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Ystrad Rhondda. The annual soiree under the auspices of the Gelli School teachers was held on Thursday. The dance musio was provided on the piano- forte by Mr D. Lloyd, M.I.S.M., Tonypandy, while the M.C. was Mr E. Treharne. About 150 couples were present. The secretary was Miss Chillington, Ton. who canied out the business on popular lines. A sumptuous re- past had been provided, and served by Mrs Collier, Pentre, The Pentre Detachment of Rifle Volunteers, together with the Cyclists and Fire Brigade, attended divine worship at St. Stephen's Church, Ystrad Rhondda, on Sunday morn- ing at 11 a.m. The Rev T. H. Williams dis- coursed most eloquently from the words of the text. "Behold your king," which was much appreciated and tentatively listened to oy the crowded congregation. The first and second lessons were read by Mr Ball, Ystrad, while the intonation of the service was taken by Mr Phillip Davies (Penoerdd), Sherwood, Llwynypia, Mr George May presiding at the organ. Appropriate hymns were also sung to the acoompaniment of the Volunteer Band, under the leadership of Bandmaster Blaem. The anniversary meetings in connection with Horeb Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, Ystrad.Rhon- dda, were held on Sunday and Monday. The Rev Thomas Jones, Pontypridd, and Rev Dd. Morgan, Ystalyfera, officiated. There were crowded eongregations at all the services. The offertories were devoted towards the church funds. The Rev H. Williams. L.D., curate-in- charge of St. Stephen's Church, Ystrad Rhon- dda, has received and accepted the living of Anglesey, North Wales. The rev. gentleman has been a curate in the Parish of Ystrady- rodwg for a period of 18 years under the genial Vicar, the Rev Precentor William Lewis, Rural Dean. He has gained for himself a large circle of friends, who deeply regrets his re- moval from the locality. The Rev Mr Williams is to be congratulated on the promotion he has attained, and his numerous friends wish him every success in his new shpere of labour. He will leave shortly after Easter. A highly successful children's concert was held at Nebo Welsh Baptist Chapel, Ystrad Rhondda, on Thursday and Saturday evening. The pastor, Rev A. Williams, and members worshipping at Nebo, are very persevering in their efforts to get the debt on their chapel liquidated, and are worthy of every commenda- tier from all for their strenuous efforts towards such a noble cause. For some time previous to the concert, the conductor, Mr Top Thomas (Urban District Council, Pentre) to- gether with Mrs M. A. Griffiths, and Mish Price, assisted by a few other friends had been working most assiduously towards making the venture a success by carefully training the children, who numbered between two or three hundred, in Mr J. D. Maddock's can- tata, entitled, "The Holday Concert." The success of a former cantata, which was ren- dered in the same place of worship last year, had evidently kindled high expectations in the minds of a musical loving public, as was evinced by the large crowds that poured into the chapel both on Thursday and Saturday nighf,, the number being so large that many h:d to stand throughout the performance fcund it impossible to obtain even standing room. Consequently, owing to the several ticket holders being unable to obtain admis- sion, a tird performance was given on Man- du night. The three respective chairman, Mr G. H. Smith, Maindy Hall, Ton, Pentre; Mr Davies, manager, Bodringallt (who kindly pre- sided in the unavoidable absence of Dr Thomas Uysygraig), and Mr Evan Morgan, Ystrad Rbondda, declared the performances to have been splendid-a declaration that found con- firmative expression from the vast audiences who attended to witness them. Prior to the performance of the cantata the, audience each evening were entertained by choruses, dia- logues, musical, scarf, and ring drills,, songs, etc., rendered most effectively by sections of the choir-Master Walter Leyshon, Miss Mar- ion Llewelyn, Miss Gwen Griffiths, Misses Gelli and Jones, and parties of small boys and girls. The dialogue by Master Leyshon and Miss Llewelyn; recitation on "Temper- ence" by six little girls, and also the duet by Master A. Jones and Miss M. A. Jonas, crea- ad quite a stream of applause; as also did Master Morgan Llewelyn, Shady Road Bakery it, his recitation of "IUJ Collier,"and last, but by no means least, "The Quack Doctor, bv Master Bob Jenkins. w¡"" y- ^xiuwictiin^ dices of good oetween layers of genuine wit and humour as to the merits of his marvellous wares found very willing customers indeed. We must heartily congratulate the committee, and especially the indefatigable treasurer and sec- retary, Messrs Evan Llewelyn and Augustus Rees respectively; Mr Thomas, the conductor, Mr Da.n 4Trwards, lwlio did duty as stage manager; the trainers of those who appeared in character, and also Messrs Evan J. Evans, Edgar Evans, Misses Elsbeth Thomas, and Jessie Llewelyn, who divided the task of ac- companying on the organ and pianoforte re- spectively, together with Mr David W. Evans as violinist, as wet as the pastor and church upon their exceptional success- Evidently, there is in this congregation genius and life, and they deserved the patronage extended to them. The different characters were taken up as follows: "Fairy Content," Miss Jessie Hobbs; "Goodwill," Miss Mary Jones; "Fun,' Miss M. Llewelyn, "Cheery Tommy," Master Idria Evans; "Flower Girl," Miss Gwen Grif- fiths; "Areher," Master Aneurin C. Jones; "Fish Lassie," Miss Sarah J. Hughes; "Cap- tain," Masler Thomas A. Jones; "The Old Woman who lived in her Shoe," Miss M. Mor- gans- "Tom Tickletooth," Master J. T. Crocker; "Servant Maid," Miss Winnie Jeu 1, "Fruit Girl." Miss M. A. Jones; "News -,J-' Boy," Master Victor Royall, together with the Middy and Jack Tars. A special feature of the cantata was the performance of the 'Old Woman" by Miss Morgan, who really deserve to be congratulated for the dramatic manner in which it was contributed. Riding on the see-saw and. the distribution of sweet ftowen was a very pretfy contribution. We Should not forget to mention, too, the contribution by the two little bo, Masters Eddie and Tommy Llewelyn, and their wooden horses, of "Come along, my Gee-gee." Full justice was also Hone by the Jack Tars, and the manipu- tation of the instruments under their charge wm well worthy of eulogistic mention. ine other items were all extremely good and well- received. The choir rendered the chorus in splendid style, the intonation of the children being remarkable. We congratulate the com doctor for bis untiring patience in the train- ing of woh young children. A substantial sum is expected to be realised in aid of the chrarf* funds. Votfifcf of thanks Saving been pa**1. » pleasant evening terminated with the singing of "Ben ww. fy Nhadau."

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