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Description of Rhondda Wards.


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_£' Ua!1bra.d_cll A very interesting n--eti <:r was hed at the Wingfield Hotel on Mort'^y evening, when Mr Morgan Edwards, JsrdJoru of the same hotel, was presented a beautifully- illuminated addiess. Mr i Williams occupied the chair. A full port of the meef.ijjg will appear nex". u-tv k. On TueiJay evening a literary and musical entertainment was given at Moriah Calvinistio Methooist Chapel, under the presidency of tiuQ Rev T. Jones Davies pastor of the church. A very interesting programme was got up, and the reciters and singers did tiieir work admir- ably. ihe dialogues were of an interesting character, and well worked out. Songs by Messrs Rebecca Jones, May Rees, Blodwen Rees, Bronwen J. Thoiiits. and Miss Lewis, Messrs W. Evans, Thomas Davies, Johnny Rees; duet, Miss Lewis and Mr T. Davies. A party of children, under the baton of Mr $- Thomas, rendered the "A.B.C." with telling; effect. Recitations by Misa Martha. Rees, Messrs Dan Davies, T. M. James, E. James,. David Rees; dialogues, "Rhanu'r Deisen," T. M James, Rebecca Jones, M. A. James; "Y Clerk Gonest," Messrs Evans aild Davies; "Mae pobpeth er daioni," Messrs D. Davies, Evan Davies, Thomas Williams, Robert Evans, T. M. James, Edward James, Messrs GwladyS Rees and Blodwen Rees. A test piece for reading at first sight was given; 10 or 12 entered the contest. Mr Thomas Davies was declared the winner. Finale, "Hen Wlad fy Nlrndau. The Tabernacle Welsh Congregational Church of the above place had a monster tea. and entertainment at the Fublic Hall on the monthly holiday, which is still kept in this district. The female members of the church moved and organised in this matter, and the credit for this grand tea and entertainment is dui to them entirely, and we must state that everything proved an undoubted success. In the evening, a splendid musical treat was given, Dr J. P. T. Burke occupying the chair. Pianist, Mr Tom Wigley, Senghenydd. Re- citations were given by Messrs Tydfil Davies, Dorothy Itathews, and May Hopkins. Songs, duets, etc., by Misses Blodwen Rees, Llanbra- dach; Gwen Jones (Vochriw), Cardiff College, M. J. Bowen, Llanbradach; Messrs J. Prut, Rhys Williams, William Evans. J. Williams Merthyr; Phillip Skym, Morgan Lewis, W. G. Davies, Llanbradach. After the usual vote9 01' thanks to the chairman, the pianist and others who had rendered valuable assistance to make the entertainment so interesting, the meeting was brought to a close by singing "Hen Wlad" fy Nhadau."

- Penrhiwceiber.




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