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Ho. 8. Ward.

No. 9. Ward.

lo. 2. Ward.

Tonypaqdy and Trealaw Election.





. Rhondda District Council…


(Continued from previous page). in the face of "Observer's" statement, makes all the difference. Next in his cowardly pro- gramme is the statement that "Mr Brooks would sell both parlies, for his own political advantage." This is easily refuted by remind- ing the public of his conduct at each General Election, when he has always been one of thb firs:, to don the Liberal colours, and by a free use of his time and other means at his dispo- sal, has brought more voters to the poll than anyone else in the district. This was espe- cially noticeable when Mr Jackson opposed Mr A. Thomas. Mr Jackson being an Irishman, and Nationalist, one might reasonably have ex- pected Mr Brooks would have helped him, but notwithstanding the fact that pressure was brought to bear upon him to support his cuun- tryman or remain neutral, he absolutely refused to" do so. simply because. Mr Jackson was c. Conservative; and though they held most things in common, Mr Brooks did not hesitate 1' conduct himself throughout the campaign as a consistent Liberal of the flr3'. order, plac- ing principle before person, and clearness of action before sentiment. Of his fitness for the-restrict Council I will nL say anything here: this will be fully dealt WJth at the public meetings, when ample op- portunity will be given to "Observer" to re- state before an intelligent audience what he has written in secret, swayed by the evil of Iits own companionship. In conclusion. as be. seems troubled, if he will take of self-import- ance, one part; thought for others, two parts; equal parts of common-sense and justice, an unlimited quantity of truth and charity, mixed well, and thickened with bonds of brotherhood. and take a large dose every time lie feels those malicious spasms coming on, he will find his moral. political, and public constitution speedi- Iv toned and renovated. Then when "Obser- et" is observing in order to make observations, h" will be sure that his observations are strict- Iv what he has been observing, and make it no longer nceessary to place '"Observer" under observation.—I am, etc., JAMES BAKER. 61, Hannah Street, Portli. March 14-th, 1899.