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i The Treherbert Selling Steeplechase Race (2 miles, weight for all. The losers to be sold immediately after the race for L50 each). For a big wonder there were five entries nominated for this important race, and more wonderful still the five will run. For the con- venience of the horses the Committee decided that the race should be run within their own vicinity so the course will be laid on a somewhat dangerous foundation from the Wilds of Blaen- rlvondda down to the Yjiyswen Plantation. This will test the capacities of the horses to a great extent, and the one with the least superfluous adipose should certainly win, though the race will surely be a close one. Starters are "Blaenrhondda Roamer," "Le Ciot-yn," "Ex-Guardian," "Tynewydd Gray," and "Young Gloran." -00- "Blaenrhondda Roamer," after an absence from the arena, for ten years is now clipped once more for this important event. Having had such an experience in the WiLls of Blaen- rhondda the course is quite familiar to him. His supporters are restricted, but he comes out this time on urgent request. The roads in Blaenrhondda are receiving his search- ing attention, and he makes frequent gallops to lhel suburbs of Fembenglyn, where he h:1 won some admiration. Relies a great deal o/i the. army of "pop drinkers," who have signed the pledge on his behalf. Though the odds are against him, his backers entertain great hope of surprising form. He is a nicely turned full-quartered competitor and moves well. Unless he turns stubborn and ignores advice, he will come in well at the final, though th-j others are reported to surpass him as far as training is concerned. He is certainly rather modest and floes not revel in superfluous preliminaries, but works with a quiet persever- ing will, and that his chances are favourable is undoubted. He will surely cause trouble and may oust the favourites. His backers are "Sant Libanus" and First Tenor." —o— "Le Crotyn" is a fine young horse from the Blaencwin Eisteddfodic Stables, for which he ha5 gained several laurels in many a keen contest in the past. Has the reputation ot being a forward animal, never disheartened. Has won several eisteddfodic trophies, and enjoys a big reputation. Feewis well on "Tripe and faggots," and is in good racing condition. Has had (several useful oautevs during the week. and backed up by a host of followers. Is calculated to gain a favourable position. No doubt will cause endless trouble and is a big favourite at present. -0-- "Ex_Gu>ardian" is an old and tried horse possessing rare qualities and undoubted abili- ties. Held the Guardian Plate for a number of years, but was ungraciously ejected in She last race for no apparent cause. Stands pre- eminently above his rivals in his acquaintance with the Parochial Course, and certainly ùt- serves all-round support. Displays great activity in this race, but has not shown too great promise in his preliminary canters. In the last tandem race he ran in harness: with the "Old Gloran," but was below form. Is said though to cause much alarm to his rivals. Past favouritism cannot be forgotten, and the grey horse should make' a lively fight. The (Treat danger is 'in overanxiety and haste, but 1k3 backers hold him in check. Finds his backers in "Tin Tacks," and "Pills." who will shout. their horse to victory if possible ^Es-Guardian" having held the "Overseer"* Purse" ani "Burial Board Plate" should this time run hard, and if he avoids the onslaughts of his riuafs is bound to come in well at the finish. We rather fancy his chances. "Tynewydd Grey" is the oldest horse in the paddock, and once more shows pro of re- peating old time victories." But is not se active at present, and having lost the "Gas and Water Cup" has shown dissapointing form. A revival is expected, but the pre. liminary canters are strictly confined to the precincts of the stable where he is affectionate- ly receiving attention. Has won the handicaps on the Aberdare and Merthyr Courses on many previous occasions, but with making weight and making stumbles in recent performances is not held as first favourite. "Sam y Bwt- chwr" and "Blaenrhondda John" have entered him on I this occasion, though it is doubtful whether he will carry thier colours. Is almost getting tco aged to run such classical events. but will "die gamely." His rider is unfixed and the selection will b? deferred until the last moment. Has not trained much during the week and relies mostly on past reputation and a thorough knowledge of the course. Though always safe in past races, some tribu- lation is being feared as to his present chances, and a desperate race is sure to be fought. -0-- '"Young Gloran" is the favourite for the event. In the last race came in first with honours. Should he repeat the performance en this occasion will stand a fine chance for the "Chairmanship Plate," with its J.P. S. James's Hall honours. A young promising chostnut, full of activity, defies all opposition. Finds great- favour in his intimacy with the Ynysfois stables, and thp "Major" the leading horse in the latter establishment, has been granted permission to assist him in his exer- cise. Canters along at fine rate and finds support at all quarters. "'Etc-C.C. Tenders him aid in the upper part ci the