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I .Trealaw.


Trealaw. A meeting, presided over by His Honour Judge Gwilym Williams, was held at Seion Methodist Vestry en Monday afternoon to in- augurate a movement whereby to secure the services of one of the Queen's Nurses for this disirict. His Honour very lucidly explained the aims and objects of the noble institution where these nurses are trained. He pointed out tha.t the sole aim of the institution was to benefit directly the working classes, and the nurses appointed to the various districts are Lo work under the direction of the medical fraternity. The proposal wias heartily taken Ill,) and is now practically fait accompli. Tht- following officers were appointed: President, Mrs Judge Gwilym Williams; vice-presidents, Mrs Councillor J. D. Williams, Clydach Court, Mrs Councillor D. W. Davies, Macsyffrwd; trea-urer, Mr J. D. Williams, J.P.; secretary, Mr Morgan Rees. Schools. The genial Judge had secured before convening the meeting annual donations, amounting to £ 40, and IUl. additional £"18 "were subscribed in the room. It appears that 281) per annum must be guar- anteed before an application for the services of a nurse will be entertained. We, however, fer: snngpine that the necessary amount will J hr lorfhcomimr without, any difficulty. The best thanks of the meeting were conveyed to Hi Honour "the Judge and Mrs Williams for tbf humane interest, taken by them to thus alWiate the sufferings of the sick poor. The fallowing subscriptions have been received: 'fF: Honour Judge Gwilym Williams. £10; Mrs Llewelyn, Baglon, £10: Mr Hood, Llwyn- ypia. £ 5; Mr Insole, £ 5; Miss Williams. Ken7?:.rt7ton, £ 2 2s; Mr Williams. Clvdach Court, £ 2; Mrs Davie,?. Maesyffynon, £ 1 10s; Mrs 1)r Evan Davies. £ 1 is; Mrs Evans (Tur. berville), Pl Is; Mrs Williams. Cynog Villa. £ 1 Is; Mrs Thomas Jones. Maidny, Ynyshir, El ls; ULss Ada. Jones, £ 1; Mrs Councillor D. W. Davies, £1; Col. Turberville, 91; The Vicarage, Ystrad, zCl, Mrs Davies, Maesyrhaf, £ 1; Mrs Jones, Graigddu, 10s 6d; Mr Law- rcn, 10s 6d; Mrs T. 1. John, Schools, 10s 6d, Councillor David Williams, 10s 6d; Mrs Jones, Bryn Amlwg, 10s 6d; Mrs Evans, Miskin Hc.tel, 10s 6d; Mrs Dobson, 10a 6d; Mrs Wil- liams, Brvngolen. 10s 6d; Mr Thomas Jones, Bute Hotel, 10s 6d; Mrs D. W. Richards, 10s 6d; Mrs Roberts, 10s 6d; Mrs Davies, Gellifeulog, 10s 6d; Mr Owen (late Dare Inn), 10s Gd; Rev Young Jones, 10s 6d; Mr Daniel Thomas (Post Office), 10s 6d; Mr William Richards, grocer, 10s 6d; Mrs Morris, 10s 6d; Mr D. R. Jones, 10s; Rev H. M. Ellis, 5s; Mrs Hoyie, 5s; Mrs Jenkins, grocer, 5s; Mrs D. W. Thomas, 5s; Mrs Williams (Laurels), 5s; Mr William Evans (mason), 5s; Miss Da- vies (Graigddu), 5s; Mrs Davies (Eagle Stores), 5s; Mra John Davies, grocer, Trealaw Road, 2s 63; Miss Thomas, Llwynmadog, has also promised a donation.

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