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tyustard and Cress. ----.--..--_.----


tyustard and Cress. The Rev J. R. Jones to p;each at the annual meetings of Llandulais, Coiwyn, on Thursday and Good Friday, and at Liverpool Gymanfa fawr on Saturday and Easter day. —o— Next Sunday the K-'v .J. R Jozins, pastor, will preach at labernacle morning and evening. The ordinance of bapti^i! will he officiated at the evening meeting, and Miss Myfanwy Llewellyn, Garth House, will a solo. —o— The annual meeting o! the cypridd Branch of the Hearts of Oak (-' '.W-, i", A. and medical agency will be held to (Friday} at 7.30 at the City Restaurant. --0- The Rev. Eethian levies, Tr.-herbert, has a lecture on the Holv Land, which is decidedly interesting and educati, ii-,I. 1 lJ has travelled the country, and therefore Jectmes upon what he knows. --0- To celebrate the centenary of toe Church Missionary Society a public meeting will be lieid at the New Town Hall, Pontypridd, on Inursday evening, April 20:11. The chair will be occupied by the Lord EÙÜlOP r.f Llandaff, and the speakers will be t; e Rev. Wm. Seetal, Indian native clergyman, and the Rev. CD Dunlop Small, Bristol. —o— Mr T. D. Edwardc" Pontypridd, the well- known accompanist received a splendid recep. tion at the concert whir:) took place at Llau. trisant last week. Mr Edwards' playing was much admired. Tin? crowded audienc:: vocifer- ously encored him on his brilliant performances of two pianoforte solcy, to which he responded by playing one of his own Improvisations. The Baptist friends at Llanti isant are to bb com- mended for the rare ntus'cal treat, they provided, and we would certainly re-echo the sentiment of the b) saying, Melug moes eto." -Q- There is an old saying Promises are made to be broker." Whatever ,¡th attached to the old adage we cannot ay, but ir is pro" able that it will be given a practiced test when the elected members of tu.-i Rhondda District Council, who are now urging inrtl: promises of a very entertaining nature, reign supreme in the Council chamber. It is all very well to secure support and votes by means of fair- weather promisee, but it remains to be seen whether such desirable ehmges are practicable or not. --0-- A smart ctpture of a suspected hcrse thief was effected at Puntjv.ridd hist week by P.S. Rees. Upon receiving the intelligence from Inspector Gill of Porth that the suspect was supposed to be in the neighbourhood of Ponty- pridd, the wHy Sergeant actually recognised him in the main thoroughfare by the aid of the customary description supplied. At the sabse- quent police court proceedings tae prisoner was committed to take his trial at the coming Quarter Sessions. -0-- On account of the holidays the ".Free Press will next week make its appearance on Thursday, instead of Friday. Correspondents will oblige by forwarding their copy early in the week, otherwise its insertion cannot be guaranteed. You can see with half an eve that FRANK THOMAS ("My Hatter,") sells die best 3/9 Hat. For Dancing- and Dress Shoes of all description go to Davies. Free Press" Buddings, 23. Tag Street, Pontypridd. 4539 Tea.. Tea, Tea—Why is T. Harris' Tea like the British Army ? Because it cannot be beaten Try it. 4540




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