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Sl'FI'EKERS from Nervous Debility, Physical Kxiiaustion in Men, also loss of Vital Power.—Writ« to G. HOKTON, M.P.S. (from the tiirniingliam General Hospital), 68, Aston Road, North, Birmingham. State your case ully, replies sent free. 4567 CONSUMPTION. Consumption is Ceiussd! ConsisinnpiioH is generally, by having too little blood. Thin, g by increasing the blood supplv and making it- bloodless, anemic people lack power of resistance. <|f richer, so that it may feed and fortify the They catch cold easily, get a coogfc, and cannot weakened lungs, throw of? the distressing cough" throw it off. Thon the lungs give way and they || put an end to the debilitating night sweats. < L05 i or-z Brood. ar¡d laalie New Blood. Dr. 1.¥illiaxns' Fink Fills for Fale People make new blood with every dose. Consumption may go so far as to be incurable. Quacks who pretend to eyre eveg-y case are unworthy of con- fidence: and Substitutes never cutled Consumption or anything else; but msny esses have been cnnrscl by DR. %V!LLIAr^35 RsfMK PILLS, of which the 1 < following are selected from numerous examaies. UNDOUBTED CONSUMPTION CURED. Night Sweats, the most certain symptom of Consumption, had already commenced. Patient saved by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. [Front the Glamorgan Free Press.] Mr. John Holland, of 25, William-street Ciifynydd, near Pontypridd, Wales, was brought back to health aud vigour under difficult circumstances. An athletic broad- shouldered man, standing six feet in his socks, • 31 V-'Ci'VvSS i K fyy | Mr. Holland is twenty-six years of age and single. Two years ago he was attacked by influenza, and from that time his experience' was one of great suffering. For eighteen months he was too ill to do any work. His disease was undoubtedly Consumption, brought on by an attack of Influenza. "I felt so weak," he said, "that life seemed a burden to me. As I lay in bed I perspired so freely that the bed and bed-clothes were wring- ing wet. The doctor had a very poor opinion of my case, as I was at a dangerous age for Consumption. I became gradually weaker and thinner, until I could scarcely drag one foot before the other. Consumption came on. It was while I was in this state, having lost all hope of recovery, that someone suggested to me the use cf Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and before I bad taken all the first box I began to feel better. Now, after taking two or three boxes, I feel as strong and healthy as ever I did in my life. In fact I do not wish to have better health than I now enjoy. I attribute my recovery solely to Dr. Williams' Pink Fills. I took no end of ordinary medicine, without getting any better; but directly I took some of these pills I felt myeelf gradually getting stronger." — ♦ CONSUMPTION IN HER FAMILY. A Hereditary Consumptive Cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. [From the Darwen News.] Mrs. Rcsanna Dardis is twenty-eight years of age, and resides at 35, Nelson-street, Darwen, with her husband and two children. I must first of all tell you," said Mrs. Dardis to a reporter of the Darwen News, "that several members of our family have died of Con- sumption. My mother, a brother, and a sister, were all taken off by that disease, the last to die being my sister, who died a little over two years ago. Directly after my sister's death my turn seemed to have come>. Gradually my appetite left me, and my strength failed. This steady decline went on for six months. I am a weaver, and I had to leave my work. for I was beginning to feel that I couldn't last much longer. I had wasted away to skin and bone, and another sister of mine had to do my house- work for me. At the end of the six months I could scarcely walk, and at intervals I had Rpent two or three days at a time in bed. Ac- companying my helpless state of weakness was an incessant, racking cough, which shook me terribly." "A doctor whom I consulted told ma he could do me no good, so I had given myelf up, and my friends, I too, thought I was "rapidly fellowing my sister's fate. That has turned out to bo an unwise prognosticaiion, for when, at last I had become so weak that I could with difficulty !,{pt, about. a friend of mine tdd me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. I told her that I was tired of trying things how- ever, when my husband came home I suggested the matter to him, and lie went out and bought two boxes of the pills. Wall, after I had taken half a box I felt better already, and when I had taken three boxes I actually went back to the I mill. "My fellow-workers never thought I should go there again, but when i did, I felt as though I could cry with joy. I keptoa taking the pills, aud altogether I rook five boxes." Mrs. Dardis did not now show any signs of fol- lowing in the footsteps of her sister. Consumption, although hereditary, in her case has been cured. ♦ A LADY DECLARED DYING OF CONSUMPTION. Cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. "om