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RHONDDA SCHOOL BOARD. The ordinary monthly meeting of the Ys- tradyfodwg School Board was held at the Council Offices, Pentre, on Tuesday, Mr T. Bevan presiding. The attendance included Rev W. Morris (vice-chairman). Rev W. Lewis, Rev Thomas Williams, Miss Ada Jones, Messrs W. W. Hood. W. Jenkins, David Williams, Daniel Thomas, D. R. Jones, Rev W. Charles, with the clerk (Mr W. G. Howell), and the deputy-clerk (Mr T. G. Jones). In the report of the Builùing Committee appeared the following paragraphs: — "We have received a communication from the Education Department, recognising the proposed iron building at Cwmclydaeh as pro- viding temporary accommodation for 60 in- fants. We have instructed the architect to gel the required improvements at uie Ystrad Higher Grade School carried out forthwith. The Architect reports: That the new Girls' and Infants' Schools at Trelierbert are inter- nally completed, but that externally there yet remained to be done more work than could possibly be completed by the 9th March un- less the staff of men is increased; that the work at Ton Boys' and Girls' Schools is draw- j ing to a close; that the Infants new Class- room at Tylorstown are having the rocf put 6n, and that the greater part for the founda- tions for Boys' new Classrooms are laid, and a considerable part of the boundary wall built; that his estimate of the cost of re-arranging the Drains at Hafod School, including filling up playground, and increasing height of part of boundary wall, and laying paved footway in front and at side, is £ 190; and that upon visit- ing Blaenllechau School on the 22nd inst. he had observed serno slight indications of fur- ther movements in the building at the Southr Eagt end. The tender of Messrs Charles Jen- kins and Son, Porth, was accepted for corruga- ted iron buildings far Porth Manual Instruction Centre. The price was £ 195 10s, and masonry 8s 6J per cubic yard." The report was adopted. The Finance Committee recommended pay- ments of accounts amounting to £3.807 9s. After that day's payments the general account shewed a credit balance of LI,Gll 9s lid, and the loan account a credit balance of Os 5d. On the motion of Mr Daniel Thomas, the report was adopteu. The Attendance Committee reported that the averngo attendance at the schools during the month ended February 17th was (JO per cent., as compared with 'i5.1 per cent. last month, and 80 per cent. during the correspond- ing month of last year. The School Management Committee in their report stated that they had received a com- munication from the headmaster of Cwm Clyd- ach Boys' School, stating that D. H. Davies, certificated-assistant at tnat school, had left on the 17th February to take up an appoint- ment under another Board. They had also received a letter from Davies on the matter. They "recommended that Davies' salary for February be with-held, and that the Clerk write to him staling that it was with hesitation that they decided not to recommend the Board to report to the Education Department his con- ùuct, in leaving without notice." The report continued: "A deputation from the certifica- ted assistants under the Board, consisting of Messrs J. T. Lewis, Llwynynia Mixed; W. Jones, Gelli Boys'; and J. Howells, Hafod Boys', has this day appeared before us apply- in for a revision of the scale of salaries pay- s-Ma to certificated assistants (male and fe- male) with the view of increasing the annual increments and maximum. We have requested them to reduce their application into wrking. We have received a communication from the Education Department stating that plans have been approved for new premises for the Ton. vpandy Roman ditholie School, to provide accommodation for 100 (Mixed). We have in- structed the plerk to enquire whether such accommodation is additional to or in substitu- tion for the accommodation hitherto allowed. We recommend that the question of providing addtional manual azistruction centres be re- ferred to a Committee. We have received 9 applications for the post of head-mistress of Treorky