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The Danger after Influenza.…


The Danger after Influenza. The after effects of influenza are often the most serious to the patient. The cough is harassing, and nothing seems to relieve it. The nerves are all unstrung, and there is a general depressed and weakened condition of the whole system. It is in such cases that Angier's Petroleum Emulsion shows its great. est power for good. Antiseptic, soothing, healing, it quickly relieves ths obstinate cough, and heals any inflammation of throat or lungs. It soothes and quiets the nerves, and tones up the whole nervous system. It promotes appetite, aids digestion, and in- creases weight and strength. After influenza pneumonia, pleurisy, or any protracted ill- noss that has left the system in a weakened, roil-down condition, nothing will so quickly and surely heal the diseased tissue, restore the general health, and put renewed life and vigour into the entire system. It is pleasant to take. and reg with the most delicate stcmach. Of all chemists. CAUTION.—Ours is the original Petroleum Emulsion. It is made with a special oil obtained from particular wells and carefully purified by oar own process. Imitations made with ordi- nary petroleum cannot have the same effect. Be rare to get Angier's. A free sample on receipt of 3d. for postage. The Angier Chemical Co.; Ltd., 32, Snow EGO, London, O. 400..


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