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Hafod Schools Dispute. -


The Scourge of Consumption.…

* A Case of Severe Rheumatism…


A Case of Severe Rheumatism Cured" Influenza was the Primary Trouble. At the village of North Radworthy, near North Molton, Devon, Mr. Thomas Huxtable, wa-s interviewed by a North Devon Herald reporter. "But a "But a short time ago," said Mr. Hux- table, "I could not even dress myself, for about four years ago I had a terrible attack of in, fluenza, and a return attack, j about two years later, j,was followed 'by muscular rheumatism, which gradu- ally grew worse. A doctor at- tended me for eight months. but I gave up taking medicine, as it did not do me good. The muscles of my hands, arms, and chest, grew so bad with rheumatism that I began to think I was completely done for. My wife, however, was reading about the numerous cures effected by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and at last wrote to London for a box. The result was that a ter I had taken three boxes I began to get better, and kept on improving until they complete]; cured me and now I can go about my daily work as well as ever I could, thanks to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, though many of the neighbours thought that I hhoutd never do any more work." Mrs. Huxtable said that she, in common with a neighbour, had also derived considerable benefit from taking the piUs as a cure ior sick headaches.

Pleurisy and Erysipelas Cured.…

« Strickeq with Paralysis.


What Worns?] Suffer. '

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« Strickeq with Paralysis.