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-----__ IVjustard and Cress.


IVjustard and Cress. ♦ Tha rainfall registered at Maesderwen,Pont- ypridd, during February v,-as 4.08 inches, ao compared witii 3.01 during the corresponding "P'-riod of year. A yevng oierio in wiring the death of his child to nator at Pentre recently did so in the rolicwing original manner: -"The angels L,.vc, taken away Theodore." A WC-Lil Bard has put the divisions in the Church in good verse: Mmar Eglwys oil yn ferw, 0 gynhyriiadau ehwerw, 0 b ..?rwy&d gwaith defodwyr hy1 Yn coi: ic llvgru'i henw. Tha Cardiff Law Society last week presen- ted Mr J. Cole r. so Jones, solicitor. Pontypridd, v-ith a nuiiilver of volumes upon the latest con- veyancing work.? as a mark of their apprecia- tion of Mr Jcc.es taking a placo in the hon- ours division, in his last, examination. We c/cr deep sympathy with the Rev E. Richard-i, Tonypandy, in his bereavement in the of Lis aged mother, who resided at Ammaufwd. Mr Richards' activity in all movements. and his intensely enthusias- ccn.notions, has earned for him a very justifiable prominence in local matters. On Thursday, the 23rd in.se., the shop assis- tants of Pontypridd, and the Rhondda Valleys intend making Mr Tom John, editor of the "Free Press, Mr G. P. Roberts, late see. retary cf the Pontypridd branch, the recipients of copies tiv; illuminated address recently presented f r, Sir Charles Dilke by those gentlemen en behalf of the local shop assis- tants. It is ru?nonnKl that a most fashionable Jcv- wedding take place shortly at Poutv- pridd seals hitherto unprecedented in 1,h anruts of the history of the Rhondda Val- ley. On-a 'Inc. contracting .parties is the daughter of a welLkr.ov.-n tradesman in the Valiey. Raaiocr <a.ho hath it that the several tnemberr; cf tho family intend following suit in th.: n-i'ir The fnsnd.s c" a certain debt collector .'n Pentre doing their -utmost lat-ely to convince liar Uu.1 the twentieth century com ■fences on of January, 1901. Up to tho pre.i,;?, tiej have not succeeded, and if the aforesaid collector wastes much more time and energy ir, trying to solve the problem, it I will bi M-iii wonder if his peregrinations, will Tiot talri a co:; Bridgendwards. not talri a :)¡' Bridgendwards. Tfcero are twelve ycung men in the towii <xi Apploi.cn, Wisconsin, U.S.A., who held that .a yc-ntig man married is a young man t marred, <,n.; who profess to believe in the soundnei-i of M" Punch's celebrated advice to people ah-jiit to marry. And so they have Landed t^etusci.e-> together in a secret coven- aul have ci< ri.stened themselves "Marble- hearts." Wo do not know what particular kind of n.ari>io is m their minds, but their (mains mast be ''streaky." for the conditions oi th& league a-o tl-iat if any member falls away tl into th: heresy of matrimony, he must forfeit a sum of uioner-' to the others. In this wa.y cash individual em ox the Marblehearts is ¡ practically mrgaped in a scheme to get his brethren trvnned. in the hopes that he may [ fiold cut I >n.gc5f; and pocket the accumulated j penalties. Tn th? effort to entangle his friend'? it is bighiy p rotable that each of the youug 1 prigs will caught himself. We may be quite sura ih. too young women of Appletcn Wisconsin, U.S.A., will sooner or later dis- cover th", i'irvl:by of the twelve Marblehearts and run th; ia to earth. "You Cfin with half aa 1:<1.1; FKAKK THOKA.S C'My Hatter,") SELLS the Bat. For Ps ricincr and Û;J.8S Shoes c.f ail 'scripriiw go to Free Press Budding?, ¡3. Taff Street, PontvrrUM. 4539 Te.. Tee. T." —vhv is T. Harris'lea like the British Army i Because ic cacnofc be beaten Try it. SOW

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