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Early Closing Movement at Pontypridd. To the Editor. Sir,—May I crave for a little space in your valuable paper to point out to the shop assis- tants, as a hody, that the Early Closing that we have at the present time is in danger of falling through, unless they arouse themselves to the importance of the Early Closing Move- ment, Perhaps they are not aware that the I^rapers' Association of Pontypridd have passed a resolution that unless we, the mem- bers of the National Union of Shop Assistants. get the tradespeople in the Arcade to close at more reasonable hours, that they will revert back to the old hours of closing, and I say from my heart, God forbid that shall ever ever happen at Pontypridd. Our Union selec- fed delegates at a branch meeting we had, and they duly carried out the instructions of the committee, by canvassing the tradespeople in the Arcade, and the report that the committee received from the delegates was most favour- able, but I am sorry to say that one of those wh 1 promised most faithfully to close were the first to break their promise. Well. now, the question for us is: Are we going to be beaten by this one little firm? Are they to upset all our efforts in our endeavour to maintain the present hours of closing. I think that the assistants in general ought to be more alive to their own interests and attend some of our branch meetings, when circulars are sent to them, and not let the few do all the work. I dare say that if the early movement should happen to fall through, some of our clever brained assistants would ask what have the oflicials of the iiion been doing. I may in- form them at once that they arexdoing their utmost to prevent the closing hours as at pre- sent falling through. And I am sure that they will not relax their efforts one whit if they find that they are supported by the assistants as a body. I think there is to be a demonstra- tion this Friday evening. All assistants who have the movement at heart to meet near the Arcade (Market Square) at 7.4-5 p.m. sharp. Now, I appeal to all assistants to rally around the officials of the Union, and to give them their best support in their endeavours to bet- ter the hours of closing. No more at present. Thanking you in anticipation of your inserting the above,—I am, etc., UNIONIST.




* CaerphilJy- Tuesday