course, and the experience of the two heifers will un- doubtedly be of advantage. Finds greater support by his showy attitude than his rivals. Anticipates great help from the "dray" horses. Rumour hath it too. that in the upper part of the course, a number of the "Stone ginger" followers favour his chances on account of n fine effort manipulated on the Blaenrhondda Road some time ago. We have no hesitation in his being placed in the first three. LATEST FROM THE COURSE. All the stables have been unusually active during the Last day or two and all the horses havo been sent on their spin. "Crotyn" and Blaenrhondda Roamer' appear to be doing the most exercise, though "Ex-Guardian" is very consistent. The other two are held to be fit enough without excessive training. Speculation is indeed rife as to the probable results. The latest betting is 6 to 4 on ''Young Gloran" (laid and offered), evens against "Tynewydd Grey" (offered and taken), 3 to 1 against "Crotyn," 4 to 1 against "Blaen- rhondda Roamer, 4 to 1 against "Ex-Guard- ian." We fear that the money is being extra- vagantly laid Ion "'Young Gloran," but we Anticipate his .victory; probably first horse hom. "Crotyn" may advance before the event comes off, but the other two "Ex- Guardian and Blaenrhondda Roamer" will run a tight race. "Tynewydd Grey" is hardly as much in demand as usual, but may come in second leaving the other three to fight for the third place. THE TREORKY ALL AGED STAKES. (For horses of all denominations), the win- ner to hold the plate for three years. Weight fo. age, course 7 furlongs. This promises to be a most interesting race this time, the executive having arranged ai. excellent programme and good sport is as- sured. The course is a bit more reliable than the adjoining one, and those in the runninp wil' have a fine flat piece to travel over. The starting point is fixed at the branch of the I Rijiondda School Board fixed at Ynyswen, and then on a straight run down as far as the Square, up to the hilly summits of Cwmfardd the stronghold of "Oceandom," and down as far as the "Cory-dom" incline at Tynybedw. This is a thoroughly good course, and though there are fresh arrivals 1:1 the field, each horse has 'had an opportunity of testing his equilibrium in the several directions. The number of entries are five— two of which are aged, while the others are new aspirants for honours. There is a little tribulation due to the appearance of a "dark horse," and the cempetent declare that some penalty should be imposed-in any case the animal in question has earned it. The reports from the training quarters are in some respect bright, but stricter attention and preparation will have to be entailed or the favour, tes may find them- selves in a "ditch." There appears to be no entrance fee for this race, and the entrants are not restricted to any specified limit, but the present actions of some of the "horses" will not exact the admiration of their would- be followers. The following are the probable starters, and a short account of their past performances and present doings is appended —o— "Bill Burnyeat" enters the field with strong claims for high honours. A well tried horse, having had experience in previous contests. Through his signal success in the last mce, he has been instrumental in retaining for his owners a large sum of money, and for his credentials in this department deserves further support. He was entered for the ace by two .able representatives in "Daronwy" and "Rees y doctor," and is r-ure of enthusiastic support from the Abergorchv. Tattersal and Independia, not forgetting the influence cf "The Co-op," all of which are prepared to lay long Us on his triumphant return. This hcrse has a fine record to boast of, having the magnanimous number of wins of 75 out of 80 premier races, and 155 out of 191 minor n ents. He has had a few splendid trials during the last week, ani on Friday a large and Surprising number of followers congre- gated to e him "doing a mile" in fine style. He is bold and fearless, and though presumab- Iy many obstacles are paced in his way lie will evidently surmount them all. and prebnb- ):. secure the first prize. It is evident that "Bill Burnyeat" has bcm stripped a little bu too early by his enthusiastic supporters, and in consequence has had to be confined to his stable for a few days with a "bad cough," but hopes are entertained that he will renew training at an early date. One of his sup- porters "Richard y gwitwar" has perchance beer a little over-anxious for he suffers from something resembling a *black eye." Long odds are being universally laid en "Bill," who is expected to come in first by a "neck" or a neau. It is mainly through the actions of this horse that the executive decided to aug- ment- the number of races from five to ten. --0- "Ty mawr" is an old and experienced horse. He comes from the famous "Ocean" stables, which have produced several promising racers mawr" has won this stakes on several previous occasions. Was sent away for a sojourn to an embracing air last week, but returned showing every readiness for the frav. Is universally popular, and the mighty foam of '"Oceandom is expect ~d to carry-liim through nice-ay. His chief backers are the onco- ClIOWlJcd "Comic Cuts." and "Twin Twice." but has a host of