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._---------! Ll i-, Parry's Forthcoming Lecture rConcert. 76" class="col-xs-4 article-panel-category"> News

-> Ll i-, Parry's Forthcoming Lecture r Concert. As will be seen in. oer advertising column, Dr Joseph Hurry, the graaA-cst musician 01 Wales, will pay a io Pontypridd on Mon- day, March 27th, 1893, when he will deliver his popular lecture conceit on the Great Master Musicians, v. all musical illustrations. This lecture cone rL has been delivered by the Doc- tor several times now ia America, London, and several Provincial towns, oLd is immensely popu'uv, ami the fact that dates have been booked far into the summer without a. break, shows that a, Ion, felt want in the midst of musicians now being supplied by him. The vocal art; engaged to illustrate the several masten, v..aks arc Ma-.iarae Ashworth Hughes, and Madaoif Pollie Rowland-Davies; Dr Parry himself will also sing. Madame Hughes, in her ilhistrts*. ve solos, will sing Mozart's melo- dious "IVve Song," asio the artisiie scena of that ;>CTcare of soog (Beethoven), viz., "Ah! P'erildo. Madame Davies oivill give specimens, in the midst of which we find Schuben's (the world's greatest song writer) "Erl King." The Pontypridd Town Choir will also render illustrations (choral) cf Mendels- sohn's work, and violin illustrations will be given by Miss Deborah Rees. Pour talented pianists have bwn chosen for the instrumental illustrations, viz.. Miss Lily Richards, of the County Schools, and Miss Ethel Lee, Penarth, both cf exceptional ahility, one of whom is well-known to Pontypridd audiences. and greatly admired. The other two are younger, viz., Miss Edith Maud Rowland and Miss De- borah Rees, both scholarship winners, who show promise of a- brilliant career in the work they eiro so devoted to. We need not urge any musician to attend this concert, as we feel sure all interested in music will feel it a privi- lege to listen and learn the traits and char- aeterhiies of these Great Masters coining from the great, master mind of Welsh musicians. But we would like to point out to parents that have sons and daughters learning the art of music, and who possibly cannot send them to colleges, etc.. th:11 Dr Parry in his lecture would assist them materially, if they attend and take notes as all students have to do under their Master lectures. Independent of the lecture there will be a first class concert of music alone, as only the best music of the Masters will be sung and played, and you will have the advantage of understanding it in the light of the lecture. The Masters expounded will be Mozart, Beet-, hoven, Schumann, Schubert, and Mendelssohn. This new feautro in music will. we have no I donbt, be thoroughly appreciated by all music loving pcorle, and we hope to see many more I concerts of this class a cranged for.


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