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Treorky and District Cycling Club. ANNUAL DINNER. The doings of the Treorky and District Cycling Club since its formation have been watched with great interest, and with the increasing craze for the wheeling pursuit we cannot refiain from complimenting the club on the good work done since its formation. It is the pioneer club of the district, and carried on in an energetic manner despite all opposition. It has an influential list of mem- bers whose enieavour it is to conduct the club in a healthy and invigorating tone. Nor have they failed in their object, for the condition of the club is [now of a most healthy standard. On Thursday, the annual dinner was held at the Pencelli Hotel, Treorky, where a large and representative gathering assembled to do justice to the excellent repast so magnificently prepared by host and hostess Mr and Mrs Jenkins. The past-prandial proceedings, which were of a most entertaining nature, were presided over by Mr W. H. Owen. The following was the programme carried out in order named Song, "When on the far atlantic wave," Mr Ben Hopkins Gramapbone solo, "Kaiser's March"; Song, "In Old Madrid," Mr T. P. Jenkins toast of "JThe Queen," proposed by Mr J. Ashley and en thusiastically drunk; comic aong, "Blowing 'em out," Mr J. Phillips, which was encored and responded to with I live underneath"; gramaphone solo, Laughing Son- 11 and U Off to Philadelphia Song, Bugail Abergwm," Mr D. Evans comic, Sister Mary wants to know," Miss Beatie Griffiths" encore song, Buy me some almond rock comic song, "Slap Daf,"I Mr J. Griffiths, again encored, Could'nt help it"; toast of the "Visitors," proposed by Mr G. Ithel Thomas, responded to by Mr W. Thomas song, Mother on the Beach," Mr Ben fiopkins comic song, Out Lodser's such a nice young man," Messrs Byan Griffiths and Jenkins; toast, "The Cyclinr Club," proposed in splendid style by the Chairman, and responded to by the captain. Mr Dd. J. Ryan topical verses, Mr G. Ithel Thomas Comic, Mr D. Jeremiah, My Girl, f or which he was encored, Hungry from Dowlais" being rendered humorous recitation. "Sally's Lament." Mr E. P. Pryce; toast, "Host and Hostess," proposed by Mr D. Thomas aDd responded to by Mr T. P. Jenkins. The anini of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau brought to an end a mqst successful and enjoyable evening. The arrangements were veiy satisfactory, aDd credit is due to the officials including Mr E. J. Pryce, secretary; Mr T. P. Jenkins, treasurer; Mr D. J. Ryan, captain; and Mr J. Jones, viee- captain.