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COMPESTION ACT. OPINION OF Mr. JAMES MILES. Mr James Miles, agent of the National Colliery, Wattstown, speaking at the Conservative Club, Pontypridd, on Tuesday night, when Mr Gordon Lenox presided, referred to the late strike, and declared that those who did the most mischief also profited most by it. It was only after waste of resources and au industrial war un- paralleled for its terrible consequences that terms wtre eventually arranged—terms which might and ought to have been accepted at first. Dealing with the Workmen's Compensation Act, Mr Miles stated that Mr Ben Piokard, president of the Miners' Federation, had described it as one of the most contentious, most fruitful in litigation, a.uI most harmful of Acts. Mr W. Abraham (Mabon) happened to be present when Mr fickard expressed that opinion, and as he offered no comment they took it by hi-i silence that he tacitly acejuiesced in the accuracy and justice of Mr Pickard's forcib!e remarks. Not- withstanding the passionate appeals of Mabon and his friends to the miners to cling to the. benefits of the Act, no less than 22,0u0 Welsh miners had contracted out of it. County Court Judges had confirmed Mr Pickard's opinions, and bad also condemned the Act as one of the most unworkable ever placed on the Statute Book. Since it was passed accidents had increased instead of decreased, as was promised The Act, however, had its redeeming features.



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