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RHONDDA. List of Withdrawals. CONTESTS IN SIX WARDS. Tuesday was the day for receiving withdraw- als of candidates for the forthcoming Council election, and the following withdrew their can- didature. -:>- Ward No. 2, Rev W. Charles and Mr George Edwards. -0- Ward No. 3, Mr E. H. Davies, J.P., Dr E. Hughes, Ton; and Mr D. S. Thomas, The Btazaar. Ward No. 6, Mr Tom Evans, checkweigher; Mr Tom Evans, manager. Ward No. 9, Mr James Miles. -0- Ward No. 10, Rev Charles Evans, Mr Walter Jones, surveyor. -0- With Ward No. 7, where only three candL dates were nominated, this leaves four wardlO without an election, and contests will there fore be fought out in Wards No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8. The outlook augurs spirited and close fights, and during the next few days, the vari 011.3 localities will be in a turmoil regarding the contests. There are a superfluous number of candidates left, the No. 1 Ward having five to fight for supremacy, Ward No. 2 five, Ward No. 3, the absurd number of 9: Ward No. 4, 4; Ward No. 5, 4; and Ward No. 8, 4. In the three upper wards there will be surely most interesting fights, and in the fact that such a number of candidates are let to run the race, speculation is indeed rife, as To the pro- bable members. -()- WARD NO. 1. In this Ward five were nominated, and the five remain to contest for three seats. Two of the candidates are old members, i.e., Mr W. Morgan, Tynewydd, and Mr Morgan Llewelyn. The other three aspirants are well-known in the neighbourhood, and there appears a diver- sity of opinion as to who will dr I 'hem- ves ousted. The Ward has been divided into five polling districts, the one named Blaencwm, which extends as far as the Tre- herb-rt gates, and the other Treherbert cover- ing the remainder of the Ward down to Ynys- wen Schools. --0- Mr Morgan Llewelyn and Mr W. Morgan are old and tried "fighters." They have re. presented their district for some time, Mr Morgan claiming longer service than any public mra. We shall not comment upon their merits this week. but confine ourselves to the other three aspirants. Mr Evan Watkins. known in musical circles as "the Crotyn," comes out in this role for the first time, though he has been enr" .:I in manv enuallv momentous struggles, only in nnother direction, when he so succe.«sfullv led the once renowned BVencwm Cho;r to lrnnr a notable victor-. He ha-s lived in the Ward for a period of 21 years, durin'" which time he hn.s served 11 s as an underground work- man, tncl thus eliiiq the support and the sym- rwthv oF the workin? man. He advoent-os pugc-ested altcmfions in this immediate "inii:v, pTirl suggests severnl advantageous eh;r^c< Like "11 oth"r candidate he is dr- e'eeted. Like oH other enndidotes h^ is dr- "•"ont of nrneta'isinc strict economv vith th" r^f-mrer-' moT-ey. lmt fhic piio-it done vritbon- eflSetenev. Mr W",Jldn, ic: r.-e \triP7 an 1'I1VII.1C: and is nlrendr P, ii riT), fho district. TTo eviflpnfl- seems popular.and stands a splendid ckanee of success. Mr John David, the representative from the remote part of lilaenrnondda, is another new no" comer entirely, for he has not contested any •similar elections. BUL he is not without his qualifications, for during his long stay in the neighbourhood he has witnessed its develop- ment, and knows its requirements. He will no doubt obtain much support from Blaenrhon- ddn, where he is widely known and popular. Mr David, it appears, is a strong :>■!v >■• i"e of b Temperance cause, and the Gcod Templars throughout the, Ward appear 10 Lave pfedeed th?m<?elves to secure his return. He will unloubtedly make a good fight. Mr W. Jeffreys is the other candidate. We all know Mr Jeffreys as an experienced mar,. for he represented his district for a very long reriod on the Board of Guarians, until the last election. Mr Jeffrevs has had a wide experience in parochial affairs, and has acted also in the capacity of overseer for the parish fo- Tn2tiiv years. He has not previously con- tested the District Council election, but pos- f'n[>"i"'T1'A of bcin a tried stayer on t""tp.1. th District Council election, but is well known throughout the Ward, and should cer- tainly run a close race. Election contest is not an unknown quantity in Treherbert for many a hard and valiant struggle has been fought within its bounds on many an occasion. But tne approaching elec- tion promises to produce an unparelleled struggle, for each candidate is widely known and extremely popular. The fact that three candidates for honour are placed so near each other in the upper part of the Ward may give the remaining two. an