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LNTYPii i DISTHICT COUNCIL. The fortnightly meeting of the Pontypridd n; ¡ iel Crmn..jl was held at the Council Ofik-cs PoUvpridd, on Tuesday, Mr r. Cowan, J.P., Priding. The attendance included Council- ft. T D. R. Lvans, IT. Bramwdl. I-I. Rowlands. James W. El. Williams. Hopkin Morgan, W. Lewis, Dr T. R. Hondcn-Williams, V. G. Edwards, W. U. Grouow. W. T. Leyshon, and Watkin WiL liaiiis. A letter was read from Colonel Justice, thanking the Council for their voie of thanks i, him, and stating that the piece of land on Lerw read cculd be taken at any moment. Superintendent Colli forwarded a report .11 vhieh. he stated two men were fln^d last Wed- nesday for keeping unregistered lodging- houses. In one ease a heavy fine was inflicted, the, Stipendiary taking into consideration the faei that the house was very much over- ore wded, no less than 16 persons being found in the house. He desired to know if he was now to take proceedings for over-crowding, Mr James Roberts thought that nothing was more dangerous to the town than a large num- her of rcork congregn.ting together in one house. It lead to immorality and disease. It was decided to instruct, the Sanitary Inspector to pay periodical visits to the house. Mr Tom Jones, manager of the Clarence Theatre, wrote afking if ilm Council had any objection to his giv-.ng a. inusical ontcrtainmont on Cood Friday.—No objcciion was raised. A letter was read from Mr John Williams, Maindv Farm, saying he was willing to accept as compensation for giving up his field fcr the Isolation Hospital. Mr Edward Hees. the surveyor, submitted amended provisional apportionments of How- ell street. C'ilfynydd, and Foundry Road, Coedpenmaen. He called the attention of the Council to the delay of the Taff Yale Railway Company in not carrying out t h widening of the Graig- yi-Hcsg bridge and 'also the completion of the High street bridge. The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr gibbering, the Taff Yale Com- pany's surveyor, asking for an explanation. Inspector Johns reported cases of scarlatina at Bodwenarth street. Cilfynydd, Merthyr read. Alpha Street, four cases in one house at 25 Zion street, one case cf puerperal fever at 14, Pontshonorton road, and one case of tv- phoid at 69, Pontshonorton road. The Clerk that tire encuiry into the provisional order had been duly held, and the Inspector seemed to be satisfied. A report was submitted by Mr S. B. Clode. veterinary surgeon,, with regard to the condi- tion of the horses employed by the Council's eontractor. He found the horses to be all fit for work, but upon taking the weights of some of them they were, in his opinion, too light ilic, work of the Council. The Surveyor submitted an estimate for the construction of a. culvert to divert lhe str0am in the open space at liorw rnarl. Mr R. L. Phillips proposed thai tenders be immediately invited for the work. Mr James* Roberts proposed that the cost of the work be included in a loan. Inasmuch a the work was to be of a permanent char- acter, h.,p did not think it should be defrayed out of the current rates.. After :1 long discussion it was decided to adjourn the consideration of the question for a fori niglit. The tender of Mr Thomas Jones. Hafod.was accepted for the necessary work of kerbing g in the district. Dr Hamlcn-Wilbams called the attention of the Council to the necessity of metalling the roads in the ^neighbourhood of Eglwysihui. The farmers there had informed him that not a single stone had been laid on the road for the last nine years. The farmers should be treated in the same fair way as other portions of the district.—The Surveyor promised to make provision for the work in his next, esti- mate. Inspector Rowland, in his report, stated that h' had visited the lodging-house referred to above by Superintendent Cole, and he now found that the house was overcrowded since the last conviction.—On the motion of Mr James Roberts, seconded by Mr W. Jones- Powell, it was decided to take proceedings against the tenant. Sanitary Inspector Rowlands reported five cases of typhoid fever at the People's Park. one at 21, Mill street,, and one at 12. Western street, Trehafod; one case of diphtheria at No. 5, Grongair Place, Union street, and one at No. 2. Graigwen Place. The Chairman was of the opinton that some- thing should be done in the matter. He sug- gested that Mr Andrew. owner of the field, should be written to with a view of getting those people who occupied the field removed. With this suggestion Mr James Roberts agieed, and thought that the inspectors should pay special attention to those cases of typhoid and prepare a report dealing with the sanitary condition of the field. Inspector Rowlands stated that a meeting wa.. held in the field on Sunday night, and a circus was also about to "be held there. Mr F. G. Edwards said that was a serious matter. The health of the people attending those meetings was endaiiire-'ed. and another meeting was to be held there on Sunday next. I- would be well if those people were asked to discontinue holding their meetings on the field for the present. Mr Roberts thought the insanitary condition of the field was a danger to the public. He proposed that the Clerk write to Mr Solomon Andrews calling his attention to the serious condition of things there now, and the number of cases of typhoid fever already reported from the field. There was a large school in the neighbourhood, and the health of the child- rer, might be affected. This was seconded by Mr Bramwell, and agreed to, and the clerk was instructed to advise the Council as to what steps they could take. Later in the afternoon, Dr Howard Davies attended, and his report showed the field to b. in an even worse condition than the Inspec- tor's. It was decided to take proceedings against the owner for permitting a nuisance to exist there. Mr Watkin Williams suggested that the at- tention of the overseers should be called to the fact that the field was occupied by a la re- number of people, from whom the owner un- doubtedly derived a considerable revenue,while the assessment wus extremely low. This was agreed to. The Public Works Committee reported hav- ing visited the road at Hawthorn, with revtard to which there is a question of right of w.'v. and now recommended that no further t( 1- be taken in the matter until further cvidcr.ce had been obtained. The Chairman reported that he and MO~-F Watkin Williams and James had waited upon tho County Council with th: ob- jeet of getting a contribution towards the I Rhondda road. They were received very fa- vourably. and the County Council instructed j their Surveyor to visit the spot and report on it. Dr Howard Davies, the medical officer or health, submitted his report, for January and February, in which he stated that the births registered totalled 79 in each month, giving a birth-rate of 24.9 per 1.000 per annum. Tho deaths recorded numbered 24 for January, and 39 for February, the death-rate for the former month being 6.9 and for the latter 11.3 per 1.000 per annum. During January there was one fatality only from the zymctic di- seases, viz., a ease of croup at Bonvilsione. rcttd. In February whooping cough proved fatal in two instances. Diphtheria was re- sponsible 'or 0110 death.. The rasçs of in- fectious diseases notified during January and February were: — Jan. rob. Scarlatina 6 11 Diphtheria 2 8 Croup 3 o Enteric fever 1 5 Puerperal fever 0 1 Erysipelas 3 2 15 27 During the present month and up to date there had been four new casrs of scarlatina six of enteric fever, four each from puerperal fever, and erysipelas. He had visited and in- spected houses in Pontshonorton road from. 41 to 48 inclusive. He was unable to to two out of the four vacant dwel- lings. Tho six lie was enabled to examine were all dilapidated, old and damp in many places. In their present state he considered them quite unfit for occupation. They were injurious to health and unfit for habitation. He recommended that steps be taken to have the houses closed. The doctor's recommenda- tion was adopted.

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