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PONTYPRIDD. X JOHN EVANS & CO., DRAPERS <& SILK MERCERS' will make a SPECIAL SHOW OF NEW GOODS FOR EARLY SPRING ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, MARCH 29, 1899. THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN 0RESS MATERIALS, MILLINERY, MANTLES, JACKETS COSTUMES, BLOUZES, SKIRTS, & FEATHER BOAS. -= =- ALL DEPARTMENTS WELL STOCKED WITH NEW GOODS FOR THE SPRING SEASON! DRESSMAKING UNDER COMPETENT Management- 4652 WHOLESOME NATURAL DIET. BROWN BREAD OF EXCEUT QUALTTY As made from REYNOLDS' Noted Pure WHEAT MEAL Choicest cereal products of the Globe used in the manufacture of this meal. Made only by d) Reynolds & CO., lVIillers, Cloucester. Sold by all Flour Merchants and Bakers in flouth Wales. Ask for REYNOLDS Pure WHEAT MEAL and note the name as above. FOR OUR FLOUR BRANDS SEE NEXT WEEK'S ADVERTISEMENT. 4518 THE PORTII COTTAGE HOSPITAL EISTEDDFOD (SEMI-NATIONAL- Vide Press) Will bo held ON WHIT-MONDAY AND TUESDAY, 1899. Adjudicators-.—L. C. VENABLES, Esq.. London; R. C. JENKINS. Esq., Llanelly Rev. E. GURNOS JONES, Pyk Mr Evan Evans, Hafod. CHIEF CHORAL—"BE NOT AFRAID" (from Elijah). First Prize, £ 60; Second do., CIO. SECOND cnORAL—"TEYRNASOEDD Y DDAEAR" (Lloyd)- First Prize, £ 20; Second £ 5. 19ALE VOICE COMPETITION—" DESTRUCTION OF GAZA" (De-Rille). First Prize-£3Q; Second do.. LIO. JUVENILE CHOIR COMPETITlON-" GWISG DY GLKDDYF (0. Edwards) First Prize, £ 7; Second, f3. BRASS BAND COMPETITION-" AT,RILA" (Wright & Round). First Prize, £ 18 Second, Z8; Third, £4. Marching Contest Open Selection, £ 2 2s. Grand Frizes also given for Vocal, Harp, Violin Solos, &c., &c., &C. A handsome volume of Oratorio Music will be presented to every Conductor of Choirs that compet e, oa condition that the entry is received on or before the 1st April, 1899. Programmes, ld per post, from Jones & Jones, W. L. Jones, D. Williams, Hannah Street, Porth. EDGAR THOMAS, Green Hill, Porth, Assistant Secretary. 4653 B. WILLIAMS, General Secretary. THE CHIEF COMPETITIONS AT THE TONYPANDY CROWN EISTEDDFOD On EASTER MONDAY AND TUESDAY, 1899. Proceeds to the Mid-Rhondda Cottage Hospital and the Tonypandy and Trealaw Public Library. CONDUCTOR TOM JOHN, ESQ., LLWYNYPIA. Adjudicator oi Chorals and Pianoforte Solos, W. G. McN AUGHT, Esq Mus. Doc., F.R.A.M. Adjudicator of Preliminaries and Finals in Solos. Duets, and Trios, IVOR FOSTER, Esq., ENh,bitioner E.C -At., Gold Medallist. Adjudicator of Literary Competitions. Kev. B. D. JOHNS (Periander), Clydach Vale. Adjudicator of lirass and Drum & Fife Bands, J. ORD HUMK, Esq., Pine Grove, Fleet, Hants. Arcou;panists, Messrs. D. LLOYD, Tonypandy, and J. LLEWELYN, Penygraig, Chief Choral Competition—" Be not Afraid (from Elijah). First Priz*, £ 60 & a GOLD CROWN • Second Prize, £ 20. Minimum number of voices, 100 maximum, 150. Second Choral C()pftitio-" Clychau" (Gitilym Givent). First prize, £ 20 second prize, S5. Minimum ;)0, maximum 70. Chief Male "Voice Competition—" Night and Day (Dard). First Prize, £30; second prize, £10. Minimum