outside chance, but we should not like to venture on a forecast just now. Meetings in support of the various can- didates are being incessantly called, and early next week will see things in really working order. Efforts were made to avoid a contest bI inducing two of the candidates to withdraw, but the inew aspirants were so determined that the struggle will be fought out to the bitter end. WARD NO. 2. Similarly to the adjacent ■Vst'irr., the voters of Ward No. 2 have five candidates at their disposal for three seats. Here again, it was thought that a struggle would surely be avoi- ded. But only two ot -his seven nominators ded. But only two of the seven nominated having withdrawn, i.e.. the Rev W: Charles and Mr George Edwards, five candidates will enter the arena. The re-uivision of the Ward and the polling places has culminated in Tre- orky proper, from the Ynvswen Schools down to the Tynybedw Bridge, including Cwmnark, constitutinsr a Ward of its own. and it cannot be gainsaid that the said alterations has proved a boon to tlieMistrict, and will give the electo- rate a distinct chance of re-i-?alin? the popular and desired candidates of the district. There are five strong candidates, all of whom can claim sympathy from some direction or other. We would urge the electors to five every con- sideration to fl), merits and standard of the resreatiTe canfir^a.tff? r»r.-«rouc to thei final is^ue. Thf* majoritv of the p/hlresses -,trp noiv Issued, and by such means the electorate will be afforded a clearer chance of r"f1erti, and iudrrinir upon the intertio is of tho would-he members. WARD NO. 3. Out of the twelve candidates nominated in Ihe above ward three Imve withdrawn, viz., Messrs E. H. Davies. J.P., Edward Hughes, M.D., and D. S. Thomas, The Bazaar, thus leaving the preposterous number of nine can. dictates to fight for supremacy for three seats. Singularly all the aspirants are entirely strang- cr., to election turmoil with one exception. The redivision of the Wards lends additional inter- est io the forthcoming contest, and the signi- ficant fact that not a single old member seeks re-election probably accounts for the superflu- ous number of contestants. Evidently, from the great preparations which are taking place there are prospects of a 1ceenand spirited con- test. Several of the candidates have already issued their addresses, and the district is being thoroughly canvassed. From the various pro- mises and policies which are Min"- submitted the electorate are given an appropriate oppor- tunity of judging the merits and abilities of the respective candidates previous to recording their votes. --0- Coming to tho candidates, we find that al- most each section of the community has a re- presentative. and that all are extremely popu lar within their own sphere. Mr Thomas Da- vies, Windsor Hotel, is a widely known in- dividual. and enjoys a fair amount of popu- larity throughout the Ward.Ho is an old resi- •rlent in the district, ana can iustlv claim to know its requirements. Mr Thomas Realty, draper, is an unknown quantity in the cistric but is considered to have strong claims. Mr D. W. Jones, solicilor, is another strong candidate, and the active part which he has taken in the recent labour disputes in the dis- trict will probably merit i he support of the workin classes, and the fact that he has of late taken a keen interest in all affairs of pub- lic interest, should certainly be taken into con- sideration. Mr Edward Jones, Librarian is a candidate who possesses undoubted abilities. Coming from the working class, he has every confidence in appealing to them for their suffrages. It -s highly probable that he will enter the arena as a la.bour candidate, and will probably receive his support from that quarter. --0- Mr David Morgan. builder, on merit, can certainly claim to have a 'J;) in matte-s appertaining to ihe bu^ncSo tra sacted bthe Council, and his professional duties should enable him to serve the ratepay- ers to t11 best advantage. -0-- Mr David Morgan, -rocer, with practically no past recommendations in his favour, may still cause a great deal of trouble. He is well known in the neighbour hood, and in placing his services at the disposal of the electors claims to have a sincere attachment for the progress and welfare of the district. .r- Mr Richard Morris (Coffee) is so well-known that comment is hardly necessary. He has in the past repeatedly sought the suffrage oi the electorate on numerous occasions, and hIS qualifications are widely known, and need no repetition. --0- Mr James Rees, ironmonger, is another old inhabitant of the district, and one °f thcheavi- est ratepayers in the