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Cilfach Coch.

A Devonport Author's Success.

----------A Book for Ladies.


A Book for Ladies. The information contained in this ought to be known liy every married woman, and it will not harm the unmarried to r-a-i. hook is conveniently divided into twlvn chapters The first chapter treats on womanhood. The second chapter treats of mitrris--e. trom a doctor's standpoint: points out the best age for marriage, and furnishes useful information that one can ordinarily get only from an intelligent doctor. The third chapter treats of the marriage of blood relationg and condemns such marriages as a rule. Certain people believe that women should bring forth in pain and trouble, but the hygienic physician says that confinements can be made comparatively easy if certain rules are obeyed; thes* rides are given. The tenth chapter tells how to treat the mother till she in up and about aeain. Tim book is full of u'tful informllt-ioll. and n" h,ot, is written which goes so thoroughly into such matters. Some may think too mu- b is "olet such can scarcely be the ca«e, or knowledge is power and the means of attaining bat The book can be had in enveh>ne from Pr. T. R. Allison, 266 Box, 4. Spanish P ace. Mane! rsv r I Square, London, W., in retnrn for a rv>f,ral 1 order for )s. 2d. 43H4 j