mr W. Lewis seconded Mr Roberts' proposi- tion, and added that Assessment Committee dealt with the assessment of railways, which they had valued by experts. The Assessment Committee placed very great reliance upon the valuations of the present oversears, and they very rarely altered them. Mr W. T. Leyshon proposed Mr John Ley- shon, Graig, an old overseer, in place of Mr John Lewis, who had resigned. Mr Edward Williams seconded. Mr Watkin Williams did not altogether agree with all Mr Roberts had said. A deal of good might be said with regard to the pre- sent overseers, but the Council bad called their attention to the Mill Field and the Taff Valo. They should have seen to that matter them- selves. He thought it was desirable in the interests of the ratepayers that they should make one change in the place of Mr William Jones. The waterworks had a big value in the district, and they knew his connection with it, and they could not say he was unbiassed. He thought it desirable, therefore, to have a man whose position would not make his so biassed as Mr Jones might be. He proposed Mr John Evans in his stead. Mr Jones-Powell said Mr John Evans would not act. Mr William Jones held the position of being one of the most unbiassed men in the town, and he had done his duty to the satis- faction of all. Mr Fred Edwards seconded Mr Watkin Wil- liams' motion. The voting resulted: Messrs Morgan Thomas 10; Frederick Hill, 10; John Leysbon, 12; William Jones, 8; and John Evans, 4. The first-named four were, therefore, declared elec- ted.



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