the Sheffield Independent.] I am thirty-four years old." said Mrs. Barnett, of 18, Kirig-street, Masbro', near Sheffield, to a reporter on the staff of the Sheffield Weekly Independent, during a conversa- tion, and at the time [ was married, some □ B I fifteen years ago, enjoyed good health. After the birth of my second child, nine years ago, however, my health began to fail. My appetite fell away, and so did my flesh, and I lost strength and energy as well. I grew steadily worse every month. In vain I tried many of the remedies advertised, then my condition grew so alarming that I called in a doctor, who said I was in Consumption. He gave me medicine, but I failed to derive apparent benefit, and saw two other doctors, They told me that the only thing that could do me good would be a long rest. My husband sent me away to the country, but I grew worse and worse. I felt sure, and so did all my friends, that my end was near, and I believe, if I had not found a remedy very shortly after this, I should have been in my grave to-day I was a mass of skin and bone. I could eat nothing but what I forced down, and I could tell that my food was doing me no good. For some months I could not raise a hand in the matter of house- work, and to mak,- matters worse, neuralgia nearly every night would not allow me to get a minute's sleep." To what do you ascribe your cure ? I was certainly cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. After giving up all other remedies as a bad job, 1 tried the pills as a last resort, and began to feel better immediately. A sister at Hull told me how a similar case to mine was cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I thought I was past all cure, but my husband urged me to buy some, and give them a fair trial. I therefore bought a box. The effect was extraordinary. I told my husband I believed I was getting better, but he could hardly credit it. i continued using the pills, reeovered my health like magic, and you cannot, unless you have been afflicted as I have, imagine the delightful sensation of fueling well again after nine years of unbroken sickness. tyi as Rfrors<r and (1." well as I was when I was first married." Tiius, where t'1rr" doctors pronounced Mrs Barnett dying of consumption. Dr. Williams' t'iuk Piiis have saved her life, permanently cured her. U INCIPIENT CONSUMPTION," WAS THE VEJRDICT OF TWO DOCTORS. But Dr. Williams' Pi ok Pills Effected the Cre. [From the I-IUwfirth Express.] At Hade Edge, Eolmfirth, near Huddersfield, stands a clump of cottages known as Flowery Field. A Holmjh-th Kvpress reporter found there Mr Eli Smith, a locomotive driver, and his son Fred, a boy 0, fifteen years. Fred had beem an ailing child binc," he was eighteen months old a doctor saw the boy when the parents resided at Burnley, and said he feared consump- v X | iV/y tion. After the Smiths removed to Holmfirth another doctor was called in to attend the boy and he confirmed the opinion of his brother medical man: naturally the parents were alarmed. They determined to do all possible for their son, and their attention being drawn by a newspaper article to the manv effected by Dr. William's Pink Pill8 for p,je People, they accordingly purchased a supply The pills were administered regularly, and an improvement was gradually observed. The parents became convinced that this was the one remedy that would" build up" their boy's health, for whereas, formerly, the boy'S heart seemed to heave at the sight of his food and drops of perspiration would appear on his cheek, now this is changed, and the lad can appreciate good food. The left lung affection that the doctor spoke of now gives tho boy no. trouble, and the delicate invalid is eivin* nlar« to a sturdy youth. The father spoke highly of the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co. in courteously giving advice by post, and said in return the Company were at liberty to publish the above particulars, as the boy was" steadily gaining health, strength, and weight, and the great benefit lie had received they attributed scle!y to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills." They said they had been encouraged by hearing the much-talked-of cure effected by the pills in the case or a farmer's daughter at Holmfirth, who now enjoys the pink of health Mr George Craven (a friend of Mr Smith) said I have known the boy two vara and could not but notice the change for the better m his appearance. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are not like other medicine, and their effects are permanent. They act directly cn the blood, and thus it is that they are so famous for the cure not only of consumption buc also of acn mia, rtieurnatism, paralysis, and St Vitus' Dance. They are now obtainable of all chemists, and from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company. 46, Holborn- viaduct, London, at 2s. 9d. a box, or six boxes for las. 9d, but are genuine only with full name, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale people..