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Rhondda District Council Election. I THE "OBSERVER" UNDER OBSER- VATION. To the Editor. Sir,-Your correspondent, "Observer," hav- ing failed to attract any reply to his batch of innuendos, published in your issue of February 25th, has now in your last issue, become less cautious, and has displayed his weakness of character, by allowing his utter meanness to overcome his embryo judgment, as proved by his attacking personalities and institutions under the shadow guise of a nom-de-plume. Had he shown ordinary ability in making out a case,, it would have warranted the assump- tion that he had been briefed to puff three candidates at the expense of the fourth, whereas he .has only displayed spleen and pre- judice, unmitigated by a single redeeming fea- ture. I shall not attempt, Sir, to participate in hi j mud-throwing pastime, it being unworthy beyond degree, and willingly grant him his monopoly. "A great pity that contentious feelings should be generated in the Ward," says this paragon of "Observers," but a greater pity. Sir, that he should be the instigator of the same. Were it not that the public have a right to know the truth it would be wise to treat his virulence, with silent contempt. A lie that is half a truth, is ever the blackest of lies; a lie that is all a lie can be met and fought outright; but this half-truth, half-lie, is a harder matter to fight. As far as the Liberal Association is concerned, the question of candidates hid not been discussed, until it was ascertained, by actual deputation, that the past member was going to "come out against all comers." The public will note that this wa, before, not after, the rames of Messrs Brooks and Pewell had been submitted, which (Continued next page).