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Hafod Schools Dispute. -


The Scourge of Consumption.…

* A Case of Severe Rheumatism…

Pleurisy and Erysipelas Cured.…

« Strickeq with Paralysis.


What Worns?] Suffer. '


What Worns?] Suffer. A Hampshire Lady's Long Trial. Mrs. Warebam, a Hampshire lady, inter' viewed by the Tinei, stated, About three months af. er my baby was W" I was seized with dreadful pains all down back, and began to !¡StJ a quantity of bloojli I had previously un-h-rgone two operation* having suffered in this manner for seven on and off, but a fter ;y child cime I was SO that I was almost out < my muiu." x AskH < what sl> next did, Mrs. Wa**j ham she h»°. read of won derfjjj virtues DrVVilliaf.! i Pinkie ] for P»*i People, 5 got a bo* v.. < see if tbfJl } would d?! yany S°°\J Mra Warn ham P r ?J f j "before .t had taken half its contents my trouble-fitop I took two boxes ami cvr since 1 have quite myself again. All the time I was the pills 1 felt quite bminie, and wa3 as brig^ as a cricket. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills 3 entirely cured me." Mr Wareham also suff dreadfully from rheumatism, but found ■, after taking the first dose 0f Dr. Williams' Pi1'/ J Mrs Wareham mentioned further the case i her mother, living at Durrants, near HavtP- < who was attacked by influenza, which left witli severe pains in her chest. She had doC** £ after doctor, but they fiid her no good- a Williams' Pink Pills, howovorf relieved she now feels no ill-etyeeti whatever. i ]

----_._-.< What they have…


« Strickeq with Paralysis.