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J.}.. L..t .I CAERPHILLY. TOWN WARD. Tito four candidates in this Ward who are contesting the three seats on the Council arc busily stirring themselves into activity, and meetings are being held almost nightly. On Monday evening, Councillor William Thomas. the present vice-chairman of the Council, de- livered a telling address, a verbatim report of which appears elsewhere in this issue, and thoroughly and satisfactorily gave an account of his stewardship during his past term of office. His meeting was a very enthusiastic one, and his re-election is assured, and de- servedly so. No member of the Council has done more for the sanitation of the district than Mr Thomas, and his determined efforts to secure for the Caerphilly Urban District a perf ct sewerage syst-emand a pure supply of water should be well borne in mind on Mon- day. —o- Mr James Powdl, Bradford Cottage, held a most successful meeting on Tuesday. Mr S. Wilson in the chair, and public feeling strong- ly inches--io the opinion that he will run a good second to Mr Thomas. The other two candidates are on the alert, and straining every nerve to make their return certain. The four contestants are thoroughly good men and capable for the work required, but unfortun- ately the door must be cicsed to one, and we are afraid that the unfortunate one will turn cut to be Mr John Evans. A sporting friend has furnished us with the latest prices quoted on the course. They are:- Dwfr Pur, evens (takcn and offered). St. Fagan. 2 to 1 against (t). Bethel, 3 to 1 against. Theodolite, 5 to 1 against.

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