other admirers. "The Long One" and "Jaw Jaw" are expected to tender him evrry help in h;s preliminary canters, while the expert jockey "Featherweight, with his numerous advantages and previous experience is depended upon to do justice on this occasion. While numerous obstacles are to be contended with, and when the obstruc- tion of some of the other horses arc taken to the consideration, still this horse will probably run a magnificent race. He displays :1 unusual liking for the dominions of Cwmpark where he is held in high esteem. Round th.' precincts of the "Institute he also dees glor- ious work, and the commemoration of his stirviee" presents another appreciable claim which should not readily be forgotten. Has won several. yaIuable prizes in the past, and has thoroughly satisfied his owners and admirers. At present holds the "School Board Plate." and administers justice to all. Dis. plays u'aeasiness, always reliable. His trainers never find difficulty wi;h him. Will run a close race with "Bill Burnyeat." and it is a difficult thing to chose the winner. -c- "Classical jc-hn." one of the eleventh hour arrivals, is another dark gelding, displaying unusual activity. By way cf compensation over his defeat in a similar race out of the district- two years ago, his owners urge his claims for the -stakes in question. Having been bred on a collier's hearth, his tendencies to serve the I'workman'" are unhesitatingly strong. He is desirious of training on dry and -reliable ground and depreciates floods and muddy byeways. Appears to have a per- feet knowledge of the deficiencies of the course, and kicks dangerously at its deplorable state. Drinks nothing stronger than "water. Has had a splendid training and should never be found wanting when required to furmount all obstacles and clear every hurdle. Very popular with the Noddfa gallery crowd, which he never fails to accomodate. Always takes a leading part in the crusade against the brew- ery dray, and shies terribly at the latter. His backers, including "Sol Doh," "Johnny Shop," "Dai Sam," "and "Bachelor Bowen, are confident of the chances of their representa- tive and leave no stone unturned to secure his victory. Several close quarters are expected, and the struggle may ensue in the "back- street" where the? dangerous rival swaggers. This horse does not show temper, but withal is very zealous in his work. "Classical John" in his gallops. indicates that, be is quite as good as the other horses at even weights. Obviously this horse means danger, for he is a good stayer. Will fight hard for third place. -}- "Dai Stag," or equally as well-known under the nomenclature "Quaker Oats," is another fine horse, which enters the arena for the firsc time. His owners were doubtful whether lie would be in condition for the event, but ulti- mately decided to run the risk, which is now r giving way to hope. An aged horse who has had many opportunities of testing the course. For backers he will rely mostly on "Phil y shop" and "Jacob y gof," and from various quarters will undoubtedly draw support. Shows a disposition to disregard all opposition, bu' needs a lot of coaching to get him into order. Bred in the locality, this horse cost a lot to his creditors during the recent strike, when he took such an active part in the dis- tribution of the famous "pea soup." This is calculated, however, to improve his chances, which otherwise would be remote. "Dai Stag" was greatly inconvenienced last week in his training work, but through and through, did useful work. His chief canters were through Cwmpark where 'he is held to be powerful, and a couple of "rehearsals" held in that favourite spot is calculated to prove invaluable to him. This horse. on some of his form, would be difficult to beat, but his chances in the future, when he has a little more sun on his back should be indeed rosy. Still we anticipate great things from him.. -0-- "Boycotted Collier" appears before the public for the first time in this race meeting, though having previously had experience in tought lights for the "Guardians Plate," for which he has now no liking. He is en- tered in the race in question as the represen- tative of the "Soup Kitchen Relief Committee." and on such credentials boasts of a splendid excuse and chance. Has in time past run under a great misnomer. He appears to be in a frisky condition—probably due to the course of diet received at the hands of his owners. He will require a great deal of fast ing to counteract his superfluity. This horse has a somewhat suspicious tendency to "kick. and one or two of his rivals are reported to bo suffering from. the effects of same. In his past career under judicious guidance, has demonstrated a partial liking for the duties of "Pregethwr Cynorthwyol," and has a par- ticular regard for the "72th" expression. His training in the present race has been varied and abundant. The "Heol Cefn" finds his best support, and being the only horse from that quarter convinces his owners of the desirability cf decent reals and perfect light to perform his preliminary canters, which are not of a- very promising character. He is inclined to show a little tempc- and in his gallops has to be fairly driven up to his bridle. He shows aversions for pub'jr demonstrations and prefers a quiet canter in