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Ho. 8. Ward.

No. 9. Ward.


No. 9. Ward. To the Editor. Sir,—Will you allow me to take exception to some of your remarks re the representation of this Ward on the District Council. I quite agree with you about the capacity of Mr Miles, but I deny the truth of your statement when you charge Tylorstown with being over-grasp- ing. Are you aware that Tylorstown is the predominant partner in this Ward? Besides, as we had succeeded, after a good deal of pres- sing, to get Alderman Mathias to stand, we felt that, the expert knowledge and unrivalled experience, of that gentleman would be suffici- ent for a dozen district Councils. In order, therefore, to have an ideal representation, it was only right to get the other two from the tradesmen and working class elements. The voting power of Tylorstown and Pontygwaith, which acted jointly in selecting Messrs Smith and Rees, is 1,000 strong. The voting power of Ynyshir and Wattstown is about 600. I think that gives' the proportion of two for Tylorstown and Pontygwaith and one for Ynyshir and Wattstown. There was no per- sonal antagonism to Mr Miles, who is deserv- edly popular and represented by all. I thank you, Sir, in anticipation for allowing me to make the protest, as I fcel sure you like to be fair to all. Both Mr Smith and Mr Rees will do well.—I am. etc., ELECTOR. -0-- To the Editor. Sir,—Allow me to express- my thanks for your outspoken remarks re the withdrawal ot Mr Miles. It is, as yen say, a distinct loss to the Council. The gentleman referred to is eminently capable both as a speaker and de- bater to fill the role of Councillor with credit to himself and honour to the Ward. It was, of course, understood, that Mr Mathias inten- ded withdrawing, but I hear that so manj pressing representations were made to the re- pected Alderman not only from this Ward. but from, all other wards, that he was at last prevailed upon to consent to his nomination. To have Mr Miles with such a veteran, and Mr Smith, Tylorstown, would, as you very aptly put it. make the representation an ideal one. Thanking you in anticipation for allowing me to give expression to these views.—I am. etc., RATEPAYER.

lo. 2. Ward.

Tonypaqdy and Trealaw Election.





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