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Caerphilly fioqcof|formists…


Caerphilly fioqcof|formists and te District Counci! Election. A conference of representatives of the Free Churches of Caerphilly and district was held at Windsor Restaurant recently, under the presidency of the Rev R. E. Cape, Wesleyan minister. A vote of condolence with Bethel Welsh Independent Church and the family of the late Mr Henry Anthony. J.P., Bryncen- ydd, was passed. Mr Phillip Davies, builder, Caerphilly, who iook the initiative in this movement, strongly urged the advisability of forming u Free Church Council for the town and district. After a lengthy discussion it wa3 ultimately decided to form such council, which v'as proposed by the Rev A. O. Hopikns (B.). and seconded by Mr D. T. Salathiel. -(1- The Rev C. Tawelfryn Thomas, Groeswcn, then read a paper, in which he advocated a Public Cemetery for the parish of Eglwysilan, and explained the Acts bearing thereon. Sub- seouently, it was decided to form a committee of the following gentlemen:—Revs R. T. Cape. T. Jones Davies. C. Tawelfryn Thomas, A. O. Hopkins, and Mr Phillip Davies, secretary, to draw up the following series of questions to be submitted to the candidates now contesting the various seats -()-- Sir,—On behalf of the Caerphilly and Dis- trict Free Church Council, we beg respectfully to call your attention to the following facts, and in view of these facts to submit to you two question—1. Free Churchmen consider a Cemetery necessary for the parish of Eglwys- ilan 2, Application for such a Cemetery has already been made to the Distric tCouncil. 3. Unless granted by the said Council applica- tion will bo made to the Local Government Board, when the matter will be carried out at greater cost to the ratepayers. 4, We do not object to a public religious service at the open, ing of such a Cemetery, to be conducted by the Christian ministers of the parish. 5, We do strongly object to the consecration (legal or otherwise) of any portion of the Cemetery, an i for the following reasons: (a) Consecration involves important legal and pecuniaarv conse- quences affecting all the inhabitants of the parish, whether they be Churchmen or Dis- senters. (b) In consecrated countries parochia.l incumbcnts. clerks, and sextons have the same rights and authority in regard to burial ser- vices, and are also entitled to receive the same fees as they have previously received, and re- ceived in the parochial churchyards. These fees include the ope-ning of graves, the right to erect tombstones, monuments, and railings. Moreover, they are payable to the incumbent even when he does not officiate, and the services arc conducted bv Nonconformist minis- ters. c). Marten's Act confers on the Bishop of the Diccese certain authority in eonseera- teel cemeteries. A chape), must be built. A chaplain (approved by the Bishop) must he appointed. A eatary must lie paid to this cbciplain, which salary must be fixed by the Bishop, and paid by the ratepayers. The questions we desire to submit to you arc as follows: 1. Are you in favour of a public cemetery for the parish of Eglwysilan? 2. Will you, if elccted, oppose the consecra- tion (legal or otherwise) of any portion of such a cemetery, and thus affirm that, however divided men may be in life. in death there shall be no distinction or separation. We shall feel grateful if you will send your answers to the above questions to the secretary on or be- fore next Wednesday. We may add that both questions and replies will be printed in the "Glamorgan Free Press." and also in circular form. We are, Sir, On Behalf of the Council, Yours faithufliy, Robert F. Cape, T. Jones Davies. C. Tawelfryn Thomas, A. O. Hopkins. Phillip Davies, Secretary. -0- The replies of the candidates are as follows: CAERPHILLY.—TOWN WARD. Councillor W. Thomas, in reply to he first question, answers, "Yes, certanily, if desired by the ratepayers," and to the second ques- tion, "I should oppose any consecreation or distinction, or separation that would tend to increased charges upon the rates, or tend to take (tway any of the control from the repre- sedatives of the public, who provide the ceme- tery. Mr James Powell, answers thus, "Yes, providing the application comes from a public meeting of ratepayers especially convened for that purpose. To the second question he e,tt- swers '"Yes." Mr John Evans says 'That if a public cemetery has become a necessity, I shall be ready to (To all I can to estabilsh it." As to the second question, he thinks it should be submitted to a candidate for a seat on the Burial Board, rather than to a candidate for q seat on the District 'Council. At the same time he thinks that there should be no distinc- tion between ono plot of ground and another in a graveyard, supported out of the public rrtes, and that the bye-laws of the Burial Board should administer alike to one and all. Mr Joseph Howell says "Yes," but on the pur- chasing of the necessary land, laying and draining, the same for a cemetery, the erec- tion of boundary walls, chapel, and caretaker's house, would meftn the expenditure of a large sum of money. I should, before moving in the matter, call a meeting of ratepayers and ascer- tain what their views would be as to its loca- tion and time of commencement. To me second question he again says "Yes, for I con- tend that inasmuch as the cemetery will have to be provided and maintained by the public. that the public, both Conforimsts and Noncon- formists, are entitled to equal privileges and benefits. -J- ABER WARD. This Ward has three seats, for which there ure five candidates. Mr David Thomas' replies are "Yes" to the first question and to the second question, "r will oppose the consecra- tion of any portion of the cemetery by the re- presentative of any religious sect whatever. -o- Mr Eleazar Lewis. To the first question he says "Yes, decidedly," and to the second, "1 am prepared to do my utmost in opposing the consecreation (legal or otherwise) of any por- tion of such cemetery. -0- Mr Edmund Evans. Aber, says: "I am in favour of a public cemetery. If elected, I shall oppose consecration in any form. --8-- Mr Robert Lotigher and Mr John Lewis afe both candidates for seats in this Ward,, but as both candidates for seats in this Ward,, but as yet no replies have been received from them. The duties of Free Churchmen in Aber Ward at the forthcoming elections can easily be dis- cc-rned from the foregoing replies, and it is to b hoped that they will be loyal to their Non- conformist principles. May they realise that this a part of the battle for religious equality. I urge upon them to record their votes for Messrs Thomas, Evans, and E. Lewis, and to do their utmost to secure their triumphant re- turn.—Yours faithfully, PHILLIP DAVIES, Secretary. Caerphilly and District Free Church Council.

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