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Cilfach Coch.

A Devonport Author's Success.

----------A Book for Ladies.



The careful process by I which Symington's Edinburgh I Coffee Essence is ma^e elimin- [ ates all unpleasant properties, Anyone can drink it. Prom [ Grocers everywhere.. U:5 j ..h. Eisteddfodau, THE FIRST ANNUAL CAJlDIFF ASTER E ISTEDDFOD will be held in WOOD STREET CHAPEL (kindly lent—seating accommodation for 3.000 persons), on EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 3rd, 189P. Mixed Choir Competition (60 to 80 voices), "Worthy is the Lamb" (Messiah). Prize JE20, and handsome baton for conductor. Male Voice Competition (40 to 70 voices), I -Martyrs of the Arena (Rille). Prize £ 20, anc irold rredal for conductor. Prizes for solos, £ 1 Ins; duets, £ 2 2s; trios 1£2 2s recitations, 15s ambulance, X2. ADJUDICATORS —Music—William Davies, Esq., r-t. Paul s Cathedral, London, and David Chubb, I Esq., Pontypridd. Recitations—Rev. E. Gurnos Jones. D.D. Prize Hags-M 's Councillor Andrews. Ambulance—John Esq., M.D., B.Sc. T. H. Morris, E-q M.D., Tylorstown. Chairman of Ex 'cntive Commit tet:-William Harries, Esq F, E.G S. Arracgments have been made enabling choirs and parties to compete both at Cardiff and Barry on Easrer Monday. Secn-tarv. C. F. JOHNSON, 5, Arran Street, Roatb, Cardiff. 4608 ROSTOCK AND 'VOI£'VELL'S ROYAL XO. 1 MENAGERIE UndDubtedly the finest collection of Zoological Exhibits gathered together under one roof. WILL VISIT PONTYPRIDD, Two Days, Friday & Saturday, March 10th and 11th. FERNDALE, One Day, Monday, March 13th. TONYi'ANDY, One Day, Tuesday, March 14th. TRKHRRBERT, One Day, Wednesday, Mar. 15. FORTH, One Day, Thursday, March 16th. Over 700 Perfec" Specimens of Natural History in the finest condition possible, and worthy of your admiration— Th° Largest and Most Handsome LION in captivity i another Wallace). To see this magnificent animal alone is well worth the admission moncv. Splendid TIGERS, LEOPARDS, PANTHERS, P-U-IAAS, JAGUARS, and almos*- every other Carnivorous Animal vou may think of. AVIARY OK BIRDS MONKEYS of the Rarest Kinds, including the HAMAI'KYAD or SACRED BABOON, and a )"t!y specimen of the BLUE & RED-FACED GOKILLa. You should see the ANTELOPES, many of which have never previously been seen in a Travelling Collection. The Finest Group of Performing LIONS and TIGER, (-v, r seen in Great Britain LEOPARDS, PAYIHEHS, and PUVAS per- forming together. The only performing WHITE or POLAR BEARS in the whi le world People hitherto have considered these animals too dan- gerous and beyond t,ii« power of man to train. Performing WOLVES. RUSSIAN BEAR", and HYf MAS. The Wonderful Boxing KANGAROO "Slavin"' is always a sight to please all visitors. In five years from now this ONLY GRNUIVE BRITISH MENAGEKIE will have been before your notice ior ONE HUNDRED YEi-RS. We say without fear of contradiction it is now better than ever. The Noted Rand of th" Establishment play Selections during intervals PERFORMANCES—3.30, AND TWICE DURING THE EVENING. ADMISSION, Is. CHILDREN, 6d. All Classes to the Evening Performance 0 Sixpence Each. Manager in person H. F. BORKETT. Sole Proprietor E. H. BOSTOCK. 46! 9 £ 4,000,000 HAVE NOW BEEN PAID IN RESPECT OF* RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, ALL ACCIDENTS, "WORKMEN'S ACCIDENTS, FIDELITY GUARANTEE, BY THE RAILIVAY PASSE NG ERS'ASSU RA N'U'E GO., 64, Cornhill, London, A. VIAX, Secretary. AGENTS: &'r E. POST, 63, Gorse Lane, Swansea. Agents required in unrepresented districts. [43S5 NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE! A. FLH ItER (Successor to C. Stroub) Wishes to inform the inhabitants of Upper Rhondda that he has Opened the Premises of 83, LLEWELLYN STREET, PENTRE. With a New and Well-Selected Stock of Watches, Clocks, Jewellry, and Electro Plate- DO YOU KNOW that you can get a splendid WEDDING RING at our establishment at a LOW PRICE ? You should go to A. FUHRER for Wedding and Birthday Presents. We have a large selection of Dress and Engagement Keepers and Fancy Rings. We are the oldest established Jewellers in the Rhondda Valleys. Our Watches and Clocks are best value for nroney guaranteed. If your Watch stops, or does not keep time, you should bring it at or ce to us. We k,-ep first- class men only for repairs. Clocks and any other orders attended to. Note the Address—A. FUHRER, 83, Llewellyn Street, PENTRE. 130, Bute Street, TREORKY. Established over 30 Years 4553 Powell's Balsam Aniseed AM OF.- 'W I L FOR Coughs Asthma Bronchitis Influenza AND ALL Lung Troubles.) S" obe" Traft Mark on each Wrapper.. In Bottles, 1/1 j, 2/3,4 6, and 11 POWELL'S Mild APERIENT PILLS, MUBoj ESTABLISHED 1834. IBM b7 Cbvmtsts throughout the WerUU 4497