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. Aber Ward Election


Aber Ward Election To the Editor. Sir,-I feel justified in replying to the letter written by "Justice" in your issue of the 11th mst., if only to maintain the interests of the "favoured few" who, I predicted would contest the Ward. It would have been a pleasure fot me to do so had "Justice" "t.ten in plain every.day language; but T tho i 60 affected bv l<1;ei*°Sicrous ejaculations" of his letter ..j* "ustlce" wi;1 not deny me a few of his J nquistic quotations" in reply. Does he seek .Aistlce when he„proclaims the dection gentlemen who have r.o wish to be nominated alone contest a seat? Is it "Justice" to ones peace of mind to find such scratch phmscs as "preposterous ejaculations" grating on one's auditory and ccuMr nerves? Is it "Justice" to himself to spend an hour at a modem Dictionary looking for torturing epi- thets to suit the orgies of his mighty mind? Lastly. doss he do himself "justice" in think- ing those candidates who have entered the field as anything but "aspirants." Yes, Sir, "As- pirants" they undoubtedly are, but as I pre- viously stated, aspirants who are not too timid to withstand the test of a District Council election. But whence came this supernatural being residing at Senghenith who claims "jus- tice" on behalf of Mr Morgan and Mr 1. J. Thomas? Is he a voter; a stroller in decora- ted pantaloons, or a gravedigger? No-one would sooner assist in the election of the gentlemen above-named than myself, were they nominated. As it is, "Justice" can ill afford his valuable time in publishing his opinion of every next-dcor neighbour,, which has no re- lation to the election whatever. "Justice" can rest contented that he is the wisest—in Seng- henitli, at any rate, for after setting forth the excellent qualities of two gentlemen this week (with which I thoroughly agree) we may ex- pect him to produce another two the following week, and so on, although the nomination day is past since the 9th inst. "Preposterous ejaculations!" How that haunts me. It visits till candidates in their nocturnal canvassing visits, and wakes up the owls and vampires of electioneering to a sense of duty never before known. I ain certainly open to correction re my remarks on the Council election, but please Mr "Justice," do not use those brain-tongue- anct-ear-raekers in your future correspond- ence. A few drachms of "laughing'' gas" can bo cheaply obtained at Senghenith, but let ns tuckle to seriously and choose the fittest three to represent the ward, without squandering time and other things over wrangling in dic- tionary terms. Messrs D. Thomas and R. Lougher are again facing three new fielders, whose qualifications are all excellent. Tho fight has suddenly blazened forth, and now bids fair to equal any for years past, although a week ago it seemed likely that an election would be avoided. Mr Evans is the only direct representative of Aber, the remaining four being confined to the upper village. Besides the three above-named, Messrs John Lewis, builder, and Eleazar Lewis,, builder (brothers), ar gallantly to the front, and as the former represents the Conservative party and the lat- ter is nominated by the Liberal Association, it is expected that both will succeed in gaining a seat on the Council. TVfr Lougher is a mem- ber of the Liberal Association also, and will undoubtedly take some beating after the gal- lant fight he made last year. His qualifications are afcove reproach, and it is believed he will receive a triumphant return on the 27th. Five candidates for three seats looks as if the con- test will be as keen as possible, and then it is considered that the five candidates are men worthy of a seat on the Council,, it will be no dishonour to the two that fail to reach the standard of inclusion. Mr Howells has row been definitely nominated for the Town Ward, although he would have fought for Aber had Mr Evans decided not, to contest the seat. It is very probable that Mr Howells will oust even tlir oldest member from Caerphilly from his usual place on the foiling roll, for great are the expectations of his adherents from top to bottom of the town. Mr Howells gives forth his views re "Consecration" in as fair terms as possible, and deserves special praise for the manner he has drafted his reply to the ques- tions issued on the matter. We understand that Mr Evans, Aber, pledges himself to defend the rights of denominationalism as against en- crcachments by the Church through the bishops Such men deserve the support of the electorate and we trust that a "true" return will be made cf those who are earnestly following the prin- ciples of ri6eralism in both Wards.—I am, dtc.. ABER CORRESPONDENT. (The writer must remember the rule of the Press-to write on one side of his foolscap sheet only.—Ed.).

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