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MOUNTAIN ASH DISTRICT COUNCIL. The fortnightly meeting of the above Council was held at the Town Hall Chambers, Mountain Ash, on Tuesday last, under the pre- sidency of Mr John Powell. Other members present were Messrs Morgan Morgan, David Rogers, F. N. Gray, J. F. Williams, William Evans, Thomas Bevan, Thomas Edmunds, W. Phillips, William Lewis, Evan Jones, Evan Morgan, Rees Price, J. James, together with the Surveyor, clerk, and deputy-clerk. ABERCYNON SEWERAGE. The Council resolved to accept the settle- ment with Mr Vaughan Lee for the purchase of Cwm Farm, Abercynon, for sewerage pur- poses, for the sum of £ 4,000. The seal of the Council was afterwards affixed to the deed. LIGHTING INSPECTORS. Inspector David was appointed as Lighting Inspector for Mountain Ash at £ 3 15s per an- num, subject to the approval of the Chief Con- stablei. Sergeant Boyer, Penrhiwceiber, was also appointed as Lighting Inspector for Pm rhiwceiber, at a salary of 21 5s per annum. MISKIN ROAD IMPROVEMENT. A letter wa;s received from Father O'Reilly, in which he stated that the Trustees of the Mountain Ash Catholic property had had un- deT consideration the Council's letter of the 13th inst., and he was directed to state that while they still thought that the sum which they asked for the sale of their interest in the land required by the Council was not exorbi- tant, in order to facilitate the carrying out of the much needed improvement of Miskin road, they were willing to accept the sum of P,60 offered by the Committe2 provided that Lord Aberdare's consent be obtained, and that a wall or fence sufficient to protect their (the. trustees') properly, be erected. The Council resolved to adopt the Committee's report, and the Surveyor recommended that they suggest to Father O'Reilly that the fence be an 1111- climable one four feet high. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. 1. Extenrion of Water and Gas Main.—The work of extending your water main and gas J Main in the County Road, Abercynon, is pro- ceeding. The Glamorganshire Canal Company were good enough to allow that section of their canal to be temporarily emptied, and thus the work was greatly facilitated. II. Sewage.—The obstruction in your Cwm- pennar sewer has been removed, and the free interruption of free discharge has ceased. III. Infectious Diseases Hospital.—Herewith you have drawings showing additions, con- sisting of bathrooms, which I understand you propose submitting to the County Council !or their approval. IV. New Buildings.—Drawings of the fol- lowing have been deposited for your approval: (a) One house in Margaret Street, Abercynou, for Mr D. E. Thomas; (b) Alterations and additions to three houses in High Street, Yn- ysybwl, for Mr William Lewis; (c) Houses m A bercynon Road, for Mr G. Morgan; (d) Hotel on side of highway in Ynysmeurig Estate for Mr Edgar Treharne; (e) Additions to houses in Quarry Road, Penrhiwceiber, for Mr Evan Davies; (f), Two houses in Vaughan Terrace for Mr Evan Davies; (g), Additions to No. 3, Knight street, for Mr Seth Smith; (h), Add;- tions to No. 60, Rheola street, for Mr E. T. Williams; (i) House in Jones street, Tyrar- lwyd, for Mr Thomas Davies. Drawings b c, e, f, and h are in order. Drawings a block plan not sufficient, and bye-laws Nos. 10, 17, 63, and 65, are not complied with. (d) These drawings comply with your bye-laws, but they show connections to the Joint Sewer Carrier. It. hak been pointed out to the own- [ ers' architect that you have no authority to sanction this arrangement, and he has written on one of the documents submitted, that the drainage shown is subject to this qualification. Under circumstances I knew of no reason for refusing to approve, (g) Bye-law No. 54 is not strictly complied with, there being only a width of 13 ft. 6 inches left at rear of build- ing for five feet of its lateral extension. The 1 bye-law requires 15 feet in this case. (i) Bye- laws Nos. 17, &4, 63, and 68, are not complied with, and the building is proposed to be built on part of the cpen space reserved for an ex- 4. isting building. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Dr E. P. Evans, J.P., the Medical Officer, reported the following cases of infectious di- seases having been reported during the past fortnight: Scarlet fever, one case from 39, Park Street, Abercynon; enteric fever one case from Seymour street; diphtheria, one case from 80, New Road, Ynysybwl. With re- gard to the two eases of puerperal fever, whicä I reported at vull" last meeting, I find that each of the rmdwive* have attended confine ments before and afterwards, and there fam, been no sign of an epidemic. The cause of this fever is difticU]t to account for, but at any time when w number of cases occur I order the midwife to be susjiended for a time.