GO. maximum 80. Second Mile Voice Competition—"The Little Church" (Becker). First prize, £ 50; second prize, X5. Minimum 40, maximum 60. Ladies CI oral Competition—(a) You stole my Love (Macfarren) (b) G venith Gwyn (D. Evans). First prize, R12; second prize, X3. Minimum 30, maximum 40. Juvenile CloIllpetition-" Cyssegriad" (Tom P¡'ice.). For S.C. under 16 years; no Bass allowed. First priz", X7; second prize, JE3. Minimum 30, maximum 50. Brass Band Contest (Section A)—"Verdi (Wright 0/ Round). First prize, JE16 second prize, JE9; third prize, £ 4 fourth prize. JE3. Brass Band Cot)test (Section B)—" Gems of Modern Melody (Wright$Round). First prize, JEIO: second prize, £ 6 third prize. £ 3. Drum and Fife Band Contest—" 11 Trovatore (Wright Round). First Prize. f7 second, £ 3. Valuable extra prizes givpn to Conductors. Grand prizes for musical compositions, solos, duois, trios; violin, pianoforte, and other solos. Programmes, containing all information, post free for 2d. from the 4536 Secretary-G. EVANS, Eisteddfod Office, TONYPANDY. C TWIE MARK 0 0 R R tTA t ES t F DEht STANDARDS TEN GUINEAS. 1f.IIC. SPECIALS FIFTEEN GUINEAS. Pri^L^rfe:oi°°pHcatTouY" I i MORRIS BROTHERS, CYCLE WORKS. PONTYPRIDD, LPnce List hrt-t ON HI I T T|Mothy & .Sqn. TON-PENTRE. RHONDQA VALLEY. SPECIAL FAST TRAINS Are run on all Railways of the World, and every person who travels shpuld hold a WHOU: LIFE AND WORLD WIDE POLICY IN THE General Accident Assurance Corporation, Limited, TOfAL ASSETS, OVER £ 240,000 A SINGLE PREMIUM OF £10 ASSURES £ 2,500 in case of Death. 15250 per annum for Life in case of Permanent Incapacity. £ 5 per week for Temporary Incapacity. And applies to Ordinary, Und. Elcctric, Ziqht and Overhead Railways, and Steam, Electric, Cable and Horse Tramway Cars. Half above Benefits for ft. and any increased amount up to £ 10,000 with £ 1,000 per annum at propor- tionate rates. 8iir LIBERAL COMMISSION TO AGENTS. Write for Prospectus tc QUAY ST. CHAMBERS. ST. MARY STREET, 2879 CARDIFF. NEW TOWN HALL, PONTYPRIDD AN EISTEDDFOD will b* held on EASTER MONDAY. 1899, (Proceeds towards the Unitarian Church Funds). President :-Lowis M. Williams, Esq., Aberdare. A^ RIorj?an Morgan, Esq. Accompanist:—Mrs John Lewis, L.R.A.M. Adjudicators :— Music; Frederic Griffith, Esq F.R.A.M. Literature Brynfab, and Joseph David, Esq. To commence at 11 a.m. sharp. Chief Choral Competition.—For a minimum of 40 voices. "Dyddiau Dyn sydd fel glaa- welltyn," prize £ 6, and a portrait to the successful conductor, value JEl Is. Male Voice Competition.—.—Not under 25 in number, "Codwn Hwyl," prize £ 2. Childrens' Choir.—Sankey's Peace be still," prize £2.. Soprano, Tenor, Contralto. Baritone, and Pianoforte Solos. Particulars and Programmes post free for I id. of the Secretary:—Mr D. Davies, 22, Davies Street, Coedpenmaen, Pnntvprid. In the evening a GRAND CONCERT will be held. Artistes include Mr Frederic Griffith, F.R.A.M., flautist; and Miss Llewela Davies, A.R.A.M. See future announcement. 4596





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