Infants' School, and beg to recom- mend these of the following for the considera- tion of the Board: Annie M. Davies, head- mistress, Mardy Infants'; Mary A. Harris, head-mistress, Graigddu Infants'; Annie How- ells, certificated assistant.. Penygraig Infants'; Ojlivo Lewis, certificated assistant, Tueorkj Girls'; M. Thomas, aicad-mistress, Ynyswen Infants' Mr M. Thomas was appointed, and Mis3 Olive Lewis was appointed to Ynyswen Infants'. Wo have received three applications for the post of supernumerary certificated teacher (Infants'), and beg to recommend those of the following for the consideration of the Board: Mattie Davies., supernumerary (girls'), Celia John, certificated assistant, Gelli In- fants'. Miss Celia John was appointed super- numerary certificated teacher ((girls'), and Miss Davies supernumerary girls'. We recommend that the following appointments be made:—■ Owen James Owen, Colwyn Bay, as certifica- ted assistant for Ferndale Boys' School; Eaith Emily Griffiths, Briton Ferry, as assist- ant (ex-Pupil Teacher) for Pentre Infants' School; Mary Davies, Aberayron, for Cwm- clydaeh Girls' School. We have received the result of the recent candidates' examination held by Mr Chalke, and recommend that the following successful candidates be appointed Mary A. Edmunds, 100, Dumfries street, Tre- hcrbert, Blaenrhondda Mixed; NelJic Nation, 14-, Caroline street,, Blaenrhondda, Blaen- rhondda Infants': Ethel Williams, 44, Wynd- ham street, Treherbert, Dunraven Girls'; Edith Gowe, 61, Dumfries street, Treherbert, Dunraven Infants'; Katie Gibbs, 41, Dumfries street, Treherbert, Treherbert Girls'; Unfu" W. Thomas, 97. Bute street, Treherbert, Ynys- wen Boys'; Maggie A. Morgan, 138, Dumfries street, Treorky, Ynyswen Girls'; Jane Had- dock, 12, Mount Libanus, Treherbert, Ynys. wen Infants'; M. A. Reynolds, 12, Bute street Treorky, Park Mixed; Mary J. Williams, 113, Bute street. Treorky, Treorky Girls'; Maggie Phillips, 65, Bute street, Treorky, Treorky In- fants'; Isaac Williams, 17, Clara Street, Ton, Pentre Boys; Louisa M. Steger, 10, Market square, Pentre, Pentre Girls'; Gwilym Mor- gan, 88, Ystrad road, Pentre, Ton Boys; Jes- sie Bowen, 43, Parry street. Ton, Ton Girls', Esther H. Griffiths, 7, Pencae terrace, Tre- orky, Ton Infants'; E. A. Chillington, 6. Stan- ley road, Gelli, Gelli Boys'; Sarah Davies, Ton Boot Shop, Ton, Gelli Girls'; Eunice M. Morgan. 13, Queen street, Ton, Gelli Infants'; W. U. Roberts, 16, Bryn terrace, Pontygwuuh, Bodringallt Boys'; Elizabeth Williams, 111, Bute street, Treherbert. Bodringallt Girls'; Ediih Rogers, 87, Llewelyn street, Pentre, Pontrhondda Mixed; M. A. Evans-Skym, 161, Bute street, Treorky, Pontrhondda Infants'; Mabel M. Bevan, 151, Clydach road, Tonypan- dy, Llwynvpia Mixed; Catherine J. Davies, 76, High street, Treorky. Llwynvpia Infants; Dorothy Richards, TonypAidy, Tonypandy Mixed; Elizabeth Williams, 16, Station strec,t Treherbert, Tonypandy Intants'; Thomas J. Thomas, 6, Coedcae terrace, Trealaw, Cwm- clydaoh Boys'; Esther Jones, 59, Wern ter- race, Clydach Vale, Cwmelydachi Girls'; Mabfl Davies, 2, Adare terrace, Penygraig. Cwmclyd- arh Infants'; John S. Thomas, 37, Primrose street, Tonypandy, Trealaw Boys'; Beatrice L. Rees. 11, St. Stephen's Avenue, Pentre, Trealaw Girls'; Sarah E. Rees, 10, Incline row, Ton, Trealaw Infants'; Fred Walters, 13, Elm street, Ferndale. Penygraig Boys'. Priscilla Hearn, 37, Hughes street, Penv. graig Girls'; EJith M. Jones, 3, Cwm^aerpren street. Treherbert, Penygraig Infants'; Eliz. M Ptigh, 21, School street, Pontynvailb.Pont- vgwaith Mixed; William Hughes, 88, Llew- dYI:) street. Pontygwaith, Tylorstown Boys'; Vf A. Griffiths, 29, East road, Tylorstown, Tylorstown Girls*: Haydn Price, 3, Mardy road, Mardy, Ferndale Boys'; Alice Thomas, 61, New street, Ferndale. Ferndale Girls'; Rachel A. Jones, 12, North street, Ferndale, Ferndale Infants'; Clement Davies. 