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PONTYPRIDD POLICE-COURT. Pontypridd-Wednesday. Before the Stipendiary. Mr Ignatius Wil- lianE. Alderman Richard Lewis, Dr Hunter, and Councillor P. Gowan. Serious charge against a lady publican The adjourned case against Mrs Ann Taylor, landlady of the Red Lion Hotel, Pontypridd, for harbouring prostitution at her premises on the 27th of February again came on for hearing. The case was adjourned last week in order that dates might be supplied to Mr Phillips, the defending solicitor, as to when defendant had been cautioned on different occasions previous to the date of the alleged offence. The Stipendiary observed that at the former hearing P.S. Rees had given evidence as to frequently reprimanding and warnings. P.S. Rees now said that the dates which had been supplied were the 28th of November, 21st January, 4th February, and 27th February. Addressing the Bench Mr Phillips said that prostitutes had a perfect right to go into a public house for the purpose of procuring re- freshments. P.S. Rees had not stated how long the prostitutes had stayed at the Red Lion on the 27th February. It would be for their W< rships to decide what was a reasonable time. There was no evidence that there had 00" habitual resorting. I The Stipendiary said that the Bench were satisfied that the case had been made out, and Aad decided to inflict a fine of E2 and costs. Countryman on the Spree. John Jones, a haulier living at Trealaw,late of Carnarvon, was charged with being drunk and disorderly, and assaulting P.C. Diamond at Taff street, Pontypridd, on Tuesday night last. Evidence was given that prisoner on the night in question asked P.C. Diamond to di- rect him to lodgings at Pontypridd. He was directed, but soon after returned, and behaved in a disorderly manner. He refused to go away, and threatened to do six months for P C. Diamond. A struggle ensued, and pri- soner jumped on the officer's back and kicked him on the leg and forehead. Prisoner admit- ted threatening to punch P.C. Diamond. The Bench thought the case a very serious one, and sentenced prisoner to one month's imprison- ment with hard labour. Burglary at Pontypridd. James Dunford and James Vowes, youths, were committed to the Quarter Sessions upon tnret charges of burglary. The evidence showed that they had broken into shops of Mr Mcrris Malitz, jeweller; Mr Hopkin Morgan, t.-l-er; and into the Market, and stole jewel- lery, sweets, confectionery, and wearing ap- rel. Both had been previously convicted. Dunford of stealing money from his father at Southampton, and the other of stealing iron at Mountain Ash. T.V.R. Engine driver convicted for theft. Mr Ingledew, solicitor, Cardiff, appeared on behalf of the Taff Vale Railway Company to prosecute Joseph McMullan, Pontypridd, an engine-driver for the Taff Vale Railway Com- pany for stealing 1 cwt. of steam coal. the pro- perty of the Taff Vale Railway Company, on the 10th inst. P.C. Walkley gave evidence as to the theft and arrest. Prisoner, when arres- ted, said, "I hope you will "forgive me .and not report the case; I picked the coal up on the down line." Mr James Phillips. wno aefended, told the Bench that prisoner was a thoroughly respec- table man, and had been engaged under the Tu'I Vale Railway Company as engine dri- ver for 25 years. According to his instruction prisoner was under the impression that the coal he had taken belonged to a Mr Lewis Evans, a small coal merchant, for whom he har' on a previous occasion obtained permis- sion to do so if he happened to run short. Prisoner gave evidence on his own behalf, and elected to be deal with summarily. The Stipendiary, in summing up, said the Bench were bound to find him guilty, although it was a very painful duty to convict a man who had been employed under the company so long. A fine of £ 2 was imposed,. with the alternative of a month with hard labour.