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Letters to the Editor.




♦ "ENGLISH" IN EISTEDDFODU. To' the Editor. Dear Sir,—In a local Eisteddfod which was held last Saturday, tue adjudicator, in his general remarks on the Male Voice Competi- tion, referred to the fact that the test piect had been sung by one of the choirs in English, and attempted to ridicule it, saying "that there was too much English in the Eisteddfodau ot today, and that what we required was more Welsh; in fact, his tone gave us the impres- sion that this choir, by singing in English had committed a grievous error. This was a state- ment made in a strictly bi-lingual Eisteddfod, and he himself spoke in English in delivering his adjudication. Some of the Welsh at this gathering reminded us of the following state- I ment announcing the result of a preliminary contest: t':Mae'r adjudicator wedi selecto dau competitor i appearo ar y stage." Now, Sir, I wish to emphatically protest against such narrow-minded ideas concerning the position of Welsh and English in the Eisteddfod. Every person of ordinary knowledge knows that the chief language of Wales to-day is the English language. In discussing this point, a Cardiff contemporary says "No one in his senses can find fault with the use of English on these occasions. Mr Tom John, Llwynypia, speak- ing at Penarth, also gave it as his opinion that the Eisteddfod should not be strictly bound dcwn to the Welsh-speaking part of the com- munity. A large number of the competitors on Saturday evening were English-speaking Welsh- men, who did not understand many of the re- marks made. We can excuse fads in old people, but when young men go on in this fashion, it makes a mock of true patriotism. I am a Welsnman, and love my country and my tongue, but I Sail to see why we should ex- clude our English friends from our National Welsh institution. Let the Eisteddfod re- main Welsh in its ideas and customs, but am Eisteddfod conducted only in "yr hen iaith" wculd he a very poor affair indeed.—Thanking you in anticipation, I remain, yours truly, ILLTYD.

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