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Election Addresses (Continued).


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tyustard and Cress.


tyustard and Cress. » TLis week we have decided to issue a supplement owing to the extraordinary pressure on our space due to the near approach of the elections. Every reader should, therefore, see that he gets, in addition to his "Free Press," a seven column supplement. We are unfortunately compelled to hold over several interesting letters dealing with the elections, together with othr reports. all of which will appear in "The Pontypridd and Rhondda Valleys Weekly Post of Wednesday, the 23rd inst. It is not always safe to talk in parables to the young, as the following School Board story shows. A correspondent from Treorky states that one of his pupils caused him some annoy- ance by uncouthness of speech, dirty boots, and so on, so, sa, s our correspondent, H I drew a verbal portrait for the class of the man who did not shine in the world of polite society. 4 You cannot fail to know him,' said I, 4 for he never cleans his boots, nor washes before meals. He speaks and drinks when his mouth is full, and generally uses his knife in place of his fork.' Gradually the lad whom this story was designed to prnfit showed an awakening interest, and put out his hand to speak. In reply to my query, NVell -I knew him,' said he, He's our lodger. The first number of Messrs. Cassell and Company's ,ew penny weekly journal, "The Gardener," will appear on March 24th, and will include a special department devoted to gardening in the West of England, to which valuable notes will be contributed by corres- pondents exclusively engaged. The promoters of the eisteddfod to be held at the New Town llall, Pontvpridd, on Easter Monday, are to be congratulated for providing at least one competition which will be of interest to the children attending our elementary schools. Two prises are offered for the best compositions (unaided) in the form of a letter describing the locality in wiiich the competitors reside. Parents should endeavour to interest their children in this competition as it will un- doubtedly pr ve beneficial in cultivating in them a taste and a liking for literary work. There will al«o be competitions open tochildien iu recitation and pianoforte playit g. On Saturday night a little girl who had just left the Fire Brigade Bazaar was knocked down by the leading horse (.f a Brewer's dray which was going at a fast rate near the Town Hall, Porth, and had it nl)t been for the presence of mind of Lieutenant Brooks would have been run over by the heavy dray which was loaded with empties. The little girl on being carried home was asked by her mother what had happenned, replied, The gentleman what give me them fishes to bring home when Dada and you was crying 'cos us didn't have any bread and butter pulled me from under the waggon." It appears Lieutenant Brooks gave several large boxes of fish to the Porth relief kitchen to be distributed amongst the poor during the recent strike. Thus the little girl's description of her rescuer. We have received the following marked "Genuine" -A Pontypridd tailor recently sent out a large number of invitations to his friends inviting them to a private smoking concert to be held at his house. The friends assembled in large numbers, but could not understand what occasioned the smoking concert, until the steel bar driver calmly explained that it was 14 the anniversary of the day his wife had left him, and he wished to celebrate the event." And they die An error crept into our report of the Rhondda District Council last week. In the election of the Clerk 6f the Works Mr Edwards' majority over Mr Jones was not 12 but 2. This indicates that the voting was keen, and that unquestion- ably Mr Jones is a coming man in the Rhondda. 44 You can see with half an eye" that FRANK THOMAS (44My Hatter,") sells the best 3/9 Hat. For Dancing and Dress Shoes of all description go to Davies, 44 Free Press Buildings, 23, Taff Street, Pontypridd. 4539 Tea, Tea, Tea.-Wky is T. Harris' Tea like the British Army ? Because it cannot be beaten Try it. 4540

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