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The Scourge of Consumption.…


The Scourge of Consumption. I A Young Life Saved. The following startling history was gleaned by a Tuubridae Wells Advertiser reporter the other day, when he called upon a young lady living on the Buckhurst Park Estate, at Witbyham, Sussex, now the country seat of Eø.rl de la Warr. "My name, she said, "is Leah Stevens, and I have lived in this Park nearly the whole or my lite. My father died of consumption before I was a year old, and it was thought that I would die of the same disease. Since I was twelve years old I have been treated by no less tnan thirteen doctors. At that age I began to look very pale I was told that I was con- sumptive, and as treatment appeared to do me no I got quite downhearted. I was sent to Brighton for a time, but when I returned I became almost helpless. For two years I had to be carried up and downstairs, and if I attempted to walk any distance I fell down, and had to be carried indoors. I tried all sorts of medicines, but got no benefit from them. After s 'ven years' illness, we read of numerous cures by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and mother obtained some for me. On the third day after commencing to take them I could enjoy my meals. At the end of a fortnight the colour returned to my fa(,e, and my hopes rose. At the end of a month I walked four miles to chapel and home, unassisted, for the first time in five years. Altogether I took seven boxes of the pills, and since, I have not had one hour's illness."

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Pleurisy and Erysipelas Cured.…

« Strickeq with Paralysis.


What Worns?] Suffer. '

----_._-.< What they have…


« Strickeq with Paralysis.