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Shocking Accident at Toq.


Shocking Accident at Toq. COLLIER FALLS DOWN THE SHAFT. About 9 o'clctk on Saturday evening ft shocking accident occurred in the Ton Colliery (Ocean), Pentre. It appears that it is the custom on Saturday nights to raise water from the sump, which is the lowest portion of the shaft, and generally contains about 9 or 10 yards of the water which issues out of the sideS of the pit. As soon as the iron tank containing several tons of water had been brought up to the surface a workman named Edward Jones. 34 years of age, who was thoroughly exper- ienced in the work, was, it is surmised, i. the act of opening the tap to let the water out, when somehow he missed his footing or his foot slipped, causing him to fall down the pit, which is 500 yards in depth. He was not seen to fall by any one, and it was after inquiries and a search had been made that it was conjectured that the poor fellow had fallen down the shaft. The hitcher at the landing, which is a wooden structure at the opening to an upper seam in the same shaft, heard a thud. Believing that something had fallen down from the surface, he signalled to the banksman. Men were let down to the bottom, and the body was discovered in fearfully mutilated condition. The deceased had been employed at the colliery under the company for 20 years, and mostly at the bottom of the shaft or about the pit. He was unmarried and a native of Llanidloes, North Wales. His body was brought to the surface in about an hour after the accident and conveyed to his lodgings in Queen-street, Ton, Pentre. THE INQUEST. On Tuesday afternooH Mr Rhys (coroner) held an inquest at the Ton Library, Pentre, on the body of Edward Junes (45), unmarried, who lodged at 25, Queen-street, Ton, and was killed on Saturday evening by falling down the upcast shaft of the Ton Colliery, which is about 500 yards deep. Jonathan Jones, mechanic at the pit, said that after tije accident he found the cage containing the water tank, which had been raised from the sump, was up in its right place. There was about a foot of water in it. The tank was when properly fixed held in its place by two straps, one at each end at the bottom, but one of them was unfastened, and conse- quently when the tank was lowered into the water at the bottom of the pit it tilted, causing the lever used for letting out the water to get out of place. Deceased was responsible for the fastening of the straps. The tank having been raised to the surface, deceased, owiug to the displacement of the lever, would have had to get upon the fencing to replace the lever before he could let out the water, and in doing so he must have slipped from the top of the cage and fallen into the shaft. Isaac Pate, fan engine- man at the colliery, said deceased was appar- ently quite sober at the time. Mr ny. r Lewis, Inspector of Mines, and Mr Edwards, manager of the colliery, produced plans cf the pit. A verdict of Accidental death was returned.

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