Ward. Up sent he has taken an interest in pub, c. but has not been afforded an eppor nnty oi testing his abilities. Should he ho elected he would undoubtedly prove himself a va u^b.e member, and his business capacities would avail him in financial and other matters. -0-- Mr D. L. Treharne, solicitor, bids fair to become a dangerous competitor. His claims arc also so strong as to unhesitatingly demand universal support. His abilitv is beyond^ pute, and he should certainly prove one o, the most capable to further the interests of t e Ward. --0-- No. 4 WARD. Ystrad and Heolfacli will provide a good fight. There are four candidates for the three seats- two of them. Mr Wight and Dr. Ihomaf, are old members, and few, we think, will grudge them the merit mark of efficient service. We have watched Mr Wight s careEf on the Council with close interest. His action has always been that of the practical experienced man. His suggestion on the boring alone is worthy of the hearty continuous support of the electorate. His failure to return, we unbesi- tatingly say, would be a distinct loss to the skilled experience on the Council, and we trust therefore, there will be no doubt as to his success at the poll. Because we believe rfcat a few medical men are inchspetisible on the District Council, we also heartily op" for the return of Dr. Thomas. The last District Council hardly reached the appre ciation of the Medical Officer's Report on several occasions and we noted with interest the ynipathetic action of Dr. Thomas, who knew through hIS professional knowledge how inimical to the comnon good of a heuhhy state, was this lack of appreciation. 1 lie District Council must understand the funda- mental truth that "life is more valuable ti-nn property and Dr. Thomas 15 one that w ill rub this solemn fact into it. The return of tlie "Doctor" for the sake of this supremely essential matter must be made certiiin. the third seat must go to Mr Thomas Thomas, grocer, or Mr Evan Morgan. The latter gentle man is a voung man of winning ways, and through service as an artizan, a foundation of experience to the duties, but btill we thuik that as a popular choice he will not titand comparable to Mr Thomas Thomas. Forrezis-ti, well known in Heolfacli this gentleman is very popular. His line of conduct has always been consistent with the great truths of the great book he loves. He has a firmness of character combined with a warm sympathy which makes him a very much liked man all round. And for these reasons we think ho will win the seat. -0- NO. 5 WARD. Llwynypia and Clydach Vale Ward will have the benefit cf an election. It is not saying too much to place the responsibility of a contcsfc upon Mr Thomas Evans, Bush He tel. He has a perfect right to invite the veto of the Ward upon his claims and popularity. Still, it must be admitted by his most anient admir- ers that the public meeting which was held some weeks ago to select three candidates gave a vote which was unmistakably a very averse one to his aspirations.Mr D. Jones, builder, at that meeting stood a good fourth, and recognised tlIP4- Mr Jones wps by no candidate witTiout strong claims. iiiaenely-L ach, as the centre of the Ward, was, however, already represented by Mr Rhvs Griffiths—tiie chairman of the Council—and doubtless the. recognition of tfce service rendered by him weighed the decision of Mr Jones to withdraw from the contest. In this way. he deserves the hearty appreciation of the ratepayers cf the Ward by saving it, what appears to all 1 reasonable people, an unnecessary expense. It is a pity that Mr Evans, the Bush Hotel, could not reduce himself to the same frame of mind, and the resentment of a large number of people must fall upon him for causing an elec- tion. It is clear to us that his motive of at- tack is the displacing of Mr Griffiths. And why? is the question generally asked. It is a case of Blaenclydach being a divided coun- try. At Clydach Vale, the top part of the Valley, Mr Evan Williams is the selected can- didate. and no influence which Mr Evans can command will shake him in the least. He will enter the poll with a strong backing, and that important part of the Ward deserves a repre- sentation, and will get it there is not the least dcubt. Again, the lower end—the Llwynypia area—is equally entitled to a representatives, and in Mr Oilmour it has fixed upon a man that knows the work thoroughly. This cannot be denied, and we do not think Mr Evans would, for a moment, though not wanting in self-confidence renerallv. claim that he was a better qualified candidate than the Llwynypia nominee. It is srratifvincr also to know that the people of this pirfc of the Ward are one in belief, that in Mr Oilmour they possess a can- didate that will, if successful, be an acquisition to the District Council. If. is indeed patent to all this Ward that Mr Thomas Evans' per- sistenco to stand is unfortunate in the ex- treme. If the Blaenclvdach old member were fI, weak 0"0 and VioTnn? in experience, we i -ni-hf, rHn0 tho opr.r¡o,itifl011 he receives from his noiwlihour. But ju^ed point by point, disnite Mr Evans' selfC0nfiilent t>.olief. Mr Rhys Grif- (lih" has infinitely ihe better re 1":1 d fapne'^v and exr°ri'"nce a* a Didrid Ounci?