54-, James street, Mardy, Maerdy Bo"s'. Mary Davies, 120, Ynyshir road, Ynyshir, Maerdy Infants'; Charlotte Collins, 4, Adare terrace, Tonypan- dy, Dinas Infants'; Jane Davies, 45, Treharne street, Pentre, Graigddu Infants'; Jane Wil- liams, 99:, Bireligrove, Porth, Wjilliamstown Girls'; Amelia Lewis, Oak Villa, Cymmer, Williamstown Infants'; Miriam Morgan, 199, High street, Cymmer, Cymmer Girls'; Wil- liam Martin, 2, Bryn terrace, Tylorstown,Porth Boys'; Edith Davies, 242, High street. Cym- mer, Porth Infants'; Jane Curtis, 153, Bute street, Treorky, Hafod Girls'; Mary Davies, 212, High street, Cymmer. Hafod Infants'; Maggie B. A. Davies, 58, Ynyshir road. Ynys- hir, Aberllechau Mixed; Katie Jones, 63, Hill- side terrace, Wattstown. Abcrllechau Infants'. Edith Davies, 22, Hafod road, Hafod, Blaen- lleehau Infants'; Emma J. Bunn, 2. Bedw Field, Cymmer, Lhvyncelyn Infants. We also recommend that the following candidates be appointed, and that they be appointed as first year candidates as from the 1st July next and paid as first year pupil teachers: —Mildred S. Rees. 21-, Station street, Treherbert, Treher- bert Infants'; Hannah Evans, Ystradfechan Farm, Treorky, Park Infants'; Elizabeth M. Austin, 1, Upper terrace, Cwmdare, Pentre Infants'; Theresa Jordan. 1, Station terrace, Treherbert, Bodringallt Intants'; Ellyw Rich- ards, 1, Thomas place, Ynyshir, Pontygwaith Infants'; Agnes J. Jones, 31, Mardv road Mardv. Mardy Girls'; Thomas E. Rees, of 1. Llewellyn street, as second year candidate for Gelli Boys' School. The four cookery teach- ers in the service of the Board, viz., Miss S. A. Morris. Miss E. M. Collins. Miss L. Evans.and Miss M. M. Cooke, have applied for an increase in their present salaries ( £ 70). Wo recom- mend that they be--each advanced by £ 5 annu- ally to a maximum of E80, the first advance to date as from the 1st July next." The report was adopted. The Cookery Committee reported: "We re- commend thati Miss Hester Davies, the Princi- pal of the Sou i h Wales and Monmouthshire School of Cookery he asked to examine the girls who have already completed their course of instruction for this year, as soon as she can make arrangements to do so, and in order to enable the Committee to award the Prizes to the best girls, we recommend that she be asked to write cut the list of the girls in order of merit,-tha list to show the number of marks gained by each girl. We recommend that the thanks of the Board be tendered io the ladies who recently so kindly and readily undertook to distribute the cookery prizes and certificates at the different centres, and that the appreciation of the Board of the kindness of Mrs Lewis fiavis in presenting at the Fern- dale meeting each of the prize winners with an additional prize, at her own expense, be conveyed to her." The report was adopted. A letter was read from Dr Herbert Jones, medical officer of health, informing the Board of a considerable increase in the number of cases of diphtheria at Ynyshir. He thought it advisable to close all the departments in the schools at that place for two weeks. A fur- ther letter was received from Dr Jones stating that the epidemic of diphtheria at Ynyshir was still active, although the closing of the schools had not been without effect. He now thought it advisable to keep the schools closed until after the Easter vacation.—This it was decided I to do. Mr T. D. John, Penygraig, wrote askinsr for the use of the laboratory for the use of a class of teachers who were anxious to take a course of instruction in practical physics.—Permission was granted. Siloam Church. Ferndale, applied for the use of Ferndale Higher Grade Schools on June 14th and 15th, on the occasion of the visit of the East Glamorgan Baptist Association to that place.—On the motion of the Rev W. Mor- ris the application was granted. The Revs X. C. Morns, Ton, and O. Waldo James, Clyi h Vale, were appointed exami- ners in the forthcoming examination in Re- ligious and Moral Instruction. On the motion of Mr David Williams, se- conded by the Rev W. Morris, a resolution was passed authorising the borrowing of the sum of £ 2.260 from the Public Works Loan Board towards the cost of renovating the Yysywen Schools, such loan to be repayable in 30 years.

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