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Hafod Schools Dispute. -


Hafod Schools Dispute. At the ordinary monthly meeting- of the Ys- tradyfodwg School Board on Monday, Mr T. Bevan presiding, the Rev W. Morris (vice- chairman) referred to the report of the com- mittee of tho Pontypridd School Board at its last meeting, which appeared in last week's "Free Press." Having read the clauses. Mr Morris denied that the renresentatives of the Ystradyfodwg School Board rejected the terms offered. In the first instance they raised the Pontypridd Board up to £ 250, and in the first place the latter would not entertain the idea, of arrears at all. The Ystradyfodwg represen- tatives told them plainly they accepted clause one, viz., the payment of £250. They also accepted clause two, "that the Pontypridd School Board pay the net cost of mainten- ance to the rates in respect of the Pontypridd children educated at the Hafod schools, and calculated on the average attendance for the year ending May, lg)-9," on the clear under- standing that it would be the net cost of the Hafod schools. Then clause four said "the Rev Lloyd Davies then offered to pay the whole of the arrears claimed by the Ystrady- fodwg Board and rental, in accordance with their first agreement, upon the understanding that the Pontypridd School Board receive ade- quate representation upon the Ystradyfodwg Board." "That," added Mr Morris, "was the first thing they proposed, and we told them distinctly and decisively that the representa- tion question was not to bp entertained, which is one of the four terms here rejected by ws. I wish to state we accepted B250 and cost of maintenance but, we refused to accept £ 25 per annum for rent. We thought it an absurd idea to accept £ 25. We offered therci-tin the firs: instance £ 60, and. of course, we accepted (ho first two on the understanding that they would give us something like adequate rent, but they refused. We came down to JE30, and we thought if we came lower than tbat-" The Chairman: So the difference between them and us was simply £ 5, and if they accep- ted our terms they would crain £75 because our Board receives five shillings ner head soccial grant. Rev W. Morris: At the same time, they arc throwing away f,75 by refusing it. Referring to the Llanwonno and Ystrady- fodwg arbitration proceedings, the vice-chair- man said he was sorry the award of the ar- bitrator was against them, but it seemed they had succeeded in resisting that claim which was £ 3,757. They had reduced it, and thus gained £ 2,166.


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