- W. Thi-j, ve will he the verdict of the electorate '1ho. --<>- Fo. 6 WARD. Tnnypardy and Trealaw, or rather we should say by the light of this elect i oti-'I'rfa It w snd Tonypandy Ward, will, after all the pre- liminary skirmishes, hftve no elections. On Monday it was Lombard street to a China orange that we were going to witness in this ward a real good tussle. The upsiiot of the fintl meeting held was that Messrs J. I), Williams, Tom Evans (check-weigher), and, John Williams (agent), all of Trealaw, were the selected candidates. Mr D. Williams, tlie old and tried memb-r, lost by one vote, and thereby 1-ffc Toilyp^ndy totally unrepresented. The meeting, it was urged, was not the most systematically conducted, the distribution of the voting papers, anCl the title of some of the voters were more or less unsatisfactory. This caused discontent at Tonypandy, tTxl par- ticularly it was made intolerant because of the ous'ing of Mr Dd. Williams. We cannot, therefore, seriously cond -nin the subsequent attitude of Tonypindv in taking independent action to .secure a representa:ive. It was felt that its title to < R" representative was fair, just, and reasonable. BLit "it never rains but rcurs," and the meeting, after selecting Mr Dd. Williams, found that Mr Tom Evans, manag-r, was also deterrainKt to stand the election. Thus, as we have already said, things looked promising for a go-id old time, Our columns reveal that disputes had already commenced. Old women and wooden heads were some of the missiles. There is no doubt that the two Evanses who have retired have done so purely and honestly in the interest of peace. They are men who possess excellent recom- mendations, and who would bt> an honour to mendations, and who would be an honour to any electorate. Unfortunately, also, some personal consideration had been infused, and. all in all, Mr Tom Evans, checkweiglier, has shown that lie can suboridnate aspiration to the higher dictates of christian feeling. In Mr Evans, the manager, the ward has a possible future candidate of a strong type, but since his intrusion could possibly be interpreted as antagonism to, Mr D. Williams, who is so universally recognised for the efficiency of his service, he has wisely acted in withdrawing. His time, 'however, must come. He belongs to the hardy lot, and his claims and support which cannot be suppressed. We feel quite confident also that his namesake at Trealaw is a coming He has closely indentified himself with Jocal movements, and is always impulsed by the be,t intentions of promoting the welfare of his fellow workmen. --0-- No. 7 WARD. There is very sound common sense in the Penygraig. W illiamstown and Dinas Ward in leaving the representation by Messrs Lemuel Crrifiitn8, David Rowlands and Dr. Evan Davies uncontested. Tile Doctor will be an expert, as we have already said of Dr. Thomas, in a department which is tuo much outside the sympathy of our Councillors. Indeed, we should like to see very many more medical men on the Council. The health of the district is a concern of CourMiidom above others. It is no matter what roads, &c., &c, we possess if sanitation is neglected. In Mr David Rowlands we find an old resident who has closely studied the affairs of the parish, and has gone ahead with its marvellous progress and developments. As one of our overseers, he has had an insight into the financial department of the Rhondd ts, which will be an experience of inv.tluab-.e service, and we have no) e too many com- petent for the work, and therefore, we h«-arti!y commend Mr Rowlands' seleelioti. In Mr Lemuel Griffiths the Ward has one of the youug bloods of the last District Council, and, previously, we have testified to our apprecia- tion of their services. Mr Griffiths is built on strong lines for close and faithful discharge of a public duty. His energy and persistant appli- cation have prominently been shown in tho improvements witnessed at Dinas, and he well deserves a continuation of office as a District Councillor. --<>- No. 8 WARD. Judging from I lie correspondence column the mental electioneering