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The World of Pastime. —.


The World of Pastime. — By "The Sporting Scribe." There was more sunshine at Llwynypia on Monday, and there was again a. match. This time Hanelly were the visitors, ard bv the large crowd that lined the ropes, it was evi- dent that the scarlet runners arc great fa- ourites in the Rhondda. Considering th tt the game at Llanelly had ended in a draw f one goal each, there were not a few among the home supporters who thought that the "blue and black brigade" would emerge vic- torious. There were others again more cau- tious, who took into account the hard games of the preceding Thursday and Saturday, and were of opinion that the homesters would be forced to submit to a defeat. Indeed, it dfd seem as if Llanelly were going to carry all be- fore them,, for in a few minutes after the kick off they were off towards their opponents' goal in beautiful fashion, and attacked vigorously. After a time they were driven back, but again they came, and some informality on the part 0 Llwynypia gave them a finely-kicked penal- ty goal. For a time after this play waged for the most part in the middle of the field, first one side and then the other, combining clever play with great dash. The first part of the first half had slipped by before Llewelyn intercepted a pass meant for an opponent,and dashing through in his own style scored a very pratty try. At the interval each side had three points to their credit. The second half wa* quite as interesting as the first half had been. First,. Ben Morgan scored a pretty try due in great part to the younger Usher,who was assisting Llwynypia at half. Then Gabe Scored an equally fine try for Llanelly, and equalised matters. Before this, it may be mentioned Evan Lloyd, for Llanelly, and the elder Usher, who was playing centre for Llwynypia, had distinctly hard lines in not scoring tries. The latter, after making an exceedingly fine strong run right through the Llanelly defence had the misfortune to. fall right on the line. Both full backs gave a good display, particularly Saundcr, who gave tt very highly finished display, and was super- ior to Williams. The three-quarters on both sides also played finely, particularly the Llan- elly quartette. They gave a nicer combined display' than the homesters. Their passing was bettei, timed, and the passes were better given and taken, and their play was very pretty to watch. The pass of the wing to his centre was exceedingly well done, and often took the homesters unawares. Evan Lloyd, Morgan Williams, and Gabe played very fine- ly together, and the try scored by Gabe was a beauty. Llewelyn, who had travelled as fast n3 possible from the land of Cakes for this match, scored a try in characteristic style, but he was not, neither could it be expected, up to his usual form. Usher wag the better of the centres, and be gave a. very creditable display, his defence and. strong runs being quite a feature. He waft, however, not quite so good at fielding the ball, and wa.i rather slow in pieking up. Ben Phillips and Morgan were not far behind as regards merit, and were very sound, if not so conspicuous as usuaL Usher and Hillman did not oi all playa bad game together, but the b()¡.jt half Oil the field was- Davies for LlaneHy. The forwards were pretty evenly matched,but there is no doubt that the homesters were not going so strong as their opponents at the end Bu t through and through, neither pack could claim much of an advantage, for both gave a good di.piay on all the phases of forward play. Hcllings played liis usual hard game. Of the oihers,. Atkins puid Bob Jones wera the. most noticeable. To sum up, it was a delightful game, played in the best of spirit with pretty incidents' in the play throughout, and taken all iri all, a draw about represents the play. --0- MOUNTAIN ASH v. LLWYNYPIA. There was some sunshine at Llwynypia last Thursday. There was, also, straiige to say, a football match. Mountain Ash. old rivals, wero the visitors, and a large crowd turned ouc to enjoy the luxury of witnessing a keen and interesting struggle. The first half was very stubbornly contested,, and no side could claim much of an advantage as far as the play went. But at the interval, Mountain Ash were three points ahead owing to a brilliant try after a magnificent run by Llew. Deere. The second half went entirely in the favour of the homesters,, who attacked throughout, buc a finely-dropped goal by Saunders was only score, and thus Llwynypia were left vic- tors by a single point. Llwynypia have thus won the two League encounters with Mountain Ash, and are credited with four points at the expense of their old rivals. It was a game remarkable for the number of penalties gran- ted,. but though this is so, the referee is to b" commended for the strict impartiality with which be ruled the game. -0-- Saunders was superior to his vis-a.-vis at full hiCk. Both made mistakes, but the home cuscouian fielded much cleaner, and kicked with infinitely better judgment. At three quarter. Jack was about as good as his master, with neither anything very brighl. The home centresscemed. to be slow and weak in attack, but defended splendidly. The same may be said of the opposing centres, of whom Ned Jenkins was the better. The wings on both sides were good. Deere played a very fin<- game, and scared a sensational try early on. Both sides brought off many bouts of passing but it was far too slow and unmethodica o bring much advantage. The baives. too, were fairly evenly matched. Hillman played a good game for the homesters, as also did Jack Da vies who, though somewhat slow, showed de- cided promise. The opposing halves were too often on the wrong side of the serum, and their otf-3ide tactics might have cost their side dearly. --0-- Each pack of forwards played a hard, strong game. Each tried Vy every means possible, to outmasriCEuvre the other.. Long, loose scrums and 15ew decently-lormed compact ones were thr- trder of the- day. Neither could claim rniK fl advantage,, as each had about an equal share of the game. To sum up, it was a game remarkable for the scarcity of exciting inci dents, and for the number of free kicks—~ game in which it was a good team that lost and a better that won. A lucky win, some will say, but certainly weiLdeserved. EBBW VALE v. LLWYNYPIA. On Saturday there was some more sunshine at Lhvvnvnia. There was also another match -witti Ebbw Vale. The games between hhw Vale and Llwynypia have always been inter. esting and always keen and close. Considering tIJlÜ Llewelyn. Hellings, and Alexander were away in Scotland, the homesters accomplished what must be considered a smart performance in vanquishing the mon from MonmotHfesturo by 10 points to nil. Without at all being a great game, it was yet delightfully free and open, and never uninteresting, and the win- ners thoroughly deserved their victory. th full backs played a very good game. particularly Saunders, who howed form much superior to, Thursday, good as that wa.s. Hi iUdgCd' anot of ^ndid length. At three-quarter, the homesters held tjc han<, for they combined much better than their opponents. They gave a.nd took their passes nicely, and used capital judgment throughout, with the result that Foster and Ben Phillips scored two very fine tries. In- deed, the display of the centres was infinitely better than that of the preceding Thursday. Ben Morgan and W. D. Thomas on the wing though they bad little to do in the way of at- tGck, defended admirably. Ben Morgan made one particularly fine nm in the first half, while Thomas might have scored in the second half from a pass by Ben Phillips had he chosed to g" on himself. The opposing quartette,though very sharp and active, and though they brought off one or two' pretty movements, were lack- ing a gcod deal in combination. Kerton wag the best. At half matters were fairly equal. Stevens, to whom a trial was being given for Llwynypia, let his side down badly on many occasions, but towards the end he played a greatly improved game, and made many pretty openings. --0- At forward, too, neitner side could claim much of an advantage. The visitors were heavier and somewhat superior in footwork, but in the. serum, and in combinaiton with their backs they were a good deal inferiur to the homesters. The home forwards are to be com- mended on their display, considering the vigor- ous game against Mountain Ash a day or two before. Albert Powell. Bob Jones, and At- kins were the most conspicuous, the latter or whom, by the way, displayed exceedingly clever head work on one or two occasions.




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