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lo. 2. Ward. To the Editor. Sir,—Mr E. P. Davies, one of the candidates is very fond of telling tHe public that he has suffered in consequence of his "fighting for the rights of the working men." This is a grey- headed old yarn trotted out on every occa- sion when votes are required. Now, would Mr Davies kindly inform us where, when, and the circumstances under which he "suffered." No shilly-shallying will do, but proofs and facts must be produced. Perhaps we may ba allowed to suggest that the boof is on the other leg-that he profited by leaving the pick and shovel, as the follow- ing will prove:-)ifr Davies is secretary to two Perfect Thrift Societies. His duties are to attend two nights a week (one night for each society) between the hours of 7 and 9, to re- ceive the members' subscriptions, and for these four hours a week he receives the handsome sum of about £100 a year, or about JE1 18s for half a turn a week! How many of us, work- ing men, earn 3s for half a turn's hard work? Again, Mr Davies boasts of a wonderful re- cord on the Board of Guardians. The clever- est bit of work he performed while on that Board was undoubtedly the wirepulling neces- sary to secure the election of his own son to a post which it afterwards transpired they had no right to do, and consequently E.P.'s own son had to give up the post after only occu- pying it for about a month. Oh! for just a little consistency.—I am, etc.. CARDI 0 GOLIER.

Tonypaqdy and Trealaw Election.





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