attitude of Porth is very excited. Of course, no amount of barking from ttie partisans of rivals can displace .Mr T. Griffiths, who has now a record of long service registered in his favour. He represents a large interest and is. furthermore, of a calibre that takes a generous view of the obligations of the Council to the people. He knows his duties and his locality with a command of detail which few, if any, can excel. The first place on the poll will surely be accorded him and all impartial critics will admit that the position he holds to-day in his native place is one that reflects great ability, tact, and other charactertics which go to iiiake up the sum total of a successful man. Any man who starts life at the lowest rung of a colliery lad ler. and steps to its topmost, and st4vs there securely, is a man of capacity, sufficiently superior we believe, to represent this locality on the District Council. --<>- 4fter disposing Mr Griffiths to his right phcA the light will be interesting in this Ward; and the result very problematic. Mr Brooks is without doubt a man of ability. The business of his life demands alertness, quick decisiveness and soundness of judgment which can easily be applied with equal success to the work of District. Council. Mr Powell is a man of rather narrow parochial views yet. In one of his speeches he appeared to us to lack breadth of grasp of the great responsibilities. Fie must remember that social progress is not entirely a, matter of £ s. d. and that the right of the people to live in the best surrounding conditions should have a deeper consideration than is generally given it by the save-mouey-at-any I price latepayer. Mr Powell must expand in his views In many other respects he has good points, but he must rid himself of old fashion notions in order to advance to our ideal of a strong municipal administrator. We know very little about Mr Rees, Britannia, but we venture to say this, that it would be a mistake to allocate all the District Councillors of a ward to one part. It is essential, that if ability of aspirants admit it to distribute them. This is certainly an argument that Mr Rees can use with justice. No. 9 WARD. The lower Ward of Rhondda Fach wi!! have no e,nk-t, We must <-andid!y deplore the t>ct since it is due t"> the withdrawal of tVJri Miles, Wattstown. The Tylorstown division has been over grasping in retaining two. If Mr 8mith was elected its representative, Mr Miles for the centre, with the veteran Mr Mathias for the lower p:u.t of the Ward the representation w{¡u!d be ideal in point of strength and dis- tributive arrangement. We think'the Ward and the Cov.ucil are loser? by tho withdrawal of Ntr 'NIiiel. As a. gentleman (if nn/ouh'el public capacity, we have, few iu the Rhondda* who have better claims to representative authority. Net only is he an admirable speaker, sound and nEnblr. but as a secretary of a large undertaking be has had a preparatory xper- valli(i to latze parochial clut-ie3. But it is not to be. We are glad, however, to find that Alderman Matlnns still gives the parish the advantage of his wide knowledge. He is a man of wider fame than his Ward, and for practical experience he is like Saul, a good shoulder higher than the com- munity generally finds to serve it on its public bodies. -0-- No. 10 WARD. We will finish our prospect with the Ferndale Ward. Mr Morris Morris and Mr DJ. Evans, we are please to note, will have an undisturbed return to the Council, and Ferndale, with com- mendable consideration, will not use its might to deprive Mardy of a representative. We have no doubt that of the two withdrawals that the best possible selection would fall upon Mr Walter Jones, judging, as we do, by the fact that he is a surveyor. The Rev Charles Evans was probably actuated by the hJ-t motive to accept nomination, still it is the opinion of the Free Press" that there is no particular rail for cIel ics on the District Council. Of course every man, cleric or lay is entitled to stand f;,r every Board. We should be sorry to sue.re?t restrictions, but in Mr Morris arid Mr"Daniel Evans, Ferndale commands tw > representatives who hold the essentials of a Christian interpre- tation of the duties ot a public ofhee, even OIl the District Council. Therefore, we are glad that Ferndale fo r once is peacefully and calmly disposed in an election crisis. Wonders never cease. But since it is the case, it is additionally complimentary to the two local members. We congratulate Mr Griffiths, Mardy, upon the facility to enter public; life which lias attended his first attempt. Few are tlitij priveleged. — -»


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