a -rcluded spot, which runs answer his purpose. This horse has changed hands since the list rarc. and run! un,-er new colours. vlr Federation ,string prominent. "Printer" I i, fct-staVer, or been forsaken, and "Calon" and "Pae.Coeh" are his foremost backers while the 'ry-.i 1" is expected to turn the scales jockey. Tin's dark horse is regarded as th< most tlnnperous outsider. LATEST INTELLIGENCE. "Ty Mawr" is now blossoming forth in grim earnest, and is progressing favourably, and is advancing in the market with Lis work. Shares with "Billy Burnyeat" as being the most formidable candidates in the field. It will be the race of races between "Classical i ohn," "Dai Stag." and "Boycotted Collier." It is r.ic-L-t uiincuit, to predict 11-e success of either. The betting at present is 2 to 1 on I "Billy Burnyeat (readily given and taken), even? on "Ty Mawr" (willingly g; 3 to 1 against "C!as>ioal Jcim." 3 to 1 against "Boy- cotted Collier." 4 u; 1 against "lIai Stag." In venturing a fcreca-t we leave "Ty Mawr" and "Billy Burnyeat" to fight for first place supremacy, the odds slightly in iavour cf the latter. TIll for the regaining place, we cannot to give any def.nit-3 assistance. The "Collier" may come in hap-hazard, but we think the real fight may between "Cl<r.ssi01I John" and "Dai Stag." THE 8 WARD GREAT RACE. At the request of several of the spoi ting and other fraternity at Porth. we have dispatched cv Perth Correspondent upon a voyage -f discovery. Our contemporary has :->tied its usual list, and latest calender, but opinion varies very 111:1eh upon the ss of thè betting. Our Ccrrespondent was cut early on Monday and Tuesday morning, a' witnessed several trials, some upon the Tar,, while the others preferred their work upon the Cymmer and Nytb Bran Heath. The morning air was most bracy. and for being about, made things pleasant for our reporter, who says that the market has been forestalled by means of tho incorrigible tout, who lias made an -rreparabla mistake in the work done by some of the can- didates. Therefore, the latest betting will be cautiously watched by the public. —o— Xo. 1. Now Director. Dark Bey.—Favourit- ism must be awarded to this sterling sen of Cymmer. This well knov.-n performer has been over the course several times t he has been highly trained for this event, but cur Cor- respondent ays if bs trilÍner gave him more striding galle-ps from Cymmer to Alter, h would benefit him very much, as he is rattier on the bi; side. He will be ridden every inch of the ground, an.1 we may safely say that the race is over as far as we can glean. He will, undoubtedly be brought back to the paddock (with unassuming pride) with the blue ribbon of this important event. Betting. 9 to 4 on. 2, Brigade.—A dark chestnut of immense and powerful limbs; his front quarters most splendidly developed. He is a young horse, recently transferred from the Curragh, the home of all the good chasers. He has a. splen. did trainer in Bushy Hare, who considers him a most improving candidate, and one that will render a great account of himself on the event- ful day. He is stabled in splendid quarters at Cymmer Villa, behind which is a large piece of ground most suitable for the searching pre- paration that will be required. This colt is most gentle, and of unassuming manners, and carries his head quite erect. He will be ridden by the Baker Boy, who, with his pluck and in- domitable courage, will be very near the mark on Monday next. One of our touts says that defeat is impossible, as staying powers is his great forte. At Coveit Garden he is well- known for his great dash and speed. Betting 7 to 4 on. ——^ — No. 3, Brandy Hot.—A young, but propor- tionate (bay), stabled at the back of the Bri- tannia. Inn, in full view of the Llwynycelyn Chaff Room. A quiet and resourceful oolt. This will be his first appearance in public, and it is hoped that he will brush up and take to the severe task of training, which will be in the hands of Shopman. Our Correspondent is rather afraid that the patience of the train, er will give way, but he must persevere, and not let his candidate run loose as the Express Bicycle did. Brandy Hot ha.s a host of warm supporters, who anticipate that his weight alone wiU carry him to the front. Our Cor- respondent's advice is that his trainer should give him a few private gallops on the Nyth Bran Heath, and afterwards bring him out to face the public. Betting, 5 to 4. —o— No. 4. Water Cart.—A steel grey, aged, This horse derives his name through the pro- menading of the Y.L.B. cart on every rainy day. This sterling son of Sionees has had a large and varied experience of this particular course, but somehow or other, his rider cannot even get him into a prominent position in any race. His connections, perhaps, have some- thing to do with it. The candidate eannot undertake to be responsible for his teetotal trainer and rider.. Our reporter quotes a race even last week at Turst Park, where a slug- gish and a bad performer (so-called) came out wonderfully well by his trainer dosing him with S.W. Water Cart has had plenty of supporters, who declare tliat he will be in at the finish. They even say that he will cause a lot of trouble even to New Director. Betting, evens. T


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